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  1. I totally agree it only becomes a problem when money gets involved. The translator in this case have said he doesn't really care about money, just really upset for their work to be sold without their group's knowledge by someone with no bottom line. As for me, I feel this is very wrong therefore I am more than happy to point my finger at the person/company involved, and "info-dumping" as much as I know about it.
  2. You are clearly lack of any sympathy for translators who do their work using their free time to provide you with a free translation patch (Not a pirated copy!) like Bunny Black which you said you just played in the thread next to this one. It hurts when people doing free work are been taken advantage of. Great to know you can read Japanese and having no needs for any translation, you may well ignore this thread. Having fun discussing games with people at 2CH.
  3. If you consider pointing the finger at someone who steal other people’s work and claim as his own to sell for money, or pointing the finger at a company involved in such a scandal without reasonable due diligence as info-dumping. Well, I am all in for it. I worked with a few fan translation groups and know translator involved in this case, and I will definitely be more pissed if someone sell my translation work without my knowledge. Since you believe companies can do whatever they want, I hope you can find more translators willing to translate if such a world come true.
  4. It's good to see an official response. I am not from the translation groups in question, but I heard this particular guy who sold stolen translations to Sekai joined an infamous for-profit fan machine translation team after been expelled from the original translation team. He is invovled in multiple attemps to sell translations to Japanese publisher, including current attempt to translate highly anticipated Sakura no Uta. I guess it's not really a surprise, money is the root of all evil perhaps.
  5. I kind of understand, but on second thought, it’s like an Indian restaurant selling salmon sashimi. If the chef can’t even tell the difference between salmon and rainbow trout, why sell it in the first place? It’s not only a disrespect for genuine salmon, the customer will definitely get upset too.
  6. The original team (or only this "project leader" not the group) released the translation using their name "土豆培根汉化组“ 2 days before actual translation group released their version using their name "弥生月汉化组" by stealing texts from later group and repackaging them. The messy situation was explained in several threads in Chinese easily searchable by Google or Baidu. If I am Sekai, I would stay away from this translation, but if they really want to go ahead, at the very least they should search this "project leader" credibility and contact the second group which did most translation and edi
  7. In my company, well, at least in real world, no matter before big M&A or smaller contracts, we are always required to perform DD to avoid any potential hidden issues. I just couldn't understand how the hell Sekai acquired "his" translation while he is clearly not the translator, and three routes are not even translated by the original team... If Sekai bothered to do a Chinese Google search to check what they are buying.
  8. China has a long history of VN fan translation, and a fairly big market for official releases. In the past two years, there are quite a few Chinese translation companies releasing on steam and achieving good sales figures, so I'm not surprised to see companies like Sekai trying to capture a share of this market. What I am surprised to see is how they actually do it. Yesterday Sekai released "WAGAMAMA HIGH SPEC" Chinese translation. To our surpise, it's 100% identical to fan translated patch, even the mistakes like misspelled words. It's very well known in Chinese VN community that th
  9. It surprised me that MoeNovel would release a Chinese version. The fan translation group has been working on this for nearly 5 years, now they finally are pushing very hard for a fan translation before official one, so I guess it's not a bad thing really...
  10. I worked with machine translation in the past, and I can confirm that it takes the same amount of time, if not more time, to edit properly compare with translating from scratch. This is why if a translation team take over a poorly translated project, we'd rather do it again than editing old translation. Pabloc may feel the same way while editing Kono Oozora.
  11. Statistically speaking, EGS has the biggest sample size, unlike other similar sites where samples can be easily manipulated, the samples there are mostly non-repetitive and genuine. In addition, EGS has the best "tag" system called POV and the best search functionality by game, by company, by staff member, by year, by month etc. It can also filter games based on median score, mean score, sample size etc. No other erogame database are nearly comparable. Unless you don't read Japnaese (because the scores are greatly impacted by the Japanese script written), I don't see why it's not rep
  12. I don't really know how you come to such a conclusion. Anyway, EGS is the most statistically representative of erogame ranking. It significantly tightened voting requirement over the years. I personally think most game scores there with more than 50 data entry are justified one way or another, even I don't personally agree with some of the scores but I can see why most people rated that way. Back to the topic, you will need an original Japanese IP issued by JPNIC to access most websites who block overseas IP in Japan. Because most VPN use datacentres that announce US/Canada IP to o
  13. I can't resist myself recommending new game Maigo Kyoushitsu "夜巡る、ボクらの迷子教室". It's probably not "light-hearted" but it's definitely very positive, personal routes are relatively more light-hearted (though they should be much deeper), and you will enjoy one of the best tsundere (My top 3: Izumi Saya, Katori Rea, and then the one in this game Koshimizu Hayate --- Oh, by the way you can try "Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni" as well, it's fairly light-hearted and fun to play) In my opinion pretty much the best in 2017.
  14. Yoru Meguru, Bokura no Maigo Kyoushitsu (夜巡る、ボクらの迷子教室) is a big surprise! Probably the best game of this year if you ask me. MUST TRY!!! Very positive story, such a rarity. The last similar one is probably 遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの, and I think this one is even better because its narrative is very realistic. This one has great CV performance as well, good music, pretty much great all round. The only downside is that personal routes are not as good as common route. Personal route story can be much deeper for each student, but I guess this is the first for this type of game released
  15. I was thinking of helping, but after last weekend I like the new game Maigo Kyoushitsu so much that I'm helping with the translation for my friend (not English & hidden project). It appears your project is progressing well, 頑張って!
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