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  1. thats what im trying to do is get more ppl in. why would anyone want to start a new project? I sure dont i want the current one to flourish.
  2. Thats the Tsu persona right? Those that want to see how much UI is translated heres some examples CM3D2 Screenshots
  3. The translation team at hongfire seems stuck in its ways so I figured since they don't seem to be doing anything id help spread the word since everyone is wanting a translation for this on there. Plus not enough ppl know about this and all these updates are adding more text and the small team isn't making this project go faster. It looks like it may never get done. I just want this project to be more lively.
  4. I'm no translator but I'm looking to expand this project and break its chains out of Hongfire because things are going slow and Full translation with the current team seems impossible so since no one will make this project known i figured Id spread the word. Credits to SakurKoi Hongfire Translation Project page http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/444734-CM3D2-Text-Translations
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