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  1. almost couple of years already passed.... No update from http://notcliche.com/ziddy/ It's juuuust a little bit.. a little bit more man.... why ?? *sigh* any news about this ziddy guy ?
  2. Since I finished CLANNAD, I get interested for try another VN from Key. which one I should try after this ? then, what do you think about Key VN's ?
  3. Michiru ? Tsundere ? pffftt pseudo FUJIBAYASHI KYOU FOREVER !
  4. I Just follow my instinct when rate VNs, sound childish, but I just rate after really finished it.
  5. Less just-confess-girlfriend ending ( I mean, I really want to marriages ending, or even their is after story about protagonist after-marriage life ( and have child ofc) ) Less cliches story (get trauma with moege )
  6. I can't help much with your problem, maybe anyone else can help for full fix your issues later. For dictionary issues, you can download that without via VNR, You can Download Here (For ATLAS and LEC v15 ) Or you can try another (latest) version / Modded Version of VNR, perhaps it's can fix your problem. As you said, Maybe it's because of your OS installation, your VNR doesn't fit with your OS and makes failure on your internet connection. or.... You can try play non-translated VN with another apps, You can play it with ITH-TA , This Tutorial Link .
  7. Currently playing " My girlfriend is the president. Yes, I know its labeled as comedy , but seriously? This cliches RomCom too much for me I still on common, so, I hope something unexpected good will show up at their ending
  8. Tsubaki route's on clockwork keyline ( ruin cuz their short length ) sighh.
  9. In my opinion, Number one, Unique plot and Storyline ( mainstream can be good too, but It's will be bad if its too much similarity with other VN. ) , Nice drawing is number two, bad story with good drawing its meaningless, then, Good voice acting (especially heroine VA , it's can lift up their quality ), Protagonist personality ( I can't endure with loser or crybaby protagonist _- ) , and the last one, Heroine (Dere2, gap moe, or whatever, Its can be main factor for VN can be Good one ) .
  10. One of sekai project insane project Kokonoe kokoro https://vndb.org/v14846 I .... try it because curious. .. but ended up into regrets...
  11. yeah, Not a such of masterpieces, Just a common moege VN. but I really enjoy it (although their length a little bit too short, I think ), some of their on purpose mistranslation frustrating me, but its make funny on their ways. well, that's the second translation of herosoft into our language (indonesian), so at least I want to read it until the end. I hope can be better at next translation project .
  12. After I read some Visual Novel (Especially Eroge ) , I realized one thing....... innocent protagonist just victim from bitch heroine.... Story can change your own perspectives, and right after you read another story with opposite content, your perspectives change again. but in the end its your decision for belief one of that many perspectives. Or you can make new one. ahh.... I can't say it well.... =,= nvm
  13. Their writer Miyu Naito, I can't find any profile or Works about her.
  14. Umu, As New member in new era never suppose this forum have long history. btw, Can I join to discord ?
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