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Random Translation: Gilbert vs Valzeride



The video below starts in the middle of a side-story where Valzeride (the antagonist and hero of Silverio Vendetta) confronts Gilbert over his ideals.  They begin to fight because their ideals, while both based on goodness and light, are inherently opposed.  Valzeride ultimately sees himself as inhuman garbage and strives to slay evil and bring happiness to the people of Adler, whereas Gilbert wishes to create a world where people like Valzeride are free of jealousy and judgment of the masses.  In Gilbert's words 'A proper reward for hard work and goodness, and a proper punishment for weakness and evil.'  In order to incentivize good and hard work, he wishes to create a social system where hard work and good behavior are instantly rewarded, and where there is no way to gain from doing evil or being lazy.  It sounds great... if it weren't for the fact that it is predicated on the elimination of all weakness in human society.


"It is my victory.  Let us walk into the future together."  Having lost his weapon and any chance of escape, the zealot's powerful sword is thrust through Valzeride's body.  Torn, crushed organs, a blow that should instantly have ended his life.  However, he was absolutely sure that the miracle in man's form in front of him would definitely survive.  If he didn't strike with the intent to kill him one hundred times over, it wouldn't even be possible to make him take a knee.

For that reason, Gilbert had no mercy.  He twisted the handle of the sword piercing Valzeride's body and gouged his body vertically with the blade's edge.  The wound was forced open, his organs, already pierced, further ripped apart.  His perfectly trained muscles were ripped open and blood flowed like a waterfall.  It was over.  Having most of his major organs destroyed and lost this much blood, even the hero should be unable to continue fighting.  Gilbert gained a certainty of his victory from the sensation of the sword in his hand.

In truth, it was just as he thought.  The moment the challenger of light threw aside defense to strike, the duel's outcome was decided.  Gilbert had not failed in any respect.  Every move he made with his deep insight and brilliant brain created a brilliant outcome at this moment.  However...

"No, I will absolutely stop you here.  I now know you to be the most dangerous man I've ever met.  For that reason, I will crush you, no matter what... I will not let go.  I will be the victor!"  So this was it, a retaliatory blow that should never have been released smashed into Gilbert's face.  It was an impact equal to a direct hit from a meteor.  An impact sufficient to make him think heaven and earth had been reversed resonated from Gilbert's jaw to his brain.

"Guagh!"  The true form of the meteor was reflected in Gilbert's startled yes... a fist.  Yes, the hero continues to fight as if nothing had happened.  Undying, standing, his knees not even bending, ignoring the sword piercing his guts and the organs spilling out, as if to say it was not nearly enough.  And this was with him disarmed of his catalyst, his body back to basic standards... Valzeride retaliated with the force of his will and bare hands alone.  This was, of course, not a measure of last resort taken on the edge of absolute defeat.  From the very beginning, with the belief that where there is a will there is a way, he aimed for that moment when his enemy stepped within range to finish him off.

The combo that came after was unbelievably fast, accurate, and perfectly calculated to shake and crack Gilbert's skull.  If the fists were unleashed just a little bit too fast or slow, Gilbert would have been able to avoid them.  This truth illustrated the fact that this retaliation was a part of pre-established harmony.  

No matter how well Gilbert used his Elysium's Astral to control the fight, to deal the final blow, he would have to step within Valzeride's range.  At that moment, no matter how well-planned his chess moves were calculated, he had no choice but to take a risk.  For that reason, he had thought he took all precautions... or so he thought... but the King of Light easily and bravely trampled upon his preparations.  With burning, brilliant fighting spirit.

"I fully understand your ideals.  You bewail the fact that the world makes it so that pursuing justice has too little reward.  In this current world, there simply aren't any benefits to walking the straight and narrow path.  That's what you wanted to say, wasn't it?"  To Gilbert as he wavered and was defenseless, Valzeride threw words instead of fists.  To use this opening to deal a fatal blow and bring things to an end would be easy.  However, as he was a hero who could not forgive evil, he explained his comrade's mistake to him.  With the sword still piercing his belly, he calmly, with hawklike eyes, looked down upon Gilbert.

