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  1. Bloodborne

    Anyone have some tips for me ? Because I'm incredibly bad at this game holy cow it's not even funny anymore. I think I died to every boss so far like more than 15 times before defeating it. I'm currently at Amelia and I feel absolutely terrible. I played the shit out of dark souls 1 and 3 but this game feels so different, I don't know. I'm wielding ludwigs holy blade and blunderbass atm. My biggest problem is that health recover system. When getting hit, instead of trying to hit the enemy to recover health, I panick so hard and pump that blood vial only to get hit once more and so on...
  2. Dreams and goals you once persued.

    since I was 15, I wanted to study japanese. I"m still pursuing that goal, so I go to school for 3 more years to get my diploma from german secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation.
  3. What are your "must-play" video games?

    Paper Mario the thousand year door: It's my favorite game of all time and I doubt that will ever change. I can't count how many times I found myself replaying it and it never felt boring oe repetitive. Dark Souls: The perfect example of well executed world design, extremely deep lore and fantastic difficulty throughout the whole game, never being unfair, just you being bad. The Neptunia games (the 4 main games): They sucked out almost over 600 hours of my life. I seriously enjoyed the games (and not just for the cute girls) EDIT: Forgot to mention the touhou series. Came for the girls. Stayed for the music, lore and gameplay.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    As for albums, I can recommend "Ultra Beatdown" and "Sonic Firestorm" As for individual songs, I can recommend you to give a listen to "Defenders", "Symphony of the Night" and "Seaons". Beware though, Defenders, Symphony of the Night and Seasons have a new singer, but I actually like his voice a lot. But I can understand why people say that ZP Theart (the old singer) was better
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    long live dragonforce one of the best bands ever imo.
  6. Heya, everyone~

    Yay! More germans! Welcome! Hope you have fun
  7. Greetings from a traveler

    Hey there. I see you're from Munich, nice! Hope you have fun here
  8. Dunno. I wanted a name starting with an "S". Found some random japanese words starting with "S" and just picked one that sounded cool to me
  9. Forums you've been to before joining Fuwanovel.

    Smashlabs.de: the german forum for smash 4. sadly after half a year after the game came out I realized that it sucks competetively and a couple of days ago I deleted my account. Glad I quit it though, the german community of this game is cancer. GermanSmashBoards: the german Melee forum. Although I'm not active there, the community is pretty chill and funny a lot of the times.