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  1. Just like the guy above me said, read and think in Japanese. You have to understand it, not translate it. Sometimes I use an online dictionary for unfamiliar words or Kanji to understand their meaning, but never to translate them.
  2. Yeah, having played both CSG and BnK I don't see how this will be a sequel to the CSG franchise. Unless they go full retard we hopefully won't have to see the old Suguha or the other CSG chars play a significant role in this game. Of course we know how the four main Shinsengumi look because of BnK, but that's it. There's nothing really spoiled because of BnK either as Japanese know those Samurai stories anyways.
  3. Truly great contributions in this thread so far. Those are some wonderful Seiyuus. I am genuinely happy to have opened this topic. Looking forward to what other people have to share.
  4. Which ones do you know of? The only Top Seiyuu I can think of is Norio Wakamoto featuring in VNs like Koihime Musou. But he isnt female and doesnt get penetrated afaik I have heard that some VAs used Synonyms for Eroge but don't know of any famous ones. So how about listing those Eroge in here? I want to hear my fave Anime VAs in Ero-Scenes.
  5. Did you guys forget this one? Sounds like Daiteikoku
  6. I 've been retarded long before I started learning Japanese.
  7. The CG appears several times in the game. But for some odd reason not the first time it should. Don't know if it was later in the localization they decided to include it and forgot to put it back there or just completely fucked up the first time it should have appeared.
  8. We have a thread with character traits you like on your characters and a thread for your most attractive characters In this thread I want you to talk about the traits you dislike the most For me that would be glasses wearing characters(meganekko) and milfs(older women)
  9. You can also buy physicals from some international shops like amiami or just take some proxy shippers to buy from wherever you want.
  10. I always play with voices. I need it for my immersion. How am I going to inject myself into h-scenes if the dogs don't bark and the lolis don't squeal?
  11. Fantranslators don't care about the companies. Their disclaimers saying to cease distribution and such after western release are only insurance in case they get busted.
  12. I wouldnt be surprised if someone got triggered by writing in two-year-old threads.
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