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  1. Definitely. The guy who messaged me had like 8000+ games on Steam...and he was some absurd level, those types of collectors will pay a pretty penny.
  2. I read the fan translated version of this years ago and adored it. One of my favorites. I see it's so cheap, but I hear it's a really bad port, kind of like the new Muv Luv translation in the Steam version?
  3. Just a weird FYI here for people. Original Muv-Luv copies on Steam; not the new Kickstarter keys are worth MONEY. I'm trying to trade away my new one(yeah yeah), on websites and I get a LOT of responses - for the original version. Seems collectors on Steam who try to collect EVERY game are interested greatly in it, as it's another one of those games that just can't be gotten anymore. So if anyone here still has theirs from years ago for some reason - look into that.
  4. Guys. Fate / Hollow got translated. Never give up hope.
  5. Oh hey. @Strike105X Thanks for the suggestions guys, but she doesn't really want to do a lot of reading, as the ones I mentioned she likes smut + gameplay, not so much the reading. Not even talking about hentai here, just ecchi / smutty.
  6. Weird request I know. But I got a friend who loves this types of games. I can't get her into what I consider "real" VNS you know. She loves these smut / hybrid game type VNs and whatnot. Thing is I have no real idea about them, but was looking for some suggestions for her and I didn't know where else to ask. Tried getting her into stuff like Utwaremono or Brave Soul or something but nah. She just wants basic smutty ones without much depth.
  7. Yeah I dunno why they're being so obtuse about it. SPEAK PLAINLY AND CLEARLY! Someone on the forums from them say they'll provide us with the "new AppIds" which doesn't make sense. Just give owners of the game the new version, like every other release in history on Steam. I dunno why we have to "contact" them to get the new one instead of it automatically being added to your account.
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muvluv/muv-luv-a-pretty-sweet-visual-novel-series/posts/2100828 What the shit is. So...wow, what the hell, you really screwed this up, Muv Luv people!
  9. http://www.rpgfan.com/reviews/MuvLuv_Alternative/index.html RPGFan review.
  10. Yeah SG:0 really let me down. I finished all the routes, and was ready for the "True" route. Then it just...ended. I was like "WHAT? THERE'S NO REAL CONCLUSION HERE?!" Then i read they planned a third game to finish off the story of SG:0. To note, they specifically mentioned zero, not the franchise. They gonna milk this til it's dead.
  11. Heard about this "Elite" Edition of Steins;Gate coming out, with supposedly new content and "Remastered Art" And then this, lmao. Wow, what a lazy cash in.
  12. Just hope it doesn't take 6 months like the last H-Patch did for Muv Luv itself. Granted, Alt has a lot less sex scenes, so I suppose it should take less time... Still though. For a project that had such a huge Kickstarter of a game that was completed in 2003 / 2006. I still hate how the new engine scales images so poorly...it's honestly impossible to play it in fullscreen without it looking like shit, which for some reason it does NOT in the original.
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