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  1. Apparently Holo is now the companion of my Lone Wanderer. (Fallout 3.) (Shes the protagonist now, he's tagging along.) Someone.... please, mod this. PLEAAASEEEEE.
  2. I don't know if anyones dropped Muv-Luv here yet, but I sure as hell will. It doesn't hook you as fast, but its rated #1 on VNDB for a reason. Trust me, its a hell of a read. You'll be contemplating life about 70 times.
  3. Awww shucks, now i'm blushing. ALSO, I AM A LEVEL 90 FUTANARI PALADIN, AND I WILL WRECK YOUR ASS BIT**! But in all seriousness, while i'm always willing to have a friendly discussion, I never fight. Every person is completely free to believe what they want, as long as it doesn't harm other people. Just as I am allowed to disagree with them on their beliefs.
  4. Religion is a somewhat complicated topic for me, which I try to avoid most of the time, mostly because I don't care about other peoples beliefs, I don't judge based on religion. Also, I absolutely despise most religions on this planet, so again, somewhat touchy subject. My family was also weird about it, my father was raised in a Catholic house but ended up being an atheist and marrying a somewhat religious Jewish woman (my mother). So while my house usually followed the rules of Judaism, such as my mother keeping kosher, my dad always had his own little fridge and stove in our garage for his
  5. Then excuse me, I will repair. Dovac-san, please for the love of god, hand over your Twitter account to a PR person and never use it again.
  6. Dovac, if you ever read this: You run a company, please hire someone to do PR and delete your twitter. So much incompetence in a single human being, it's amazing.
  7. Clannad and Clannad Afterstory will definitely go down as classics. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Steins;Gate Spice and Wolf is already considered an anime classic (heh). There were a lot of good anime's, just more bad ones. EDIT: Whoopsie, forgot Fate/Zero.
  8. Why is everybody so into tentacles? Am I just weird? Aside from that Touko's route was a fun read. As was Yves' route. I enjoyed the visual novel overall, but I am so fucking pissed off that the protagonist is just a portable-plot-device.
  9. Tsunderes. And characters with cow-udder-tits. Luckily those two are never combined.
  10. LinusTechTips. The way that guy handles technology is just... heartbreaking. Also TotalBiscuit.
  11. Great, now my pretty animation is gone. This is why we cant have nice things.
  12. Blame? Nah. I think i'm gonna take out my pitchfork and start hunting down a loli.
  13. There always has to be that one douchebag. NOW ITS ACTUALLY GONNA HAPPEN.
  14. I blame Maggot Baits, that announcement was so hardcore the site just died. So basically, obviously Nosebleed's fault.
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