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  1. thanks for the suggestion, I was planning to get Carnival from him already. feel free to suggest untranslated ones. i have some Japanese knowledge, so if it doesn't use some unusual words(looking at you Steins: Gate, those Sci-Fi terms are a pain), i can read it or use a text hooker worst case and translate what i don't get... As for Umineko, i didn't like it...the witch acts like a teenager, Takuji seems more mature than her!. granted i only played a few hours and dropped it since i couldn't stand her cringe with what she's supposed to be and i expected her to be, but if its really that similar... when played it, i expected something like Higurashi. Thanks, gonna check those 2 too!
  2. so check the "Denpa" tag in VNDB...got it! where can i get that "Kosaka-san"?, its no on steam...
  3. so guys what Vns are like like Subahibi?, its simply mindblowing for me, how deep the story is, and how good Subahibi plot is. like this is the first novel im replaying so i can understand everything. even thought at the start everything seemed like nosense, once the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place it was a amazing ride! i know this probably has been asked a thousand times already, but i gotta ask again....
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