"I understand.  It is true that the world being full of evil at present is a matter of course.  This is because good is painful, hard, and has little benefit.  Even if someone puts their nose to the grindstone to walk the correct path, there is in truth no guarantee they will be rewarded.  People seek perfection from hard workers, after all."  The absolute victor acknowledged the words spoken by the warrior of the transient world.  It was easy for evil to prosper in the current world.  That the world's very structure, the nature of creation made it so.  "In this state, those with the ability to do so wouldn't even consider walking the correct path.  Lifeforms, without exception, try to take the most efficient actions to adapt to their environment.  This is no different for humans."

Plants grow upward to take in more sunlight.  If there are multiple sources of sustenance, even slime mold will stretch itself out in the most efficient path to reach it.  It need not be said that animals - humans in particular - were the same.  Even in the world after the Casastrophe, they managed to adapt over the course of a thousand years.

They adapted to their environment and recreate themselves to gain more food.  That is the true nature of life.  Then... "For that reason, humans staining their hands with evil and indulging in laziness is quite natural.  The reason is that one can merit more efficiently by doing so than walking the straight and narrow.  If one tries to balance good and evil, it is only natural they will slip toward evil.  This is just a grave reality, and it is incorrect to ask whether this is right or wrong."

"For that reason, seeking to make hard work and justice equivalent to one another and create a society where, as long as you work hard, you will be saved, is a quite natural way of thinking."  It was a goal that lay on the other side of a labyrinth that would benefit the race as a whole more than the individual.  Simply place rewards on the correct path and punishment on the incorrect ones.  If he did that, then as a matter of course, all humans would walk the path of collective prosperity and evolve into a terrifyingly correct race... that was Gilbert's logic.

"However..." At that instant, the pressure on Gilbert was multiplied.  A shudder made its way through Gilbert's body, even though he had yet to recover his sight.  He staggered as he tried to step back and evade, grasping at his fading consciousness.   To step back into the territory of Elysium, where his impact manipulation still functioned.

However, at the moment he tried to take a step back, his body shuddered to a stop.  Rather than stepping away from him, he moved closer to the hero's side.  This was because Valzeride grasped the large sword piercing his body and thrust it deeper into his body.  The blade would not come out of Valzeride's terrifyingly powerful spinal muscles, and as a matter of course, Gilbert was pulled out of the paradise controlled by his star.

The next blow of the fist shattered his cheekbone.  When he staggered, his head was grabbed in one hand, and in the next moment, a knee strike slammed into his face.  "Guagh...!"  "What you are lacking is self-awareness."  He desperately kept his brain, which was trying to shut down from the impact and pain, using the sound of Valzeride's austere voice as a guide.

"Understand this, we are madmen.  For that reason, no matter how much we offer up correct logic, it isn't a madness the common people can follow.  We must first acknowledge that truth and strongly admonish and restrain ourselves."  From agove the collapsing Gilbert, his voice rained down.  To his messed up sense of hearing, that voice sounded many times bigger than it was, and it was as if it came down from a place far above.  In addition, he was kicked so hard in the belly that his organs liquified.  While he was still bent over, a combo of meteoric blows struck him, the destructive actions continuing.

"Those that can bear true correctness are extreme fools like you and I.  This is no joke or metaphor... your ideals will ruin humanity."  Sure punishment and reward.  Karmic justice.  That beautiful order would drive humanity to extinction.

"Urgh... Not... yet...!"  The words of judgment were accompanied by a rain of fists.  Even facing that baptism of fire, Gilbert refused to collapse.  Every bone in his body was broken, his organs pulverized, and his consciousness was cutting out moment to moment.  Still, the apostle of Light continued to stand through force of conviction...  However.

"Understand this.  We are the true disciples of contradiction.  The sinners who should be punished beyond good and evil are none other than heroes who known not darkness."  However, at last, his broken hands fell from the grip of his sword, and his star of white night faded.  "That future is a hell masquerading as a paradise.  Ally of justice?  Howl all you want."

