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  1. Oh thank god for New Year, I have some free times before getting real busy... The translation is not DEAD, just being very slow at this moment. Sorry for not replying to mail and not updating the progress due to the requirements of my job. I will update the posts with job recruitment. #XReaper #Cry Sorry for not contacting you through Skype or mail. I will get back to translating as soon as I find free time.
  2. Porn? Hm... I think we got ourselves a porn translator, lol
  3. masturbating infront of his computer. I would rather sucking a...
  4. Hi there Feel free to ask us anything and we'll gladly rape answer you
  5. ソーサリージョーカーズ Still reading, though.
  6. Pros: + Get updates regularly + It's a free update (if you have Windows 7, 8 or 8.1) + Have Cortana + Internet Explorer has been faster than before + Can play some Non-unicode games without Region change (not confirmed) + Less Blue Screen of Death Cons: + Some sources claimed that Microsoft is using Windows 10 to get private info from consumer's PC (haven't confirmed) + Compatibility issues with some games (some VNs like 小女ラムネ」の起動 and ひまわり!! ‐あなただけを見つめてる crashed for unknown reasons) + Extremely RAM consuming for some dumb reason if using Chrome or Firefox + If access Windows Stor
  7. True true. We'll be having a hard time translating this project, but let's try our best.
  8. We are soon to release the prologue patch for you guys to try the patch and give feedback. Thanks.
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