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  1. so patricia last then... but thank you from the depths of my black heart for working on this, it being released without any patch for H-content was a crime against humanity
  2. you only choose the route so no walkthrough is needed, but it is recommended to go Reina>Elle>Akane>Sylvia>Ria going Sylvia before Ria is the most important part cuz of plot
  3. you need to download supplemental fonts, for some reason Windows 10 doesn't do it automatically. https://cedarcrest.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/2020/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=85284
  4. so despite the lack of lifesigns it seems the project is still alive and will be working with the Vita-port.
  5. can you give some more details? can i just copy-paste it into the pc files and if so which files?
  6. Hey just checking in again, hope you guys are doing well and staying safe.
  7. actually it was Misaki who won the poll but they only made some additional scenes for her inserted into the route, because of that they decided to start with Mashiro who was 2nd on the poll to be the first FD then followed by Misaki.
  8. just wondering but would you guys consider finishing the TL of Fortune Arterial? was the first VN i began reading but man was i disappointed when i tried to enter Erika's route but regardless thx for picking this one up atleast.
  9. just checking but you did change the app locale right? and not only the language which btw is unnecessary, you only have to change the app locale and most stuff will remain in english. try to return your settings to your original ones and then use locale emulator that way you won't have to change stuff like that all the time. https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/
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