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Fuwanovel's Fantasy Quest!


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Our story begins with a mighty witch named Aaeru, now long dead, who once ruled over the land of Fuwanovel using the power of a magical crown, forged in the Valley of Lolis by members cruelly enslaved to piracy magic. For many centuries the witch reigned supreme until, after a long life spent amongst her visual novels and spells, she sensed her days were drawing to an end thanks to DMCA takedown notices. She resolved to hide her crown in the most perilous part of the most dangerous section in her realm, setting around it such fearsome guardians as her most powerful spells were able to command. Once she had done so, she perished, proclaiming with her dying breath that only a member with the strength, wisdom, and courage to take her crown would rule in her stead.


Hundreds of years have passed, and the realm, now governed by the mighty wizard Tay, has grown more dangerous, becoming infested by forum trolls and troubled by torrent seeking beggars. To this very day, the ancient legend draws gallant members to the troubled land - each seeking Aaeru's crown and the kingship of the realm of Fuwanovel. So far no one has proven worthy of the challenge. The seekers' bones lie bleached and broken upon the Plain of Fan Translations or else cast idly aside to be gnawed by wild beasts and monsters.


In Fuwanovel's Fantasy Quest, up to six bold members assume the roles of hopeful adventurers - the would-be rulers of the land of Fuwanovel. Each member is very different and has their own strengths, weaknesses, and special powers. To win the game they must journey to the heart of the land's most perilous region to find Aaeru's crown, now guarded by the ancient dragons of visual novel lore, Gangagamer, Sekaithrax, and Jastaitis. They must use the crown's ancient magic to cast a mighty spell to subdue all their rivals.


Their travels will be hard and fraught with danger - and it is in overcoming these dangers that the challenge of the game lies. Only by gradually building up their powers, gathering valuable allies, and winning potent magical items will they stand a chance of surviving the ultimate test that lies beyond the Portal of Visual Novels.



This is my final reveal for the 2015 game season. In addition to the murder mystery game (which has been revamped slightly to fit new member's needs) and the revamped Kancolle naval battle game, this will be the 3rd game to be rolled out during the summer and into the 3rd quarter. I won't be revealing much about it at this moment in time, but to give you a preview, feel free to check out some of the cards featured in the game:


































I'll reveal more as time goes on, but if you are interested, please let me know. Unlike previous games, this forum game will take place via a live session on stream, where anyone in the community is allowed to view it.


With that said, see you in the next update!

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There's non-US people here?  While it's unfortunate, backwater peoples must accommodate their betters.  The US is the center of the world (and the Internet) after all.

Run's in Fapan tho (well, unless he went home for some reason, I don't keep close check)

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If not already realized I will play this game. 


Looks like ton of fun.


As for time zones once we figure out who all is playing we can figure out times that work best for all of us...not too difficult. 

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