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  1. I played Katawa Shoujo and Fruit of Grisaia and I absolutely love the fact that through out the game we learn about the problems the girls have, they're sad pasts and we help them recover and move on. So any can anyone recommend me some VN's like this since I'm pretty new to the whole VN thing.
  2. Did you even read my post?
  3. I'm pretty new when it comes to visual novels so I've only played a handful, so far almost all of visual novels I've played have had major idiots/pussies as the main protagonists that I seriously can't stand. I mean I enjoyed them but I just wish the main protagonists aren't like this. So are there any VN's with protagonists that aren't like this? I've played the fruit of grisaia and the sequels btw, which are so far my favorites.
  4. Trap visual novels?

    Are there any without a trap protag?
  5. Trap visual novels?

    "That shit gay." - Joseph Stalin
  6. Trap visual novels?

    I'm not gay ok? Anyway i'd like trap visual novels with trap heroines. Open to any suggestions.
  7. I just finished the fruit of grisaia trilogy and of course there's a void in my heart, which of course I'm going to fill with another visual novel. The only thing it has to have is eroge scenes, I just don't feel like the route is rewarding if it doesn't. I'm open to any suggestions!