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  1. jqbjEm0.png

    Wow, that was helpful of you, Yoshiyuki.
    You watch as the tea overflows, commenting "What's wrong?".

    1. Novel21


      Hehehe Yes Yoshiyuki are weird and funny^_^

  2. qGilQ4X.png

    I mean, what a stupid question.

  3. There's a reason why Suginami is the shadiest character in the Da Capo universe.


  4. zKPJp1y.png?1

    A certain understanding of the real meaning behind some words is crucial to get through life unscathed.

  5. dSShalT.png?1

    I was wondering what it could have possibly said.

    1. Fred the Barber

      Fred the Barber

      Little bit redundant and repetitive.

    2. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Damn, I can't read through the text. I can't tell if that's a joke or not.

      Because let me tell you, the original definitely is. And it's bloody hilarious.

  6. SQWQ2sp.png?1

    Oh, how I can see myself reflected herein.

  7. hsDCRJD.png

    I'd say this is the first moment in Seinarukana where I didn't consider it to be a bundle of generic tropes.

    I wonder why I feel the same about both games in the series? Their starts manage to be really stale despite being no more and no less than the average moege I read. I believe it may have to do with my mentality going in: If I started playing it, I want gameplay, not unoriginal slice-of-life.

    On the other hand, once I do finish it, if replays become necessary I may feel that I don't want to go through the gameplay again, meaning I employ HAX.

  8. Wind is reserved for suspenseful, dramatic or emotional scenes.
    If the studio had to draw wind every time a character was on screen the entire budget would go into hair animation.

  9. "Defenceless"

    I hate the constant usage of the word in anime and manga.
    So, if you're a female you can't sleep anywhere your friends have access to? Napping where a male friend can see you is considered defenceless?
    I wouldn't want to live in the country where doing so would be dangerous. I wouldn't want to have friends like those.

    1. Fred the Barber

      Fred the Barber

      God, I couldn't agree more. I practically roll my eyes every time this trope gets trotted out.

  10. *the girls were in the midst of changing*


    :objection: Take that, tropes!

    1. Dergonu


      Boobs are better. Bring back the boobs.

  11. 7wF3YVH.png?1

    What an amazing ability the Japanese possess. All they need to do is look at any two people for a matter of two seconds and they can make such divinations!
    Yes... whatever 'atmosphere' is supposed to mean.

  12. KLV5PKZ.png?1

    Here's your daily reminder that I absolutely hate the construction "He is the type to".
    Jeez, why must you classify everyone into types? Sometimes I do, sometime I don't. If you want to express this sentiment you say the hyperbolic "He always replies to his messages quickly" or the average "He usually replies to his messages quickly".

    1. Tay


      Mr. Poltroon's the type to hate labels.

      Also, hey! Missed talking to you. We should hang out.

    2. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Damn, how does this guy know who I am? What gave it away? The cravat? It was the bloody cravat, wasn't it? Blast it all.

    3. Tay
  13. I've been playing Kichikuou Rance lately. Gosh I like the OSTs in these games, and I like Rance's overall character. Not as somebody who's to be admired, but as somebody who gets away with so much, even if he is decently capable, his luck is otherworldly.

    Which do you prefer?

    And its "I'm superior" and "I'm the king" vibe or

    and its "I'm coming for you ladies" vibe?

    1. Shikomizue


      I actually prefer the second one, you probably know the reasons why.

  14. This one's the real teaser:


    This one doesn't need a caption.

    1. havoc


      it's true he is a deviant.

  15. Dracu-Riot! Teaser:


    Not cross-eyed at all.

    1. havoc


      its a good novel, one of the few where i actually bothered to finish all routes.

  16. So I tried to woo some girls myself, but was met with this image:


  17. http://i.imgur.com/pZ6pMlf.png?1


    She just looked a little faint. No reason to suspect she might be growing ill.

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    2. Fred the Barber

      Fred the Barber

      Yuzu thinks Yuzu is written perfectly Yuzuly.

      Yeah, that'd probably piss me off, too.

    3. Decay


      It's not just with her, but with all characters. She never uses pronouns ever. Other people don't seem to mind, but it really bothers the hell out of me for whatever reason.

    4. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      I wasn't really complaining per say. It's just that I have a very bad habit of reading the actual words, which are quite often at odds with what meaning they take upon. A little close to fainting is in no way a mere out of it, but that is what it effectively means...

      Other than typos I really have no issues with the translation.

  18. sasjASg.png?1

    "For some reason", huh...?

    Pretty sure I've seen black holes with lower density.

  19. ReuqgbZ.png

    The exact kind of thing I frequently pull.

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    2. havoc


      its a shame it isn't fully translated.

    3. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      To clarify, this is from Koiken Otome, which is fully translated.
      In case you didn't mispost and where actually commenting here.

    4. havoc


      I mispotted it and thought it was from fortune Arterial. Sorry.

  20. WaVpLnQ.png

    Accurate representation of educational institutions.

  21. HqL1rHg.png?1

    This is a sentiment I truly believe in, and one Japanese VNs don't support much.
    You can't expect people to understand feelings and concerns you don't voice. You can go shove your "We don't need words. I'm the person who knows you best"s down the toilet.

    1. havoc


      so very very true.

    2. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Or the "You are not worthy/the right person for her; how could you not telepathically realise she doesn't like it when you wear that cyan shirt?!"s.

    3. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      mmm, partly agree, partly disagree. There "is" the very real concept of empathy. "No two people are alike", true, but it doesn't take a mind-reader to sometimes understand the thoughts and feelings of another.

      Though without context for that specific scene, I can't really speak for or against it. But I will say that the MC should consider "putting himself in her shoes" - how would "he" feel if the situation was reversed?.


      All that being said, sometimes there really is no understanding anothers feelings and thoughts - esp. if they come from completely different backgrounds and have very little common ground.

  22. LzEyBah.png?1

    This is almost coercion. Am I supposed to say no to this?

  23. Hyh8DsS.png

    The guy's face truly represents the one reaction to the situation he's just found himself in.

  24. Good Birthday, and happy luck with your newest project.

    1. Arcadeotic


      Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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