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  1. recently i have mastered fapping to dota 2 replays, am i weird?

  2. Windows 10 - Literally Hitler

    microsoft why y u do this to us? i can bear with vista, i can tolerate win8 tfw you need to pay for solitaire
  3. Harems: Vns and real-life

    hey guys i just got sent a contract as long as you do jihad you get a harem of 72 virgins worth it?
  4. Hello. Ciao. Ni hao

  5. How much does your VN folder weigh?

    #PolishHype srsly now, no more offtopic
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Sip some tea and listen to this - feel like a bawz
  7. I dont know if im posting this in the right place though. And yeah, i dont delete any of the games i played
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    this actually starts at 0:40
  9. i dont have a problem with actually pronouncing their names because im polish and polish and russian languages are both slavic, so it depends on the person
  10. Has a VN ever made you depressed?

    Definitely Wind -a breath of heart-, Hikari's true route made me cry a bit and all other nakiges i played made me a bit depressed at their ends.
  11. As the title suggests, post your weirdest/funniest movie scenes here (non-anime) As i made the topic ill start
  12. Shout out to a youtuber.

    i never watched legend of korra... but this is really some fucked up storyline
  13. VNs without romance/very little or without H-content?

    My all-time favorite - Higurashi no naku koro ni, mystery/horror vn i wont spoil it but the harem story-like begining has nothing to do with later events in the story :>
  14. Hello, new member here!

    Looks like you are new here too like me Welcome to Fuwa-train and sit tight, itll be a road with many bumps... jk