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Chaos;Child platform revealed to be the Xbox One


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5bp has released a trailer for Chaos;Child revealing the platform for it to be the Xbox One.



5pb is also releasing a Psycho Pass game and a new adaptation of the Mystreet series by Abel Software titled "Mystereet F: The Detectives' Curtain Call" all designed for the Xbox One.


Psycho Pass game trailer:


Mystreet F trailer



The Xbox One is going to make it's debut in Japan on September 4th.



What are your thoughts on visual novels coming to the latest platforms?


I think 5pb is always releasing stuff for consoles anyway so this doesn't surprise me much but it's kind of a shame they don't do multi platform, especially with such an anticipated title like Chaos;Child.

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You Had one job guys, one job : deliver your games to both next gen platforms at least, and, if you are in a good day, PC release. You failed to achieve that, XOne exclusive.


Good, now as a feature, you'll choose choices with your voice, kinect have now a real utility.


Srsly guys? Xone exclusive?

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Just fuck.


And I was hyped for this, too. What the hell is up with VN console-exclusives? And on Xbox (in Japan) on top of that? What the hell 5pb? Well, joke's on me for automatically assuming this'd be on last gen consoles too or at least the PS4, which I am going to get eventually down the line.

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but isnt playstation more popular then xbox in japan?(last gen)

dont see why they would go for xbox one prior to ps4 now.

There was some 360 exclusive VN weirdness last gen too (Ever17 comes to mind), even though you'd think it makes no sense given how "popular" Xbox is in Japan.


Well, if they were setting release platforms based on popularity, everything would probably end up on smartphones by now. :P

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My one hope is that the "Xbox One ver" on the title of the trailer means there will be other platforms.


5bp has been really weird with the Science Adventure series though


Chaos;Head - multi platform (Came out with PC release first)

Steins;Gate - multi plaform (Came out with Xbox 360 release first)

Robotics;Notes - PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusive and now getting a PSVita release

Chaos;Child - Xbox One exclusive


It's slowly downgrading into the microscopic niche market.

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Dammit. As far as I know, Xbox in Japan sells like Vita in the west-near none. And 5pb goes and makes a remarkably niche game as an exclusive for XB1?!




Ever17 was at least a remake...


(For the record: I think there is a JP only S;G release for Vita.)

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Huehuehue, Nitro+. I'm not sure who's dumber - japanese devs, or companies making shitty consoles with 100% profit in mind and nothing else besides that. Back in the days people literally threw money to get shit like the NES or C64; nowadays console companies pay critically-acclaimed studios/devs to make console-exclusive games, just to boost sales of their poor, shitty consoles. Of course, both Nitro+ and 5Pb. took the bait, as expected.


Wake up, Japan.

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Lol, first though I got at the choas;child trailer was. Omg it's Kirito's voice from SAO haha.


Also I agree, these only console releases are stupid. Even more just Xbone exlusive seriously. It's not like the vn market is large enough already to divide it more. Is Nitro+ that deperate nowdays? Nrggh. Troublesome development to be honest.

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You know what's really stupid? The sole fact that XBox360 was one of the worst selling and least popular consoles in the entire gaming history in Japan. You think it will change with Xbone? I seriously doubt that. Japan is simply too fixated on Sony's products.


But hey, money can buy you everything nowadays. I'm not saying Xbox360 was bad; in fact it was a lot better than PS3 and a lot of nice japanese games came out for it (hey there, Cave - yes, I'm looking at you!), especially for XBLA; the ones that wouldn't ever came out on PS3, out of obvious reasons. But a fact is a fact - Japan isn't that much interested in MS's console. After all, they have a console of their own.


I'm still wondering how much MS actually paid Nitro+ & 5pb, that made them take such a move. It's just hillarious. At the same point it just shows that Nitro+ isn't in the best financial shape. No sane developer ever publishes for unpopular console, unless someone's shoving them money down their throats.

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Both Chaos;Head and Steins;gate were released on xbox before ps3 (Chaos;Head got its psp version at the same time as its 360 ver but the ps3 ver didn't come until two years later) the 360 was kind of the "otaku console" in japan because of idol master and that the ps3 was harder to program for (if you look up VN ports from the last generation you'll notice that most VNs got their xbox port before their ps3 one)


And it's probably going to come to the ps console's as well (and hopefully pc since I think nitro is involved again) but when all your previous games in a series except one came out on xbox before ps3 this isn't that strange.

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Damn, that's a shame, I was looking forward to an possible translation of this game, but now...

Translation was unlikely anyway. Chaos;Head Noah never got a pc port and this is a sequel to that version not the original Chaos;head. A PC release is very unlikely even if it is only a temporary exclusive.

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