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  1. Well it took a long time but we made it guys. My thanks to all the people who worked on this patch. And moenovel you can go fck yourself
  2. They will probably butcher flight diary this time
  3. Moenovel is the bad one Sekai project ain't bad they are just slow. Damn slow, still waiting for Eden 18+
  4. finally the forums are back , so any new updates ?
  5. You know I was thinking maybe you could add a few lines at the beginning of the game like "Welcome to the real kono oozora. The way it's actually meant to be played" to really piss off moe novel.
  6. whoa its almost done. can it be released someday in april ?
  7. i just downloaded the game from there the one with 8 seeders in under 2 hours so id say it is pretty fast for the amount of seeds
  8. sorry but i just give my loli for a burger would you please except a virgin tsundere in itplace
  9. is this going to be free or do we pay for it when its done?
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