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Random Translation: Silverio Trinity Countdown Video




"I have no regrets whatsoever about the fate I chose, bore, and walked to its end."

"The reason is that I had only to but bear the burden alone.  It was a situation where the madman known as Valzeride was the only one that needed to suffer to the end."

"If offering up the Monster of Light as a sacrifice would bring my homeland prosperity, then there need be no hesitation.  It truly was a perfect exchange.  As I desired, I ran through the infinite hells to their end."

"Believing to the end that, beyond the holy war, a shining future where someone would be able to smile awaited..."

"My vow to fight using my willpower is unchanged even now.  Even though I have fallen and become a Demon Star, I still feel that I must protect the goodness and peace of others."

"For that reason, be at peace, Horizon.  Oh young man who is worthy of respect and the name of 'hero'"

"Ruin will not come to you even in the final battle in two days.  As, if it is a matter where I alone must suffer, if the Lightning Emperor of Slaughter need only but suffer to the end..."

"... if at the end, I am able to stop someone else's tears, then, as always, there is no need to hesitate."

"The garbage known as 'the enemy of evil' is as foolishly invincible as ever."

"I know.  That is why I wish to show you my answer."

"I wish to prove it to my great predecessor."

"I find that answer to be bright... no.  That's right."

"I'll look forward to it."


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