Valzeride took hold of the grip of the sword piercing his body and ripped it out.  He threw the sword with overwhelming strength, causing the blade to pierce through Gilbert's body.  His body, thrown off its feet, was slammed into the opposite wall with the force of a meteor.  "Urgh... ga...!"  The seeker of ideals was crucified with his own sword, shards of metal flying from the point of impact.  From his lips came a groan of pain.  His voice refused to come out in the face of this absurdity.

"What you desire is a universe composed only of stars... it not only denies darkness but all those stars that don't shine.  In paradise, there is no place for the common people." Yes, Gilbert's paradise denied those who fell outside the rewards of justice.  Of course, this included in that were those who weren't correct but were not truly evil.  There are those in this world, of course, who neither hold onto the past nor aim for the future, just trying to live peacefully in the present.  Those who stood between night and day, on the line of twilight were the same.

Most people in the world were neither good nor evil but those who dwell in the between.  For that reason, this conflict was inevitable.  For the ally of justice's ambition was a future that the enemy of evil could not tolerate.

"I will say it again, be aware of your flaw.  To create a society where correct logic is carried out absolutely is to cut off all those who are not correct."  Before the pathetic loser, the hero nonetheless walked forward without letting down his guard and picked up his twin katanas.  What moved him forward was invincible force of will.  His body should have been in critical condition, but he had yet to even stagger.

"I will absolutely bring light to the people of this country.  For that very reason, I can't acknowledge an ideal that discards the majority of them.  I will give evil the appropriate punishment, but I have no intention of denying those who have yet to take a step forward.  I am willing to be enough of a hypocrite to watch over the late-blooming flowers."  Valzeride took a stance with his sword, as if to say 'if you still want a fight, come!'.

"... if you seek to be the protector of a heaven that exists not on this earth, then call yourself Rhadamantis."  At that moment, the oracle was spoken, and the man's fighting spirit surged.  For he knew that to correct the man driven to madness by looking at the hero was his responsibility and atonement.

"But, even so!"  Gilbert forcefully pulled the sword impaling him on the wall and once again activated his Astral.  Even in a hand whose bones were broken, his nerves were still connected, his muscles alive.  Then if he just ignored the agony and grasped the grip, then it was still possible to wield it.  As such, he fiercely defied reality.

Without the plug keeping it inside his body, blood gushed forth.  From his severed major arteries and punctured major organs a massive spray of crimson spread through the air.  It was apparent that this was enough blood loss to endanger the life of even enhanced men like them.  Even without that, he was wounded all over and his arms and legs betrayed him.  However, he... no, he as well displayed unbelievable strength of will by forcibly keeping his consciousness awake and showed the stubbornness of the Light.

"I want to see a world where those who shine are rewarded...!  Yes, I want those such as you to be rewarded!"   He cared nothing for the consequences as he enhanced his body.  He forcibly moved his broken arms and legs, running straight at the hero.

That was the true feelings of the zealot of Light.  It was the fruit born of the roots of his ambition.  His insight showed him the future awaiting the iron hero.  He saw the end where the hero shaved away at his life, threw everything away, and without any thought of reward offered himself up as a sacrifice... for the sake of the unseen masses, a story of self-sacrifice and death.  Gilbert was enraged at that pre-determined future.

The heroic story of a noble being must not be a tragedy under any circumstance.  At the end of the path followed by the Light, there must be paradise... At that moment, that was all Rhadamantis the Judge desired and offered up to the shining star he saw as the ultimate.  'I want you to find happiness', the cry of his soul screamed. "Don't make me laugh!" In response was the ferocity of the hero.

Valzeride awaited the approaching swordsman with composure, a katana in either hand.  The destructive light of his star enveloped his sword blades.  "I need no salvation whatsoever.  I will go to hell of my own free will.  I will live and die for someone else.  Know that it is only for that reason that my heart beats."

Stepping forth from the shattered steel of the floor, the hero swept toward his opponent like a tornado, his weapons glowing with the aurora of judgment.  "Come into being, oh starlight engraved upon the heavens, for we are a shining falling star."  He drew the divine blade.  Oh Rhadamantis, surrender to the fires of heaven!



From here on, the results really don't need any words, now do they?



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