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  1. How about Electro Arms? 3 great heroines, voiced mc and no true route (which usually makes other routes useless) It's not translated but it's not that hard since the mc is also voiced.
  2. If grinding is troublesome you could always cheat and give yourself some skill points to reach the AOE earlier and make the battles relatively easier
  3. I also dislike drama, especially when I feel the author is trying to make me love an absolute bitchy character by introducing some rape or parental abandonment in the routes, it feels like a cheap move when an autor tries to justify borderline psycopathic/sadistic attitudes with mediocre drama.
  4. MC's with parents are rare but heroine's are easier to find, Lover Able despite the mediocre description is actually good and Satsuki's parents are hilarious.
  5. Thanks for the info but before spending money I`d like to know about the quality of the translations, butchered jokes and censorship etc..
  6. Quite a number of light novels have been recently licensed so I'm thinking about legally purchasing them, but I worry about censorship and the quality of the translation (editor notes,if the original jokes have been destroyed or not etc...). Please tell me if you have purchased some and where to order LN online.
  7. H-scenes for the sake of porn are usually boring except when it reveals a new side of a character (ex: a shrinking violet being dominant) or makes you think "They are really in love" are ok. And nukige scenes need to be exciting and dirty or there won't be different from a normal vn.
  8. and a second: Why didn't I unlock those the first time I played the game? Also, I would need some advice to find Ayaka or Cass. I actually can't find them...
  9. Technically you are recruiting prisoners so you need to have the prison to do that
  10. The hell maid is a different monster unlocked through renown and I think you need to get 20-30 kills to get the adventurer scenes and another 20-30 more kills to recruit them.
  11. I think completing the "demon hunt" and "dragon hunt" stages allows to carry more units to NG+ but I'm not 100% sure if it also increases CP.
  12. Confirmed, I transfered an entire party of female adventurers to max then in the NG+
  13. There's no shortage of manginas getting abused by tsundere characters, choosing a random vn on vndb will probably find something along those lines...
  14. I think it's worth playing it again but with cheats, I usually give myself 999 of whatever item I get but without touching not previously obtained items avoiding grindind as much as I can
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