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  1. So two years back prior to the whole pandemic thingy that's going on, the website Itch.io initiated a fundraising effort for Racial Justice and Equality. It was over a thousand games, TTRPGs, various content found on Itch, for 5 dollars minimum to raise funds for Black Lives Matter. It raised over eight million dollars. Then it was Palestinian Aid that got a bundle. That one raised 900k. Then it just kept happening. More bundles! All of the "major" bundles so far have been chronicled on a site called Random Bundle Game which can be found here . It lets you sort through genres, t
  2. Started Princess Waltz about an hour ago and have been playing Cafe Enchante for a week or two. Princess Waltz: I bought this one a good few years ago, but I've always been vaguely aware of it's existence because of a old TvTropes article. I still remember some details from that article, which is why I must ask: Anyway, regarding the characters, they're all chaotic. Their classmates are exhausting, but in the good way. Kinda has an old school shounen manga vibe to it. Love that for this game. Cafe Enchante: You ever take a short, short break to play another game an
  3. Hold up, the protag finally talks and has a personality? Nice! I wish playing Shin's route first didn't bore me to tears. I would be all on this game if it weren't for that. But I'm glad we got an otome fandisc released! I think the only ones I can think of off the bat that had a fandisc released in English would be Code Realize, right? Even in the bishoujo-sphere, it doesn't seem to be that common to get fandiscs released.... So it's a step in the right direction.
  4. I am currently playing the following games Fire Emblem Three Houses - It's great, I love everyone in it, but oh my god there's something immensely boredom inducing about the way the set this game up. Explore in the beginning of the month, 1-2 weeks of studying, maybe a bit of grinding, then end of the month battle. Repeat. It's like they formatted it in a way to make me go "UGH, NOT AGAIN" everytime I end up seeing that menu option telling me I can explore, study, or battle. I don't even know why it bugs me so much. Atelier Sophie - Pretty cute. It's a comfortable game with nice de
  5. I'm currently watching Super Gals. It's really intriguing to see the difference between Gyaru of the early 2000s compared to Gyaru in modern anime. Using Galko-chan (Oshiete! Galko-chan) as an example---she would be more akin to one of the background characters in Super Gals than the protagonist of her own series, and yet, here we are. The protagonist of Super Gals is an honest to god delight. She's hilarious. I initially went in expecting a certain character to be the love interest, and it turns out I had it completely wrong, which is great because Super Gals going the off-beat route fe
  6. Gotta be honest, I have no idea what's popular with anime fandom anymore. I am more of a manga reader these days, though I do delve into magical girl anime when they pop up. Personally, my favorite anime from the past few years is probably Hugtto Precure from around 2018. I was really intrigued by Precure introducing a villain with a motivation akin to As for things more recent than that, I'm honestly not sure if I've watched anything recent. What are some of your favorite new series?
  7. Aoishiro being released is one of the most hyped moments for me. I've always wanted to play it but I didn't know how to purchase it. One more year!!
  8. Hah, it's just so easy to buy more and more! I would buy them every chance I got---birthday/christmas? Time to ask for Steam money in hopes that my purchase will encourage more releases in the west. Nowadays, there's so many that I can't keep up!!!
  9. I don't know what genre Ado is, but she reminds me of Ali-Project, which means that its good and should definitely return to mainstream.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm AuntWitch. I came up with that name as a reference to me being an Aunt, who likes witchy stuff. Anyway, I'm 24 years old and I got into visual novels when I was a young kid exploring Newgrounds like an oblivious fool and found weird games that parodied popular visual novels/anime, except with a bucket full of dark humor to them. Probably inappropriate for me to have read, but it started my love for visual novels. Sadly, at the time there wasn't much to read! Ended up taking a break from VNs until I found out about Dangan Ronpa while it was being fan-translated on a forum. Kata
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