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  1. Well, isn't that enough reason to read her route next? I mean if I read Michiru's route at the end, wouldn't I start to think that it is the worst route in comparison with the others? I think I will just go with Michiru or Sachi. I am going to read Makina's and Amane's route in my summer holidays. Furthermore Amane's route is about Yuuji's sister Kazua and I think I should read her route later because it's very important for Meikyuu and Rakuen.
  2. Strike 3 and Amane is out A race between Michiru-sama and Sachi. I have a question for the people, who didn't like Sachi in the common route. Did you change your opinion regarding Sachi in her route? (without spoilers)
  3. I removed Makine from the poll. Because I just have time to read one route and I would like to read one with a good amount of romance with a good story and badass Yuuji moments like in Yumiko's route. Makina's route = Yuuji's route. Therefore I will read her route in the summer holidays at the end. Furthermore I am not a fan of Loli's and I will skip the romantic moments between Yuuji and Makina probably^^
  4. Well, I am actually looking for a Route with a good amount of Romance, an interesting Story and Badass Yuuji moments. My priority would be: romance > story. I heard/know Makina has the best Story but I will play her route in the summer holidays. She is my least favorite character at the moment and I am not a fan of Loli's. That's why I removed Makina from the poll because I prioritize "romance" over "story" at the moment. VirginSmasher if Michiru has a good amount of romance in her story then the other character's then I will read her Furthermore I am really thinking to read Michiru's route. I actually like her more than Amane. But why do people hate Michiru's route so much o_O?
  5. Good evening guys I actually started to read Grisaia no Kajitsu last year because of Yumiko and well, I loved her route and her after Story in Meikyuu*______* (Currently re-reading it ) This week my easter holidays started and I have a little bit time to read another route. However I don't know which one. I thought to read Michiru's route because like Yumiko she has a "standalone" Story. But people say her route is really poor... (?) Nevertheless I loved her in the common route, she is really funny and a real idiot. Yuuji's thoughts about her were also funny. I heard that I need to read Amane's and Sachi's route because they explain some Story-aspects from each other. Therefore I would miss the "Ah-ha!" effect, if I just read one of those two route's. At the moment I prioritize romance over story. (romance > story) Which route would you recommend me? In my summer holidays I will have enough time to read the other 3 route's and to re-read Yumiko again<3.
  6. There are 2 kinds of Tsundere characters for me. The ones that are really annoying and the one that are just cute. Habane Kotori belongs to the first category and Fujibayashi Kyou, Makise Kurisu and Shiratori Mizuha belongs to the second category.
  7. You didn't like Michiru's route o_O It was the best Route in Chrono Clock in my opinion followed by Kuro. At first, where is my ILLYA route in Fate/stay night!!! I was really disappointed that she didn't get her own route: Pretty much every route in Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki --> Each route starts good but the drama was forced and has no impact. I like Yuri but at the end her route was a little bit strange. Toa, Kaoruko and Mihiru in Wagamama High Spec --> Boring and Kaoruko was just annoying. Toa's route was good at the beginning but I didn't like the drama. Furthermore there are some plotholes in her route e.g. we never learned the truth, what exactly happened in the past between them and their parents. Michiru in Grisaia no Kajitsu. Shiratori Mizuha in G-senjou no Maou. I really like Mizuha but her route was lacking in many aspects. The romance wasn't good and the reason why she hates Kyouske so much... The story was obvious and just boring. I was really disappointed but I love her ending. Kouzuki Io in D.S. -Dal Segno-. At first I thought her route will be really good and I liked her at the beginning because of her chuunibyou syndrome. But her route was boring, the drama was obvious and at the end she was just annoying >.<
  8. I/O! PS: I love your new avatar now you need a yumiko signature
  9. Is that a new trend? Well, I am thankful for your VN guides. (sometimes)
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/a-clockwork-ley-line-a-visual-novel-trilogy/posts/2125462?ref=backer_project_update Finally a statement what actually happened. IN A NUTSHELL: Hopefully this sort of thing will be better prepared for the future.
  11. I can't die because Satella will always bring me back to life. So please don't butcher me because I don't want a traumatic memorie
  12. Their first release. Hopefully nothing bad will happen. Good luck Nekonya. Well, honestly I am not really interested in another Moege VN with no Drama at the moment! I will play it sometime if I want to read a heart-warming romance Story with comedy. But I need drama in romance story's... But I hope the translation will be good because I am a little bit looking forward to read Sanoba Witch.
  13. I wouldn't recommend it but if you are really desperate about it then But honestly don't do that. Kaguya will get angry
  14. You are just reading SoL VN's. It's not surprising that you are bored. It's the same as to eat pizza every day. Sometime you don't want to see a pizza anymore because you feel like vomiting. Try something else! Read Umineko, Higurashi, Tokyo Babel or try other genres out! However I would recommend you to take a rest and do something else.
  15. Bro, you have to start the xp3converter.exe at first and you will need a computer to start this file, maybe there is a app. I don't know, never tried. It should look like this after the converting: This ".exe" converts your "xp3-files" and then you have to copy and paste the Grisaia Phantom Trigger Folder into your android device! AND YES it works!
  16. At first I tought that you really mean it But it was just a joke Well, I have nothing against Yaoi and if I get more Yuri then I will join of course.
  17. Well, I am happy for the BL Fans, really. But I would like to see more Yuri VN's It will take some time until:
  18. Bro, I wished I had a punching bag in my room... Did you watch the anime Hajime no Ippo? Instead of reading a VN I would rather watch this to become more and more motivated:
  19. Well, I do a lot of strength and endurance training. Therefore I have actually no problem to sit for a considerable time. Furthermore I am a student and most of the time I sit because I have to learn. However I read my VN's mostly in the evening and I don't sit but I lie in my bed. SOMETIMES it is really annoying to read VN's with my laptop because I don't want to lie always on my back... Therefore I am streaming VN's to my smartphone if I can't play them on KK2. Lying on the bed + Smartphone = It's so much easier! After jogging I don't feel like to sit because I do a lot of sprints and I just want to lie in my bed and read something
  20. Sub vs Dub? Sub >>>> Dub but there are always some exceptions like Dragonball Z. United States. Chaos and Invade, haha
  21. Well, just look up in the PATCH list, which I posted earlier: You have to use the original title in other words the japanese name of the VN, if you look up for a patch in this list. Furthermore I think the patch for Vol 1. and 2 is the same. Therefore you can use it also for Vol. 3 and 4. I never played Phantom Trigger but is it worth? I don't now about Fata morgana no Yakata but there are always some exceptions.
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