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  1. Well for the man you love part I was more effected by Meiya dying for one reason. She was my favorite character in the story and I felt like she was 10x more fit to be the main heroine than Sumika 10xs over. To me they wanted to focus on Sumika and give her that spot but she just never could to me. Considering that she is the main problem for this and causing the timelines to reverse everytime she doesn't like one of them. It just made me not like her even more in short that was the 2nd death that effected me the most right next to jinguuji. For Sumika's death I explained a little bit above
  2. 1. If i remember takeru ended up merging with himself again due to fixing that timeline and basically stopping the beta war once and for all. This is what i remember but i could be wrong or missed some important wording or something but overall that's what i remember happening there. 2.I thought it was an alright way to end off alternative considering that taking out the beta is no easy task considering how smart they are and how much of a technological advantage they have over humans and there gundam robots. There were two deaths that hit be the hardest and that was being Meiya and ill ment
  3. Exactly it just didn't have any tension to me through most of the playthrough. So every time they bought it up they weren't really doing it in a way to keep me interested since were looking through the eyes of the protagonist he was always in the background. It got so annoying that i kinda just listed this visual novel as one of the worst i've read there is definitely worse but im only really just getting into visual novels right now. I've read a few of the ones that most people hear about that being steins gate dies irae(Didn't finish this one due to me breaking my pc) Chaos head Chaos child
  4. I like key works if im being honest. There usually pretty nice to just relax and read through but rewrite again felt off it wasn't due to it being different i think it was due to it having different writers. Most people i've seen kinda blame it on the fact that Jun Maeda isn't really involved with it but i think that's just an excuse because just because he's not involved doesn't mean that most routes should be badly done and so on. That just make any sense even if he wasn't completely involved with rewrite. That's just how i feel about it. I liked little busters but it did feel like it was
  5. Im not sure what you mean did you just like the humor and music only? If that's the case i can understand because it did those things really well for me the humor kinda fell off at times but overall pretty good and the music just 10/10.
  6. Well im not sure but if that's the case the english tranlation was the reason why the story had some much stupid moments for me like how he knew what his ability did but didn't know in most in the routes what it actually did. I wouldn't recommend it personally but maybe it'll be different for you.
  7. Yeah i didn't hate it either but i don't like the fact that i had to wait through most of the story to you know get to the good stuff only to be disappointed after the moon route since terra was pretty mediocre in writing due the ups and downs with kotarou's ability and it not being handled well. Like how he could buff his strength up to 8x of a normal human and just not want to do it in one route. It had alot of inconsistency up until akane's route and lucia's and that's what i disliked. I liked the music and the characters as well as the plot but it wasn't handled well at all and it makes me
  8. Yeah i should have formatted way before i posted it
  9. Im curious to know why people like rewrite as much as they do. The reason for this is because i went into this game expecting some great and go mediocre writing up until the last routes in the game. Those routes are both Akane's and Moon but that's not what i really want to talk about. I'd like to talk about the bad points in the story and i saw pretty frequently yet i've seen no one talk about any of these problems. One of the main problems that i've notice is Kotarou's decisions and how most the time they really don't make any sense. For example he could be in a really bad situation a situat
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