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  1. Ganbare, senpai! Looking forward to witnessing your progress. Take your time, though.
  2. Way to go lawthehost. You see there are many people on Fuwa who are willing to point guys like you in the right direction regarding your question. But I don't think being unfriendly will motivate those users.
  3. Sounds intriguing to me. Although I might be just a tiny bit biased since I "suffer" from a minor type of colorblindness myself.
  4. Cool stuff, mate. Didn't know about the ability to put notes in your list. I really like that feature.
  5. Welcome to the forums, mate. I was looking for something like this for quite some time. I wonder why I didn't stumble upon your channel. Anyways, you got yourself yet another sub. I'm looking forward to witness some of your reviewing prowess.
  6. It is, isn't it? I wonder why they picked this grammatical mess of a sentence as title. It's like a word to word translation.
  7. I finished Chisato's route and am currently going for Satsuki. So far it hasn't been explained at all.
  8. There it is... Demonbane. I thought as much. I'll try to keep up with you guys, gotta finish the KoiChoco routes first, though. I hope I'll manage to do it in time.
  9. That'd be great. I made preparations to read Demonbane already, though. Since I'll be done with KoiChoco in the next few days, I'm totally okay with that.
  10. Minoru


    Well, Rabi-Ribi only features mild bullet hell action (at least in Novice difficulty that is). So being crushed and left to die a horrible, seizure inducing death by a game like Deathsmiles doesn't mean you're gonna do bad in Rabi-Ribi. If I can do it, anyone probably can. I suck horribly at multitasking and I'm doing fine as of yet.
  11. So yesterday I played through the entirety of Chisato's route and I gotta say I liked it very much. Apart from her being really annoying from time to time, after a certain point in the story she's much more bearable and even likable if you ask me. It's a good thing to play Chisato's route first since you can kinda understand her reactions to certain things if you're reading the story again. Me having "finished" a VN means that it's time to celebrate, since this is my first time completing a route in a VN. I must say I'm amazed by how much a VN can suck you in... I had that feeling when reading some books and light novels before, but a VN really is another story. After beating Chisato's route I immediately restarted and made use of the skip mechanic to advance into Satsuki's route, which I like so far. I wouldn't have the patience to read everything again and again, but being able to skip parts I've already read helps a lot. It gives me a warm feeling starting again since I am somehow acquainted with most of the characters. Exploring every single aspect of an interactive novel is really rewarding in a way. I'm also very curious about the other heroine's routes. I'm looking forward to take part in the voting for the best girl and the best route in this game.
  12. Minoru


    I didn't have any issues in the first 2 hours of playing. You can choose the difficulty before starting a new game. I can't tell how hard it will get once the story progresses though. I played one bullet hell game before and I did horrible, too. This one not so much as of yet. I couldn't agree more. The story definitely seems to be rather meh. The gameplay makes up for it though. Just don't expect something deep. The main protagonist is a bunny girl after all.
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