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  1. 『••••• RECAP •••••』 In the blink of an eye, spooky month is over... Last month was more of an art month for me. Hopefully I will be getting back to getting more review and article writing done this month. Anyway, in my first blog post here, I said I was going to focus on only visual novel content for this newsletter-like blog. I then realized the blogs on Fuwanovel forums can be used for pretty much anything! So I am going to do just that; I won't be just sharing my reviews and articles of visual novel games, but whatever content I made the previous month. I guess this blog is going to shape more and more like a log of my works. 『••••• PUBLISHED REVIEWS & ARTICLES •••••』 Hazel Sky by Coffee Addict Studio and Neon Doctrine Fix machines and soar into the skies in this story-rich puzzle adventure game! While I am not exactly impressed by the highly athletic Trials the protagonist has to pass to become an engineer, I enjoyed viewing the scenery, running about the islands, and playing guitar songs. Read my in-depth review of Hazel Sky on NookGaming here. Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM by Cellar Vault Games and Chorus Worldwide Games Join three children in this horror narrative game as they encounter strange happenings around their neighborhood during the lunar seventh month. This is the first installment of the Paper Ghost Stories series and it certainly sets an interesting opening. I am most drawn in by its setting in Malaysia and theme centered on the Hungry Ghost Festival. Read my in-depth review of Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM on NookGaming here. 《半梦夜行 ~A Journey on Limbus~》by MxLucid For my debut review on Fuwanovel, where my plan is to review untranslated Chinese visual novels, I picked this indie denpa visual novel that turns out to have some really peculiar events and disturbing imagery — totally apt for spooky month! Read my review of《半梦夜行 ~A Journey on Limbus~》on Fuwanovel here. 『••••• THINGS TO DO THIS MONTH •••••』 Play Of Frost and Flowers by Elseth! What started out as an Otome Jam 2022 entry is finally released as a full OELVN! I am putting this on my list because I helped out as a proofreader and alpha-tester. Check out Of Frost and Flowers on Itch.io here. Play Arcadia Fallen by Galdra Studios! Jump into more magical adventures this November! Follow a young alchemist apprentice and friends as they try to save the world with their wit and strength. This OELVN has a heartwarming story, which makes it a good company through chilly nights. Check out my review of Arcadia Fallen on NookGaming here. Play Red-Handed Robin by Hollowmend! Maybe you do not want to be a hero who saves the world? Then perhaps being a thief who is on the run might interest you for yet another adventurous November. Lie to get your way in this short NaNoRenO 2020+ entry but be careful and don't get caught red-handed! Read my review of Red-Handed Robin on NookGaming here. 『••••• FANWORK SHOWCASE •••••』 As a Halloween special, I drew NookGaming's mascot dressed up as Kanna from Café Stella and the Reapers' Butterflies (Yuzusoft & NekoNyan) 『••••• FOOTER STUFF •••••』 I have quite a bit of stuff lined up this November, and hopefully I can get them published in time to share with all of you here by my next monthly round-up! Thank you for reading and have a great month ahead~ Feature Photo by Alex on Pexels
  2. @HataVNI Bruh, the lyrics in TUYU's "I'm getting on the bus to the other world, see ya!" K.O.-ed me- It would have been nice for its sequel song "If there was an endpoint" to be linked too - the entire story/ intended message is only complete that way. -------------------- Anyway, I'm here to share some songs and music that I think are nice as nighttime/ bedtime music. Videos under spoiler blocks. Epitone Project - 선인장 (Cactus) White Forest Music v2 from ArcheAge MMO Don Besig's Flying Free performed by Forever Yang Virtual Choir S.H.E. - 星星之火 (Fire of Heaven) Have a great weekend and week ahead~
  3. Sharing some songs that have been on my loop playlist at one point or another. Theme for the set here is "Comfort", either in the sense of lightening the mood or bringing solace. Videos under Spoiler blocks. Mayday 五月天 x flumpool - Belief Rocoberry - Console Myself Late Night Alumni - Rainy Days 郭静 Claire Kuo - 下一个天亮
  4. 『•• INTRODUCTION ••』 I planned to make a monthly summary post about my published VN reviews and/or articles somewhere convenient enough and so, here we are~ I hope I'm using this user blog right? Anyway, this September... I was in the Halloween mood already. Apart from reviewing games, I finally drew something too, and I hope I'll get the chance to talk about it a bit more in my summary post for October. I'm still thinking about how I want to structure my monthly summary posts here, but I'll (of course) link my reviews and/or articles published for that month. I guess I can highlight one or two VNs I previously reviewed that might be suitable to play for the coming month. I'll also reserve a third segment to showcase one of my fanworks (for VN games, naturally), if any. In other words, this blog of mine will be somewhat personal and pretty much self-promotional, quite like a newsletter. Still, I hope it's informational enough to be of value to anyone taking the time to check this out! 『••••• PUBLISHED REVIEWS & ARTICLES •••••』 Enigmarella by Metal Dragon Studio I'd recommend Enigmarella for anyone who prefers a more romance-focused title. Set in a nautical steampunk universe, this mature otome OELVN lets you pursue an angel and devil pair of love interests, each with their own kind of romance (and sexy times ) to experience. Read my in-depth review for Enigmarella on NookGaming here. He@rtstrings by Izumi Games Izumi Games' first commercial title brings you on a dramatic adventure to finding the soulmate whom the protagonist's red string of fate is connected to. Be prepared to let the three bachelors make your heart go aflutter or sink with sadness. My short review of this short otome OELVN and interview with the developer, Izumi, are included in the latest issue 5 of ChoiceBeat: The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine --- more details in the next section. 『••••• THINGS TO DO THIS MONTH •••••』 Read ChoiceBeat: The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine issue 5! ChoiceBeat is a FREE quarterly digital zine and issue 5 contains 40+ pages of reviews, previews, interviews, and articles on various VNIF games. Titles covered include but not limited to Ukraine War Stories by Starni Games, Mothmen 1966 by LCB Game Studio, and Murder by Numbers by Mediatronic. There are sneak peeks on Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome by Kristi "HusbandoGoddess" Jimenez, Shark Girl: Highschool Reverie of Severed Destiny by JasonCLA and MaleMaidCafe, Rouge Patrol by Grimlark, among several others. Check out ChoiceBeat issue 5 now on Itch.io! Play Ballads at Midnight by Synstoria! If you fancy being chased by --- or rather, chasing after --- a handsome vampire this Halloween month, then you got to give this free and short otome OELVN a try. It is especially the perfect treat for the occasion if you love gothic settings and enemies-to-lovers tropes. Read my review for Ballads at Midnight on NookGaming here. Check out Not It: Spookiest Edition by Snowhaven Studios! Certainly another visual novel made with Halloween in mind, Not It: Spookiest Edition brings you to the unsettling town of EastHollow on Halloween day. It probably won't give you too much of a kick when it comes to spookiness, but it is still something you can consider if you enjoy some gore. Read my in-depth review of Not It: Spookiest Edition on NookGaming here. 『••••• FANWORK SHOWCASE •••••』 This fan art for Great Gretuski Studios' Peachleaf Valley: Seeds of Love was drawn out of season but who cares? 『••••• FOOTER STUFF •••••』 If I'm not on FuwaNovel Forums, then I'm probably on Twitter. Feature Photo by Boris Pavlikovsky on Pexels
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