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  1. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Who is this person that found Kurokokoro?
  2. Today is Agent of Love's 1st Anniversary!!! It has been a busy year since Agent of Love was released publicly on the AppStore. We want to thank everyone supporting us all this time and for following us on our game dev journey.
  3. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Shiro WIP3 My cake is my own.
  4. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Amazed and proud to see our game, Agent of Love, was used as teaching material on target markets πŸ“ŠπŸ“ˆπŸŽ―
  5. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Attended the Austrade information session on North Asia Market insights! Including the Tokyo Game Show!
  6. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Finally managed to get time to update our website www.delusionalinc.com ! We now have all the guy’s pictures as well as the Hitorikiri no Michi MV and embedded music player 🎢 Thank you once again Hideyuki Shima-San and Akatsuki-San for collaborating with us 😊
  7. Our Delusional event at Five Dock Library, Sydney Australia has officially started! Entry is free and everyone welcome Exhibit is open all through May 2019 and extended to 18 June 2019! Exhibition Details: Agent of Love A Josei Otome : Visual Novel Exhibition Description: Visual Novels (VN) is a type of video game that is a digital cross-mixed platform of novels/books, manga/graphic novel. The exhibition will show a selection of artwork and merchandise from Delusional's own Josei Otome VN game, "Agent of Love" Creator Biography: Delusional is an independent developer of interactive VN focusing on the genre of Josei Romance in Otome games (δΉ™ε₯³γ‚²γƒΌγƒ  otome gΔ“mu, literally "maiden game"), a Romance Dating Simulation for the mature female audience. Creator Statement: Agent of Love contains stories that allows the reader to immerse themselves and choose options that can change the ending while questioning their inner beliefs, morality and integrity by exploring the meaning of "Love" in its various different forms. The selection of artwork on display were created to enhance the reader's emotions and gameplay experience. For more information on our game please visit our website https://www.delusionalinc.com/PublicWeb/agentoflove List of Merchandise 55mm Character Badges 6x4 Character Postcards 6x4 Chibi Character Postcards All $3 each or 4 for $10 Kurokokoro Rabbit Handmade Keychain dolls $20 each Character Chibi Cushions $30 each (Case only) List of Artwork on Display Ryosei Asakawa The Coldness of a Warm-Hearted Woman Hajime Fukuyama Feelings Expressed Through the Glass Shiro A Past to Remember Takasuke Hiraishi Burdens of Love Ayumu Kitagawa A Love Lost and Found Kouhei Takeuchi Arduous Love Digital Art all printed on Radiance Photo Paper 260gsm Picture size 420mm x 594 mm (A2) Print size 520mm x 694mm $150 Each Unframed All sales will be used to fund our game development costs. Shipping available at buyers expense All orders made will be available for pick up on 22nd June at Tumbalong Park Darling Harbour Between 11am-1pm. Shipped orders will be sent by end of June. Or visit Delusional during SMASH Manga and Anime Show 2019 July 13-14 at ICC. (Arrangement Prior) Expressions of interest please contact us on customerservice@delusionalinc.com Thank you all for your support! For more information on the event please visit our Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/342216203069074/
  8. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Shiro route work in progress preview Our artwork and merchandise will be on display and available for sale at Five Dock Library, Sydney, Australia during May 2019! Expressions of Interest can email customerservice@delusionalinc.com We will also be exhibiting at SMASH Anime and Manga Conference 13-14 July 2019 at Sydney ICC Hope to see you there!
  9. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Working on the next installment of the game Shiro route coming soon! Thank you everyone for your patience
  10. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Submitted and finalised our artwork for the Five Dock Library Exhibition! Agent of Love will be showcased for the full month of May. For more information don't forget to check our Events page https://www.facebook.com/events/342216203069074/
  11. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Delusional received approval for SMASH! 2019 Sydney Manga and Anime Show artist alley 2019 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ More details coming soon!
  12. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove We've been approved to exhibit Agent of Love at Five Dock Library for the month of May! The exhibition will feature not only our game, but also some of our artwork and sample merchandise. Focus of the exhibition is to increase awareness of visual novels in the community as a cross mixed platform of novels/books, manga/graphic novels and video games. Entry to the library and exhibit is FREE For more information click on the below link Facebook Event Agent of Love : Josei Otome Visual Novel Exhibition
  13. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove A huge thank you to my sister in law for translating Agent of Love to Chinese So blessed to have a very supportive family
  14. #workitwednesday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Working on our next case file....πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
  15. #screenshotsaturday #delusionalinc #agentoflove Working on a new build for Agent of Love Developing for our PC release on Steam