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  1. General SSL-Type discussion Feat the amazing Ko-Chan.
  2. Ok, he got Miku ofc, but i'm quite surprised he got Renge...
  3. I really do think someone needs to make a really professional petition and start passing it around. We may not know what this TTP thing is fully about yet, but we need to start defending ourselves now, instead of waiting until it's too late.
  4. I think Oxford needs to realise theres this site called "Urban Dictionary" where all the "Hip" words should stay.
  5. Damn shame that guy ended up dropping this project... http://puu.sh/k9nmd/fbe84d942c.jpg
  6. You should send me some :3. I freaking <3 Miku.
  7. Nukiges are VN's. Vn's with H-Scenes are still VN's. I personally don't care for Vn's with H-Scenes only, and i just don't like H-Scenes in my Vn's, but they are still Vn's. An RPG is not a VN. A Vn is based mainly around the story, generally using text boxes and sprites with backgrounds. A Vn with a minigame, such as the baseball minigame in Little Busters is still a VN. An RPG that is mostly just gameplay but uses text boxes for dialogue and tell the story is not a VN. That is an RPG. It may have a story, but no matter how much of a story it has in it, it is still based around the actual gam
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