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    Thank you very much Ezeefreak, KosakiFag, Stray Cat, RinXD and of course my kouhai HMN.~ You've been missing out!
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    So uh, Rose is having trouble with Fuwa so i'm posting for him: REMEMBER! The deadline is the 2nd at the very last second. In other words: 23:59 on 11/2/2014.
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    I will participate
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    You will soon enough.
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    I feel your pain. T_T
  12. After the SAO Event (RP Thread)

    Name\\Agito Suzuki Location\\Shopping District\Tokyo Date\\Saturday 1/12/25 ____________________________________________________ Arturia seemed to be excited in a cute fashion causing Suzuki to giggle a little, "Arturia~" Suzuki says hugging Arturia out of pure desire and impulse before answering her question, "Ah, I don't think I'll have enough money to buy something else." Suzuki says breaking the hug and opening her wallet, taking a good look while figuring out the costs. Clothes were more expensive then Suzuki had thought it seems. Arturia then pets Suzuki's head, "Sweety don't worry about that. I will take care of you." Arturia says brightly while Suzuki seems to immensely enjoy being petted, "Okay~~~" Suzuki says in a very relaxed tone. Suzuki then perks up and thinks for a moment if there were any other clothes that she was interested in. "Ah.. Well nothing here, but I say some cute clothes across from this store" Suzuki says pointing across the room, past the window to a impressive looking shop, "What about you Arturia? Aren't you going to buy anything?" Arturia seems to think about it for a moment, "I don't think i need any thing." Suzuki smiles and checks out with Arturia while making their way to the other shope. "You should try on some cute clothes! Ah! I should have brought a camera now that I think about it.." Suzuki says fidgeting around as they make their way and enter the shop. Arturia then notices that they have large selection of dresses. "Umm maybe i could try on a few things." Arturia says brightly as her eyes already linger over some of the finest dresses on display. Suzuki finds herself watching Arturia with a warm smile before coming back to earth, "I'll look over here the--" Suzuki started saying, fidgeting at first before she cut off her own sentence as her eyes come across and examine a beautiful dress. Suzuki then looks at the price and jumps back nearly having a heart attack, ".... Well, I can just try it on at least." Suzuki says grabbing the dress and changing. "Arturia~ can you come here and tell me what you think?" Suzuki says in a playful tone, and after a few moments Arturia opens the curtains to find this: "I am sure............ "is é an rud is dochreidte i feicthe riamh." Arturia utters softly, standing there stunned, just staring as Suzuki's surprise. Suzuki then turns showing her front and cocks her head, "What does that mean Arturia?" Suzuki asks as Arturia continues to stares, "A-Arturia? Hello?" Suzuki says waving her hand in front of Arturia's face, worried. Arturia's mind slowly and then finally comes out of its stupor after a few seconds, "I am sorry... what?" The words slow and drown out. "Uh.. I asked what did you say? Are you okay? Do you need to sit down?" Suzuki says worried moving to the side of Arturia then rubbing her back soothingly. Arturia pets Suzuki's head while putting on a soft smile, "No need to worry about me i am fine, just caught off guard is all." her tone soft and gentle. "Oh, Okay!" Suzuki says taking a step back and doing a spin, "What do you think then?" Suzuki says making a peace sign as if claiming victory. Arturia steps back and looks Suzuki over once more, this time with a clear mind. "Ummm almost perfect.... AH!" Arturia says before quickly taking Suzuki's hand and pulling her to the jewelry counter and immediately telling the attendant to pull certain things out and as he does so with professional speed Arturia then starts applying it to Suzuki. "Wha!? Arturia!?" Suzuki says both confused and surprised; those being the only words she was able to say before the applying was finished: the attendant and Aturia worked fast... Ungodly fast. Arturia then steps back to take a look after adding the ruby choker to Suzuki, "Ummm needs a little some thing else....." Arturia goes over to the counter and picks out a pair of earrings to go with it. "There now you are set!" Arturia says excitedly. Arturia had always enjoyed the fashion freedom she was able afford and in fact expected to know. "Y-you really like this kind of stuff huh, Arturia?" Suzuki says looking in a mirror, barley recognizing her self. "I-isn't all of this expensive though?" Suzuki says looking to Arturia with a slightly worried expression. Suzuki couldn't help but ask, Arturia said she would handle it but Suzuki had never seen this kind of money before: it was something for her to get used to. Arturia watches Suzuki look her self over and as Suzuki asks a silly question, Arturia smiles brightly, "I told you not worry over that." Arturia says patting Suzuki's shoulder softly. "B-But" Suzuki tries to think of words but with no real comeback, ".. You should wear something nice too! Come on!" Suzuki says pulling Arturia's arms over to the dresses, switching gears as fast as ever. Arturia resists Suzuki's attempt and stops, "Sweety I aleady have plenty of dresses, I promise. This shoping trip is for you." Suzuki looks up to Arturia before answering; now with actual words: "B-but, I feel bad that you're spending so much money and doing all this for just, me.." Suzuki says clinging to Arturia's arm with a silly feeling. Arturia hugs Suzuki and pets her head softly, "If you insisit we we can do some shoping for me as well." she says soothingly. "Yes~ I want to see you in a cute dress too!" Suzuki says smiling brightly, "Let's look together!" Suzuki tugging on Arturia's sleeve and they both start looking at dresses.
  13. unforgettable skype quotes

    *Nibbles! NIBBLES!