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  1. Sharing coding and a thread designed to create a team isn't exactly the same thing. I definitely think it needs to be revised. Either way, a section designed for teaming up maybe better suited.
  2. Perhaps you should clarify that. Heck I think you'd benefit a lot more by just calling it a "resource center". Creative corner implies a place to share your work unrelated to VNs.
  3. You have to distinct sections. Original VN, and creative corner. Creative corner doesn't seem to stem with VNs at all. However original VN (according to your own rules) says that section is for developing VNs too.
  4. Then you should update your own rules.
  5. Honestly it depends where you promote your VN (?). The artstyle isn't just western, it's closer to western comics such as DC and Marvel. This can flourish in smart phones. Thats all I can say. Your safest choice is not even targeting this toward vets.
  6. Persona recently started being the flashier version we see now. Heck even though persona 3 was a little more flashier and had a new artist, it still tried to follow the original persona games.
  7. I noticed the creative corner is used for original vn section too. Perhaos some maintenance can be done.
  8. I'm not really arguing but clarifying what I meant when I said vns focus on story and visuals. But it was a vague statement that didn't need too much attention. Thats all.
  9. I also find voice acting a bit of an issue, at least when it comes to voicing reactions. Everything else is preference, and ultimately something you shouldn't worry about since all Japanese VNs should fill your needs.
  10. @Forgetful Frank i decided not to share anything here. Not yet. But if you are interested. Ill share the story with those who want to read it.
  11. @Pabloc I noticed you love to misinterpret the slightest phrase and go on a tangent. I'm not saying visual novels are known for story. But they are Novel oriented and visual oriented. @Black Sands Entertainment well looking at the title and opening post, it clearly suggests you did intend to make a pure VN,
  12. VNs by nature are strictly "novel" and "visual". Recently more and more graphic adventures using the VN brand. Games like danganronpa. Thus isn't. Multi purpose knife analogy. This is a streak that added two pieces of bread on top and bottom. Its no longer a steak, it's a sandwich
  13. @CeruleanGamer I didn't say that you said that. But look at the process of the debate. My main point is that black sands isn't defining VNs it's more of an existing genre, and using that may not promote VNs, it will promote else. You made the point that oelvns aren't great because copy paste the same thing. Which I agree, but as my own point I didn't believe that adding more gamplay features makes a better VN or fixes the problem VNs have now. It just goes around it.
  14. That doesn't mean adding more game play mechanics make it better VN . If anything it hides the same flaws. And that's the point. Yes western VNs are copy/paste. I think they are far too targeted to the general gamer and otaku. I know for a fact other people play games almost as much as gamers. The difference is the type of games. I think if they aim for more people who aren't 100% interested in anime/manga or even dc/marvel comics, you would be surprised how well it does. The only way we can have great VNs if we stop making them completely VNs? Think about what black sands promises are compared to what we know about VNs.
  15. Don't think I'm treating this harshly. I'm only trying to make you know what it makes a VN and what could hurt it NOT be a VN. you can make The best experience her and not be a VN. I'm positive this will be a fun enjoyable game. Heck as a graphic adventure, this is pretty standard. But that's what I think this is, a graphic adventure. At this time my computer broke. Ibhavent been able to work on my own projects for now. So I will not be able to help you in beta testing. But a good ganeplay video that can highlight story and gameplay will really help too.