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  1. VN's with strong worldbuilding and story

    Aiyoku no Eustia
  2. Random VN: Shoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari

    I played this. The highlight of the VN was the first half (basically everything up to and including the first H-scene). It did a great job of showing two lonely individuals who find comfort and eventually love in each other's presence, and the way Mizuka slowly warmed up to Masumi was adorable. I just found almost everything after that underwhelming. For almost the entire second half of the VN the relationship just seemed to stay at a stagnant high with neither any significant steps forward nor any major conflict between the two. And there seemed to be quite a few parts that went nowhere and served little purpose but to build up to the H-scenes. I enjoyed the drama in the last chapter though. This could just be a case of me having patience problems (I'm still a newbie to VNs and especially single-heroine VNs are an unexplored genre for me) and a fetish for melodrama. I still think this VN is something that older players in their 30's and 40's could find worth trying out.
  3. If you think about it, you could probably gather that the OP has already experienced the final product and just wants to go back and see what the game was like in its developing stages. So instead of giving them an annoying interrogation that has nothing to do with their request, you could, you know, post a link to the beta.
  4. VNs for learning Japanese

    Just set up Chiitrans to capture the text from the clipboard in the settings while making sure that the Textrator extension for copying the text to clipboard is active.
  5. VNs for learning Japanese

    Pick something that looks interesting from here and read. Just read, and keep reading. Use a text hooker (I use Textractor + Chiitrans Lite) but do not use a machine translation, it'll just impede your progress. It's also nice to mine the words into a vocabulary deck on Anki so you can retain them better, but the most important thing is that you read. Every. Single. Day.
  6. You have two choices: 1. Play Extra and Unlimited before Alternative 2. Don't play Alternative at all.
  7. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    Greetings, this is Sekai Project. We love fan translators too! They really help to reduce our workload so that we can release our licensed visual novels in a timely manner like with Tenshin Ranman and Dracu-Riot. If you're ever thinking of going official we also treat our translators really well and pay them on time, just ask Arudoc. Don't forget to support our upcoming Kickstarter!
  8. Discord VN/Eroge Friends?

    Do you play Japanese-only VNs? I wouldn't mind having someone to occasionally chat to about untranslated titles.
  9. VN with student (m) teacher (f) romance

    Sakura no Uta Edelweiss
  10. The Different Treatment of Sex Scenes: Japan vs. America

    As someone who admittedly skips the majority of H-scenes in VNs, I still wholeheartedly support their existence and I believe that they have more value than simply being porn. H-scenes are an excellent catalyst to show the fruits of the development of a relationship, to show the audience a major emotional and dramatic moment that occurs between the characters. Even the whole physical aspect, the meat-grinding and moaning and all that other stuff, can contribute to the emotional catharsis because this is a display of the characters as they break themselves free from their previous bonds that haunted them in previous chapters, as they display their feelings that were kept locked away all up until this moment. Yes, most H-scenes are boring and I end up skipping them because they don't really move me (or there are simply too many of them in succession). But there are still good ones that contribute to the story and character development wonderfully, and I don't think it's necessary or even advisable to tone them down to more "socially-acceptable" levels. Sex should be viewed as a beautiful thing that is embraced by media as one of the facets of humanity, not always hidden away and restricted to nukige and pure porn films.
  11. Sanoba Witch or KoiKuma

    Sanoba Witch
  12. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    Just do it. Learning Japanese was the best decision I have ever made. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. P.S. PM me if you want advice.
  13. Fast paced VNs?

    Newton to Ringo no Ki
  14. Your Diary+ Re-TL Project

    Considering how unfixably bad the current translation is, you'll need someone who is willing to basically translate the entire VN from scratch. Good luck, because you'll need a huge amount of it.
  15. I'm looking for a harem visual novel

    You already made another thread. Why don't you finish the recs that you just got there first?