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  1. Currently going through Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, which to this point has been absolutely amazing, though Natsuki's route was absolutely the weakest link thus far (despite me still loving her as a character). And now I'm on my final route, which is Rikka's, which I had been looking forward to as I've heard all kinds of praise for it even in comparison to the others. However... I'm not seeing it yet. Rikka herself, despite being absolutely fine in the other routes, is coming across as extremely unlikable and bitchy for seemingly no reason and I absolutely hate it.
  2. Anime; Kanon without a doubt. VN; Little Busters or Planetarian
  3. In my opinion, Zesty was never actually a great game to begin with. There were a number of issues with the story and writing that couldn't be fixed even with the best translation in the world. On topic: It can get a bit heavy in the drama department during the heroine routes but the Da Capo trilogy, and Dal Segno as well to a much lesser extent, are some of my favorite VNs. Hoshizora no Memoria is my favorite VN of all time and is very light hearted a majority of the time. Noble Works was pretty fantastic if you can stomach the setting and the MC being downright pessimistic some of the time. I also absolutely loved Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort and Canvas 2, though the both of them can again get kind of depressing during the actual routes themselves. As for something that's more or less just fluff and yet still manages to be a fun read, I've only finished one route but I've been going through Magical Marriage Lunatics and been enjoying it a lot.
  4. I just need to say that I find it to be hilarious when people say things like hard pass. You would be surprised at the sorts of things that curiosity and a lot of boredom are capable of while working together. As for this game itself, it looks pretty fantastic, personal tastes aside. I'm not generally into stuff like this but I think if this does get localized, I might actually give it a go and see what happens.
  5. For both games and VNs it depends really on how much I'm enjoying it overall, though for VNs it depends a lot more on the actual characters than anything else. For both games and VNs I like to try and be a completionist as often as possible but sometimes It's just not worth going for the gold.
  6. Probably Da Capo though Majikoi is a close second. I haven't yet read Kara no Shoujo or Galaxy Angel (despite my best attempts for the latter) and as far as Grisaia is concerned I'm not all too interested in Meikyuu or Rakuen.
  7. I would say either Planetarian or Little Busters as I haven't yet red Air or Harmonia and admittedly for Kanon the 2006 version of the anime is much much better. Rewrite is good too but in terms of Key works seems to come out of left field, being very very different from the rest of their works.
  8. As bad as 4kids are when it comes to censoring and americanizing their content, I think that their dubs are still really fun to watch, especially Pokemon. Moenovel however just should not be acknowledged or thought of pleasantly in any way whatsoever. Really this comparison is just an insult to 4kids. Even EA is still better than Moenovel.
  9. Nope. Any references made to the first are very minor and unassuming at best. It's entirely unconnected in all ways that matter.
  10. What? There's only one loli route, which is also an incest route if you're into that, and it's only required to unlock one route. Though said unlockable route for me personally is the worst route in the game regardless so you wouldn't be missing much. The rest of the VN is very good, according to my tastes at least.
  11. I mean, personally it being slow doesn't necessarily mean that it's boring or that I'm not being entertained, it just means that it's moving at a slow, casual pace. Though I'm also the type that generally prefers peaceful slice of life over intense action and the sort so again, maybe that's just me.
  12. 'Nakigeish' is putting it lightly for Kira Kira. It gets straight up evil and soul crushing at points.
  13. You sir, are a much stronger man than I. I got like.. two or three endings and then called it quits as I just couldn't take it anymore.
  14. This most of the time. Though sometimes I'll sit up if I happen to be playing something heavy on excitement and action.
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