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    Video games, Ice cream, Pizza, Hamburgers, comic books, anime, learning Japanese, sleeping, being boring
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  1. Game is sick as hell in a good way. It is very enjoyable.
  2. I originally thought when playing this game, "Hey this will be no problem". Now I am not so sure, I enjoy a dark and twisted story but MY GOD, this is gonna be fucked up. Anyone that has played this game, has it spawned nightmares?] Edit: When I say fucked up I mean the stuff other than the gore.
  3. I just don't like paying for an incomplete game The second one?
  4. I actually got a kick out of this. But you should've put the name of the game (heh..hehe rhymes) next to them. I have like 0% idea what half of these are from.
  5. That's what I did and then it starts and I the start window, it loads for about 30 seconds and then that pops up. I'm running it as admin in Japanese locale.
  6. Kara No Shoujo
  7. This shouldn't work....
  8. rip
  9. Thanks mah dood <3
  10. Thanks, hopefully they don't catch on that they don't have Kagetsu Tohya marked as 18+ on the store page.
  11. Is mandrake reliable? I want to get something from their store but I'm worried I might end up with some crazy shipping price, are they usually pretty reasonable? For reference the item is 90g
  12. Thnx mah dood