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    Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    HYPE. I was waiting for this release since it was announced and was counting the days until now. I hope my enjoyment of the game is as high as my expectations, which seems it will happen. For those interested, I'll leave the link for MG's page. Let's talk about this wonderful game for the next days, shall we? http://mangagamer.org/misslonesome/ (SFW)
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    Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty.
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    Turnip Sensei

    What are you playing?

    Yeah, Subahibi is uh.. quite the experience. Down the Rabbit Hole I, especially nearing the end of it was the kind of writing/storytelling I really enjoy. Beautiful, inspiring and encouraging to explore oneself, at least for me. It's been a while since anything has inspired me to hit the library and start perusing poetry, philosophy and children's fables. Where as Down the Rabbit Hole II was weird but interesting, It's My Own Invention made me straight up feel physically ill for a good part of it, on top of being generally unsettling. I was so mentally exhausted after that I need to take a break from the whole VN. ...Which conveniently happened almost exactly when Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth came out. Hurray! I previously predicted that it could be "BEST SHIT EVER(TM)", and while it's too soon to say how true that is I'm enjoying it immensely. Oh, how I missed to whole cast... Without any spoilers, it's heavier, more serious and tragic, but the lighter parts aren't completely gone. Like people grasp for happiness even in the darkest times, Slice-of-Life has its place in every story. One could even say it shines even brighter in these circumstances. Utaware3 is pretty much more of the same, which is exactly what I wanted. I'm also really glad the localization has kept it's quality. It's a rare pleasure reading as joyful and lively text.
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    Hanekawa best girl. My all time favourite VA is maybe 99% of the reason for it. If that's not enough then this should be enough to sway anyone:
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    Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    It's more of a choice. I would read it either way but I'm really busy with school. But I guess I can read it guilt-free.
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    Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    I don't even know why but I'm so hyped for this.
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    I'm not otome trash, but even I'm excited about FLML. It just looks like so much fun from the screenshots I've seen (didn't want to spoil myself with the demo.)
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    Finished the Kizumonogatari movies Y'know, that's what the anime was missing, epic battles. All Koyomi does for the rest of the series after this is bleed and tank everything, no more kicking ass Gore was a little much, I mean jesus that scene vs Episode is scarring It was nice to see Koyomi's pre-vamp mentality, if I watched this stuff first I would've appreciated the character-growth-thematics from the Sodachi arc much better instead of qqing about how much Ougi sucks. Was also great to see more Hanekawa, dammit I'm usually fine with canon pairings but for once I actually would've preferred AraragixHanekawa