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  1. Can someone help me with h-scenes? What do I have to do to watch them in my gallery section?
  2. Sorry, I didnt understand nothing. In the end, what do I have to do to view the h-scenes? Installing it again, and which version? Download another patch and apply it, and which? If someone can guide me I would be happy. Thanks.
  3. Does someone know how can I watch the h-scenes? I dont care if they are unstranslated, I just want to see them. But when I go to "Gallery" and then "Scene gallery", I cant see them despite the fact they are there.
  4. @CeruleanGamerThanks for your reply. But, and correct me if Im wrong, a patch containing new material has been released these days that, of course, add more things to this game. Is that correct? Im a bit lost when it comes to this.
  5. Good afternoon. I have red some information written here, but I´ve got the first version of Eiyuu Senki, the one that was released on November-December, I dont remember. Is there a new patch to apply? Let me tell you people that I havent´played this game, not even once. So I doubt that I would have problems with new content. Can someone guide me what do I have to download? Thanks In advance.
  6. I cant stop crying after watching the true end of Kara no Shoujo 2. I think that it was predictable what happened in the true ending, but it doesnt stop me of being sad. The only thing that didnt like was that you dont have the sense of "danger" you had in the first game. It was such a dark game that it was incredible. But aside from this, it was a great game.
  7. In my opinion, its barely alive. I remember that they started this project when the original If My Heart Had Wings was released by Moenovel. This company released a shit game, because it was so poorly translated that it was nearly impossible to read it. I have been waiting for this project since they announced it in 2013. Im still waiting, and at this rate, there would be 2 choices available for us: wait for it until the end of time, or lose hope on it and play the Moenovel version( which is shit due to its translation ).
  8. In my case, I think I played first Divi Dead, Nocturnal Ilussion, True Love, something like that. The old good visual novels..
  9. People, does anybody knows where´s a walkthrough of this game? I swear, this game without any guide its almost impossible. The combinations of choices are almost infinite for the love of god!. I tried EVERYTHING and I only have 2 hentai scenes, one from Inori( and her feetwork haha ), and one from the manager of Radish. Aside from those 2, i didnt manage to obtain nothing.
  10. Ok, it was a misunderstand. JAST said in one of his post that this fall they were going to release shiny days, seinarukana 2 and other games. I mean, they didnt gave us any date of release, my bad. But im pretty sure that they announced those 2 games and even more to be released on USA´S fall ( September-October-November-December ), so it would be obvious to wait for them before the change of season.
  11. In fact, they did. Im sure that I red an article on July that this fall( of course I mean USA´S fall ) Seinarukana 2 and other games of JAST were going to be released. It was because of this that I was aware for example of Shiny Days and its date of release.
  12. Thanks for have taken your time to answer me. Damn, Jast did everything wrong! First, saying the game will be released on X day. Then, the game was removed without telling us anything. Then, not saying when the game is going to be released after this EPIC failure. And last, not answering fan´s questions. Fuck you JAST.
  13. People, does anybody knows anything about the date of release of this game? Because it was delayed at the last moment, and after that JAST decided to kept quiet about it. I have been searching for almost 2 days on Google with zero result. For example, I red if im correct on Fuwanovel, that the game was expected to be delayed for at least 8 weeks. But that´s a fact? Or it was only a rumour? Im sure that if someone enlightens this, everybody would be grateful with him/her.
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