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  1. Greetings ~~

    Hi everyone, Its been a week since I joined here but this is my first time writing an introductory post. (this is the first forum i've ever joined as well) Just call me Mikan, nice to meet you I just started reading visual novels just recently and I immediately came to love it because it serves great character interactions that never fails to bore me and good character developments which really leaves me in awe and craving for more. So far, the ones I have mostly read and finished are Moeges such as My Girlfriend is The President, WagaHigh, Fureraba, Princess Evangile and Chrono Clock. I've also finished other types of VN's such as Grisaia no Kajitsu and Little Busters and planning to consume more and more other interesting titles :3c I also do editing on series's from danbooru so if there is anything I could help in editing on VN translations as well, I would be more than glad to help!! Edit: I forgot to say that im new to editing as well so I may not be much but please allow me to help o u o)7 I hope I could get along with you all uwu
  2. Fan Translator Skills Registration

    Im a greenie when it comes to Editing but I'll do my best to be of use!! 1) Handle: Mikan2) Positions you can fill: Editor/Proof reader3) Types of projects (VN's) preferred: I would love to work on many different Moeges.4) Availability: Im currently working on something5) VN's most interested in producing an ftl for: Pure x Connect, Making * Lovers, Kin'iro Loveriche, Sakura Bitmap, etc.6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: I just though "Why not??". I also want to enhance my english proficiency through editing so that I could work on a localization perhaps.7) Conditions: I dont have any conditions, I would be glad to be of help!!
  3. I was just kinda wondering what kind of process english fan translation circles are going through just to translate a game. Its kinda hard question, its okay for you to not be specific. I just need a rough idea. Thanks~~
  4. Entertaining RomCom VN's

  5. Entertaining RomCom VN's

    Nice try
  6. Entertaining RomCom VN's

    Hi, Im currently new to VN's and looking for any good RomCom ones that isnt too boring. (because I easily get distracted :'v) I just recently finished Wagamama High Spec, Princess Evangile, and Fureraba so I was kinda looking for titles that has elements similar to these. Such as having a proactive main character, humurous take at character interactions, and of course a good romance. Thank you in advance :>