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  1. What happened to the Dharker Studios post? Did that go up unintentionally?

    1. Plk_Lesiak


      Yup, I've rescheduled it some time ago on the external blog, because I wanted to add "Negligee: Lover Stories" review to it and apparently forgot to correct the date here, thus two articles appearing at the same time. It'll come back in four weeks, after I'm done with Silver Cow Studios. :)

  2. "It should be possible to easily derive meaning from what is written, that meaning should reflect the original in some way, and what is written should be written correctly as according to the rules of the language it has been translated to."

    Storing my baseline for translations here for posterity, and see how much it changes, if it does at all, in the future.

  3. https://i.imgur.com/RdNOUxW.png

    A brother to be envied.

  4. 'Everyone bursts out of nowhere' is probably among my favourite typos.

  5. Sometimes, I look at my open browser tabs and wonder what the hell I was doing earlier for that to be there.


  6. How to sell me a Visual Novel with one line:


    I have no idea what this game is, but if this is the first image I find it can't possibly be bad enough to pass up.

    1. havoc


      great now I am curious as to the name of this vn.

  7. DTLZ8vp.png

    That's how I respond to drunk people, too.

  8. https://myanimelist.net/manga/4632/Oyasumi_Punpun

    MyAnimeList is giving me that as a manga recommendation.
    If you know the least bit about me... you know recommending me that is nothing but sadism.

    1. Novel21


      Yes that manga don't look fun to read

  9. rYVlQAc.png

    I like it when games have some amount of self-awareness.

    1. Fred the Barber

      Fred the Barber

      Surprised to see you playing this one. I assumed it wouldn't be your cup of tea, given what I've heard about it. But... I've been thinking about playing it too, so, now I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

    2. havoc


      Well, i wasn';t expecting to see you playing this one.

      How is it so far?

    3. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      To whomever it may concern,

      I elaborate on my thoughts on this game on the following thread (on x3):


  10. 8ao67mA.png

    It may be a small, worthless thing, but adding these small bits of personality into an options menu just make me happy.

  11. i1N93cs.png

    This is just one school, right? What's with the uniform variety?

    I know they allow various sets of clothing combinations, but this seems a bit weird.

    1. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      Different grades? Also could be clubs~ Was just about to start this VN actually.

  12. BO1RxVS.png?1

    I have to admit that Chrono Clock probably has the translation that has been the most to my enjoyment out of anything I've read.

    I mean, 70% of it is probably the VN being good, but maybe the TL really is responsible for all these lines rendering me breathless... from laughing too much.

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Yeah, I'll just keep quoting the VN in this comment chain.

      "And so, my wallet had to take one for the team."


    2. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon


      I'd share a bit more of this exchange, but I'd rather play safe.

  13. 3jOJ38F.png?1Wow, this image truly represents what I believe more protagonists should be like.
    Instead of narrating stuff they don't know the first thing about as if they were professionals, they make sure to note that their eyes are those of an amateur.

    1. Fred the Barber

      Fred the Barber

      Especially given what happens next.

    2. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      It's said that true enlightenment only comes when we can admit our ignorance. :sachi:

  14. vlUFVAr.png

    Shots fired all the way from Japan.

  15. Wow, I advanced three text lines consecutively by executing an unintended, but dexterous, movement.

    I picked up my keyboard, accidentally clicking 'enter', whilst moving my mouse, and I accidentally hit said mouse in the keyboard, clicking the left mouse button in the process, and by hitting the keyboard my finger slipped, scrolling down the mouse wheel as well.

    Therefore, I clicked 'enter', 'left mouse button' and scrolled down in quick succession, advancing three lines.
    You've got nothing on these skillz.

    1. Shikomizue


      You should go into Major League Visual Novel Gaming, I'm sure they'd accept your sweet skillz.

    2. Fred the Barber

      Fred the Barber

      That's got nothing on my "accidentally hold the Ctrl button for several seconds and fast-forward past half a scene" technique.

    3. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon


      Look at me trying to use Ctrl+Prt Screen to screenshot a scene and skipping the next three altogether.

  16. kjhzzdQ.png

    Well... that's certainly one way to go about conveying information to the reader...

    1. Dergonu


      What a random, yet neat feature.

  17. IVsVDlh.png

    I appreciate the choice of wording. Might adopt it myself.

  18. JxrJczT.png

    I'm sure that, at the time, that line at the end made sense in the translator's head.

  19. GNpi9kt.png?1

    I hate when this is done.

    An argument can be made that thinking about your own emotions or attempting to rationalise what you think will make you understand said feelings/thoughts better than if someone else explained it to you. I don't like it, but I accept it.

    Now, when it's a matter of making a deduction out of facts, why the bloody hell are they still holding out on sharing?! Imagine Sherlock Holmes told this to Watson every time. It's a waste of time. The girl knows the solution to the problem (I actually do too but I've been trained in Da Capo BS by the too previous games, and it's not like the problem is particularly hard) but now the protagonist needs to figure it out on his own because Ricca thought that's how it should be. Flipping unicorns, in the wider context of the scene she probably could have resolved the whole drama of the route on her own before Kiyotaka even appeared if she gave more of a damn about it.

    This isn't a problem of emotions, this is a problem of noticing the mistaken assumption. In no way would the impact and consequences be reduced if you flat-out explained the misconception.


  20. nfx1Gns.png

    Now this is the Yoshiyuki-like dialogue I was hoping to find in Da Capo 3. A bit of a shame that Kiyotaka's usually too nice for it, but he's got other good aspects about him too.

  21. Alu8E3U.png

    You know, that is one hell of a mental image.

    Not to mention her has the perfect follow-up:


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