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  1. Well I didn't check the gender...
  2. It's a fujoshi I'm out.
  3. I don't know I'm just adapting...
  4. Kiri is moe. Please be the mother of my children. Be my waifu. No you are already my waifu.
  5. Started playing Riders of Icarus 3 days ago. A great game. Still in open beta but great. Flying on a dragon and killing things is priceless. It's similar to pokemon in a way, you capture animals to use them. The only difference is you mainly ride them instead of telling them to beat each other to death. If anyone plays it at EU give me a PM
  6. I quoted him because I didn't want to appear completely random. Well I will return to the topic. Imo Majikoi has a vast world full of different characters. In a sense it's vast range of characters is what makes it unique. Instead of making random "all-ages crap" they should focus on that world. At least until someone from Minatosoft has an ephiphany and have a good idea for a new game.
  7. Fool! I wasn't under that impression in the first place. I just had that thought and expressed it lol. btw is "the alleged VN in question" Majikoi or Shoujo-tachi?
  8. Making Majikoi All ages is same as killing half of Yamato... His personality in bed and getting power ups when its related to ero is an important aspect.
  9. Yeah, I wonder If Lee and Stacy routes put any focus on his development as a super-butler.
  10. Mon-sama is the best. But I prefer the interaction Yamato and Mon-sama has in Azumi route to the one in her route. No romance is necessary...
  11. Princess Evangile... Other than that extreme moe attempt. The moment I realised that they copy-pasted every girls faces and merely changed their airstyle I had a huge mental trauma... THEY WERE STARING AT ME. ALL THOSE SAME FACES NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well.... It's a... matter of perspective... I guess.. Probably.... Well don't sweat the details. Everyone involved turned out to be happy right? Except Azumi who got doomed to be single for life.
  13. Am I the only one who worships this pose? I want her to call me tako!
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