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  1. I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I want to spread this information before the upload expires. Dark Eye Translations has been working on Kurukuru Fanatic and announced today to cancel further work on the title. But he uploaded his progress so far here: According to his information the title has been completely translated and he was in the stage of editing. (With editing about 10% done.) With zero experience in VN translations it looks like there are still some files (6 out of 364) that need translation, but still it would be sad to see this project die so close to the finishing line. Maybe trough increased exposure this project can find someone to still complete it.
  2. Otakon VN License Speculations 2017

    That's true but he also mentioned that he will attend Otakon this year. Obviously that doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be an announcement involving him, but I would not rule out the possibility. In any case I am rooting for an Evolimit announcement, or something along those lines. (I am still hoping for a Bradyon Veda translation someday...)
  3. Last year’s experience taught me that the titles that I am interested in are more likely to be announced later in the year (like Otakon), so my expectations are low. I'll still keep my fingers crossed for the usual Science-Fiction, Action and Chuuni titles.
  4. console exclusive vn

    Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro Root Letter There are rumors that Chaos;Child and Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO will receive an english PS4 release this year.
  5. MangaGamer 2017 Licensing Survey

    The best part for me is this: Especially the science fiction part, but let's not get my hopes to high. The top 20 doesn't align much with my taste, but I guess that is not surprising.
  6. Bloodborne

    It ended up being my favorite "Souls" game. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the lovecraftian setting. If you are interested in doing the Chalice dungeons, I would advise you to start them early (once you unlock them basically) because, in the beginning they are pretty easy but later on the became the hardest part of the entire game for me. If you wait until the end to start them, the first few levels will be pretty boring.
  7. Good to know. I will just wait and see what happens.
  8. Is it not a remake of the original game? If it is a remake of the original YU-NO, it would be weird to say that is has nothing to do with the original YU-NO. I am sure Nandemonai means that has heard good things about the (original) YU-NO, but not about the fan translation of the original title. So he is looking forward to the remake, to read the remake with a new translation instead. YU-NO and Chaos;Child are both titles I heard good things about, and that both look interesting. Can someone say something about the fan translation of the original YU-NO? Would you recommend reading the fan translation, or would you suggest waiting for the remake. (That we don't know much about.) Could you see a version without the ero work? I don't know, if it played an important role in the original. Regarding Chaos;Child I guess it’s time to read Chaos;Head without the Noah content. Since it seems unlikely that we get Noah at this point. Are there any differences between the console version and the latter PC version of Chaos;Child, regarding the content? Btw. I never heard of this german retailer, before but I guess that does not mean much.
  9. Darkeye Translations stops work on Kurukuru Fanatic

    Editing contains going through every line of translated (english) text, and correct (grammatical) errors, misspellings and typos. Also It contains making sure that the text reads good (flows) with means you must rewrite parts of the translation while containing the original meaning. I am sure that there more aspects to it than I said, but that is the heart of editing at least as far as I am aware. (I have no experience with editing and VN translations in general.) From what you wrote, I don’t think you have done that right? (Just for the sake of clarity. I am not criticizing you.)
  10. Darkeye Translations stops work on Kurukuru Fanatic

    @2KE1 You asked on reddit for the files that are still missing translation. The following files are missing in the completed folder (but are in the decrypted folder). 020700.scn, 140605.scn, 140606.scn, 320200b.scn, 360400.scn, 450201.scn So I guess they still need translation. But the last two files already are in English. So I don't know what is up with that.
  11. December 2016: The remaining VNs

    I am only speaking for myself, but I would be least interested to read impressions about Venus Blood Ragnarok. But of course play whatever you like, it's more important that you have fun while playing.
  12. Dies Irae Prefundia now live!

    Light has just released the English translated prologue of Dies Irae on their youtube channel! Now everyone can get a sneak peek at the translation. I am looking forward to watch this later.
  13. Finally here, Himawari -The Sunflower- released

    Just as a correction. Gare(jei) translated Himawari together with Conjueror. You can read about the background of the project on Mangagamers blog, where both wrote a bit about Himawari. Links: Gare's post Conjueror's post
  14. F/SN Tiger Dojo 15

    I am sure it's possible. I unlocked all Tiger Dojos in the RN version. Tiger Dojo 15 is in UBW on Day 3. It is also explained in the walkthrough section. http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/706-fatestay-night/
  15. What is the VN that you guys most want to see translated?

