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Still a beginner - looking for VN's with good MC

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So, i just finished reading the grisaia series, it has been a pleasure, and after that i don't think i can go back to the generic VN with weak/dumb/indecisive mc. Also, i started reading VNs this year, first one was  g senjou no maou, so im not really a veteran yet. My list until now is:

Clannad ( no words to say, it is a 10. that said, tomoyo after sequel had a cheesy and crap ending that undermined my appreciation for the series since it felt like a punch to the face)

G senjou no Maou ( a 9 for me, played just the main route but it kept me glued, just like a dan brown book does)

Katawa Shoujo ( gave it a 7, quite overrated in my opinion, MC was way too annoying in some routes, playing the jerky white knight type)

KoiChoco ( generic but nice and entertaining)

School Days ( though many people say its crap, i did like it - mainly due to the 100% animation and guilty pleasure value)

Island ( I liked it in the first part, liked a bit in the middle and hated the ending - the anime was crap but it went for the milf ending at least, the vn ending was insulting, unsatisfying and that makes me regret it)

Grisaia Series ( It was quite long, took me a few months to finish it, a solid 9. Not as heartwarming as clannad and not thrilling the way g senjou was, still a very good experience)

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ef - a fairy tale of the two . Quite a lot of drama and emotional feels.

Kono Oozora . The 2nd VN I ever read (1st being Grisaia). Pretty light hearted, but still has some drama.

Little Busters . I can't comment on this much (since I'm still reading it). If you liked Clannad so much, you'll probably like this too...

* Muv-Luv Trilogy. Extra might bore you somewhat. Unlimited starts to get interesting. And Alternative is .......... one heck of an emotional plot train!

Sorcery Jokers . Urban Fantasy about magic in a contemporary setting. Quite a lot of action.

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I don't know if you did read Sharin or not, but seeing that it's been said as the inspiration for Grisaia I would suggest you to read it (Also same writer with G-Senjou). Other than Sharin, I think you can try Hoshiori if it's released later. Also if you want more recommendations, then you can try both of I/O and eden. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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