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  1. Emptying the room

    I play Kara No shoujo and Saya No Uta with the door open. Bc I am being edgy unironically
  2. Script Extraction Thread

    alright thanks
  3. Script Extraction Thread

    My antivirus is telling me that Siglusextract is a virus. :/
  4. The State of VNs

    I haven't read enough VN's to really go either way. I like a well written story though, I can always get behind one of those.
  5. So I was trying to rip the txt files from the Giniro Haruka trial but I can't find an effective way to open the Scene.pak file.
  6. Multiple questions

    2 Yes
  7. Spirit of Eternity Sword 3rd Chapter?

    That is site is definitely for a drama CD. This looks like it could be a third game. However I am not versed enough in the series. https://vndb.org/v18176
  8. In need of a new VN

    Clannad as mentioned before as well as The Devil in G-String come to mind. You could also continue the Grisaia Series.
  9. Was it you who made that google doc of your favorite H-scenes or something like that?
  10. hey dad, you'll be assimilated it no time. KnS is great btw, my personal favorite.
  11. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    I go by: No 18+ patch, no buy.
  12. Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #6

    I have been meaning to play this one for a while.
  13. Kara No Shoujo (1) Save File location?

    Why in gods name would they put it there? Lol, thanks.