    Muramasa Tokyo Necro Bradyon Veda And a whole bunch of Light's Lineup. (Senshinkan, Silverio Vendetta and so on.) Most of them are on my list because of their theme and/or setting. Also I am pretty sure there is already a thread for this.
  16. regarding Chusingura censorship

    Thank you Dergonu for taking your time to compare both versions and write about the differences! It's pretty helpful to get a impression of what has been changed.
  17. What are the 3 Heavens Feel endings?

    I recently played FSN, and gone through both ways described in the walkthrough here (for the Normal endings in HF) and they both ultimately lead to the same ending. Just what happens before the epilogue is different. (They branch off of different scenes during the final day.) So at least for the Realta Nua version there are effectively only two endings.
  18. Muv Luv series question

    I remember a podcast where part of the translation team mentioned that the patch would probably add an ingame (menu) option to turn on or off the H-content. I guess that would be like the FSN Realta Nua patch then. But obviously the patch was not finalized at that time so who knows if they actually implemented it that way. Here is the link to said podcast: https://alternativeprojects.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/arg-unhinged-cast-ii/ Besides that I think there is a chance that the patch for Alternative would take less time than the one for Extra/Unlimited simply due to the fact, that the team had work to do on Alternative after they finished the first game, and I guess the patch for the first game took a bit of backseat in comparison. But that is obviously just my guess.
  19. VN of the Month: Just letting yall know

    I read most of your blog posts and as someone who cannot read japanese, the information about what is going on currently in the japanese market are somewhat limited. So those impressions are interesting for me even when I cannot read those titles right away (or in the foreseeable future) but some of those titles may see a translation down the line, and it is always nice to find a new VN to look forward to. But I guess a reader like me not very satisfying because I can't really give feedback or comment on your blog posts, because well I haven't read what you are writing about. None the less I value your blog posts and the time you put into them and would like to see you continue writing them.
  20. Tokyo Necro Translation Project

    アズレ has posted an update on the project's website. https://substanceconcept.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/tokyo-necro-tl-update-3/ In short, the encyclopedia entries are done but the project is on hold until december due to him having not enough time. They are still looking for an editor.
  21. Chrono Clock Sudden Kickstarter Announced

    As long as they maintain their Denpasoft store, the cost for offering an additional game in there is absolutely neglectable. For now they said that they want to keep their Denpasoft store. And as long as their store is running every sale going through Denpasoft is better for them than a sale elsewhere. (The other stores naturally need to take a share for themselves.) If they just want to see if Nutaku is more profitable for them they would just released the Chrono Clock on both platforms at the same time and be able to compare the numbers directly. I can't see any advantages in not putting Chrono Clock on Denpasoft while still paying for Denpasoft store, if they not receive some form of compensation in exchange.
  22. Chrono Clock Sudden Kickstarter Announced

    That much is obvious. The Kickstarter says "And friends, there will also be a Denpasoft version of the game distributed exclusively by Nutaku!". So obvious they must have negotiated something, because otherwise the VN would also be released on Denpasoft. And those kind of exclusive distribution rights normally cost money, because SP has no advantage in not putting the game also on Denpasoft. I can only guess but maybe Nutaku wants some exclusive titles to promote their envisioned Steam for adult games. I could see that happen again in the future if they are serious about their platform, but I guess those kinds of deals are difficult to make with Mangagamer and JAST because their adult stores are more core to their businesses. Generally the idea of making a kickstarter for the sake of financing physical merchandise is a good one. There are people looking for those physical editions and goods, and this is good way to provide them without financial risk for Sekai Project. Also it's good promotion for the VN.
  23. Sakura no Mori + Dreamers

    Sakura no Mori † Dreamers looks interesting. I personally wished Moonstone had announced this title instead of Love Sweets. But let's see how that release/translation turns out first. Maybe they are still planning to also continue their cooperation with Mangagamer?
  24. You are pretty persistent; I stopped after the first handful of replies... But I like that Frontwing takes such an open approach on this matter (Asking for feedback).
  25. Dies Irae Steam Confirmed (Prefundia Up Now)

    Holy Shit! You walk away from the internet for a few hours and BAM! Dies Irae translation (kinda) confirmed. The bigger version of the picture also says 2017. Yeah! (EDIT: Nevermind that part refers to the anime. -_-) If this is true ("And I want to believe!") I am really happy. For me this was the best possible outcome of the secret project. I always thought Aiyoku no Eustia is the more likely title, secretly hoping for Dies Irae. Not only do we get Dies Irae, but with Light opening up to the western market, there are a lot of VN in their lineup that I would love to see.