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  1. I'm looking for untranslated or translated visual novels with sexual content where the protagonist is being tempted or seduced into being or keep being with a woman using the allure of money or gifts. For example in starless one of the scenes has Marika tempt the protagonist using several sports cars although this kind of temptation isn't prominent in the whole visual novel. In Renai, Karichaimashita the protagonist is a rental boyfriend and gets paid by girls to be with them in fake dates where in one scene the guy gets paid a lot of cash by to be her friend in the common route although that
  2. anyone know japanese visual novels, translated or untranslated with this kinda ending: Specifically you get a girl pregnant in one of the heroine's routes -> you then timeskip and have sex with her and your daughter. so far I found these after combing through vndb: shoujo dominance my precious reina (in one ending the protag has sex with his daughter and his grand daughters after getting the daughter pregnant), iyashinbo the animation (harem end where seemingly based on the cgs the daughters of the heroines and they themselves have an orgy with the protag), Chichi Miko!! Plus 1 ~Sobo t
  3. Here is the analysis of the dmp file according to WinDbg following this method: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-open-and-analyze-dump-error-files-windows-10 https://www.mediafire.com/file/5741k4alv103ony/WinDbg_Analysis.txt/file As an aside, looking at the vn's website it doesnt seem to have windows 10 listed on the suggested devices so that may be a reason. If that's the true reason why it won't run I think I'll just drop the vn instead of having to use a virtual machine to play it.
  4. Hi! I'm hoping to find some help or solutions for my problem Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? : Yes (Using Locale Emulator) Game Name: Gokuin no Sentou or 獄淫の尖塔 Game link: https://vndb.org/v7022Description of Problem: After mounting the game iso then running setup.exe and using the default file installation location in the setup install wizard, when I go to the game's folder and run gokuin.exe the game's window appears in white for a moment before crashing. A .crash.dmp file is created afterYour Operating System: 64 bit Windows 10What did you already try? tried unin
  5. Edit: Solved! It was Haruka ni Agoi Hi I'm trying to recall a certain vn I was interested in while I was searching through vndb. I never played it but I swore I had it on my list of things to read but it wasn't there. The main thing I remember was that the protagonist was a student at some school and had to move into a dorm but for some reason he had to choose between two different dorms with two different sets of heroines. The game would then limit the heroine routes you could enter based on your choice I think or at least something to that effect? I think it was an untranslated japanese v
  6. Yup that's part of it too. Added to my list thnx!
  7. Hi! I'm hoping people would recommend some Japanese visual novels that has 'sexual content with a male protagonist where one or more heroines undermine the other heroines to get the protagonist's affection? untranslated Japanese vn's are fine with me. I started having this specific desire to find such vns to see the creative and drastic ways someone would be willing to go to be exclusive. actions could be from sorta harmless like just failing to help the protagonist reach an agreed upon meeting point for a date with another heroine or throwing the love letter of the other heroine to actively b
  8. Thnx for the recommendations! Seems like I'll have some more titles to add to my backlog!
  9. Hi! I'm hoping people would recommend some Japanese visual novels that has a male protagonist with a sister route (blood related can be hidden or not known at first) where people are reacting to the revelation that they are dating each other and showing them facing issues that come with their taboo relationship (having to hide it from the public, seeing each other as lovers instead of siblings). Untranslated ones are fine with me. The ones that I know of are Pure Marriage ~赤い糸物語 さくら編~ (https://vndb.org/v22035#main) which based on what the reviewer said on vndb, basically has everything I wa
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