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  1. Hey, I am planning to read some VN's in my summer holidays. Just planning which one I will read and got some questions about Summer Pockets and the new version. - Is summer pockets romance focused? - Is there a route order? Or can I just save the route I want to read the most, which is Ao, at the end? - For the true end is it necesarry to read all route's? (Ik I need to read all route to unlock the true route but I am asking for the story) Summer Pockets Blue Reflection: - Is it like a Fandisc? Basically Old Characters with new story/after story and with new He
  2. I had some time in my easter holidays and finished Rikka's route + the common route in 5 days... Tbh I loved it but I also hate it. First of all her route had everything what I wanted to see in a "Pure Love Story" VN and I was really satisfied with the ending. However I was a bit disappointed because of the lack of Drama. But I still loved it. The MC was good. I really liked him. Rikka is like my "dream wife". She was perfect, actually too perfect and now I can't read a different route anymore. I tried but I gave up after 2mins. I can't, its not possible. For me Ri
  3. That's a subjective opinion. Even if someone says "it felt like THE True Route"... it dosen't mean that applies to everybody. Especially because HoshiOri dosen't even have one. Pretty sure after I am done with Rikka's route I will maybe say the same thing.
  4. Never thought about that, haha. Thy Well, my favourite girl's route is almost finished I will still wait till my easter holidays to read it or not However those guys sure work really fast. I am always surprised, no matter how many times I see their weekly updated
  5. Oh, thy guys Haha, ofc. Yuri is Life
  6. This. The best sister route I ever read and my favourite route. Michiru
  7. Indeed I was pretty sure they won't translate Rikka's route first anyway However I am really looking forward in my easter/summer holidays to read it. I already waited 3 years for it... so one more year won't kill me, haha. Furthermore until every route is released it will take a lot of time (Maybe not... those guys are awesome and fast) So Trip decided to do the childhood friend route first. Tbh I actually thought he would start with Marika.
  8. Tbh I am fine... whenever Rikka's route comes out. Currently I dont have the time to read it anway and I am proably planning to read it in Easter or in my Summer holidays next year. (If Rikka's route is finished ofc) But I am happy that it will finally come out and I have something to look up next year iirc I am already waiting 3 years, that we get a english translation. I am really glad to hear that Rikka's route is very long, now am really looking forward to read her story. But I am also interested in Sora's (lol), Misa's and Touko's route. Well, mostly about Rikka and Sor
  9. OMG!... they work fast... Holly Shit! Already done with the common route and they are going to tell us which route they will do first this weekened. Honestly I am hyped and finally I can read Rikkas route soon
  10. use the japanese title bro. 恋がさくころ桜どき
  11. Kotonoha Amrilato!!!! YES, YES & FINALLY YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! More Yuri VN's and I was really hoping that Mangagmer will bring it out to the west!!! I am really happy about that announcement, because I didn't think they would do it. Now we are getting 3 Yuri VN's from MG, hopefully soon. Until we get Flowers part3 from JAST USA, I can read those
  12. Currently this one from Flowers: The Volume of Summer. Is just really emotional and impactful. I really love this OST:
  13. Tbh this part was really light-hearted. I actually love Drama and the Drama in part 1 was really nice. Well, I am a bit happy, that part 2 was light-hearted this time. I actually don't want to read some dramatic story in summer. However I really hope that part 3 will be more dramatic and sad. I already heard it will be and I am really looking forward to it.
  14. same reason. I still hate Rikka what she did in spring... That made me so angry >.<
  15. Rikka... Tbh I didn't like her in part 1... She was so annoying. In part 2 she was okay because less screen-time
  16. The 2nd part of Flowers is already out since last week and this week on steam too. Let's start with the discussion. I finished it today and like the first, I truly loved the 2nd part too. Erika as MC was really nice and I llike her personality. I really enjoyed to read the 2nd part and the TRUE END was really nice. My favourite picture would be: But the 2nd part left a void in my heart, somehow I want to read more about Erika x Chidori. Hopefully the 3rd part dosen't take long to be released. PS: The guide for Flowers - summer - is also finished: GUIDE
  17. Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- Summary Erika/Chidori: "Have you ever thought of wanting to do something for the one you love?" In the season of first meetings, a girl with a wounded heart, Suou, found a friend and lover who would accept her. However, this friend and lover left the school without telling her the reason at the end of spring. Suou was in denial about her loss, and fellow bookworm Erika was gravely worried and looked for a way to heal Suou’s broken heart. With the early arrival of summer, a girl named Chidori transferred into the school. She met Erika by acc
  18. Recently I found out that this VN actually exist and I was really sad there was no translation yet. Because there aren't many Yuri VN in english out there. However now I am really happy that Mangagamer will release Lilycle. I am already looking forward to read it and I am really exciten PS: The name of this VNs is Lilycle
  19. Now I get more and more excited For me the best announcement in this year! I loved the first part and imo it's a really good VN. I read most of the english VNs already but Flowers is one of my favourite now. I love all the characters and the character development is really nice. However that Cliffhanger in part 1 >.< I really want to read all 4 parts. But we have to wait a "bit" more. Yea same reason, why I am so excited to read part 3 is because of Yuzuriha. She has the best character design in this game, I mean silver/light blue Hair and her personality is aweso
  20. Grisaia no Kajitsu... However I wouldn't recommend Michirus route because you will get angry at the MC
  21. My follow Yuri lovers, we finally know when Flowers 2nd part will be released! 16th of this month! Summer is already here and Flowers -Le Volume sur Été-(in english: FLOWERS -The volume of summer-) too I am really happy to read it. I didn't read any VNs in the last months and now I am really excited to read the 2nd part. Hopefully they don't delay it again >.< Source: CLICK One more good news! JAST already confirmed it, that they are working on the 3rd part -Autumn-!!! I seriously can't wait to read that part. Why? Because of:
  22. I didn't read My Unrequited Love yet. The story sounds really interesting and age-gap *______* Hopefully it has a happy ending.
  23. Sensei, I finished all completed Mangas in this list and I am reading all on-going ones... What should I do?... I need more. PS: try this one: https://dynasty-scans.com/series/1_x
  24. First of all congrats and I hope idol Fans will have their fun
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