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Fallout 4 discussion

Deep Blue

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So I guess we can start talking about fallout 4 now that we are within a week of the release date, specially today that some footage of gameplay was leaked..
you can watch them here http://pastebin.com/yLedwhZs

This doesn't look very good, the graphic and pretty much everything else looks like a ver 1.5 of fallout 3....the animations are the same (really clunky) , the movement, the IA behaves really bad specially Dogmeat, even the hacking system is identical! The graphics are ....aside for the better textures and some effects here and there they are basically the same as before :/ I'm very disappointed :(  I mean i dont play the fallout games for the graphics but this doesnt look like a proper FA4 at all, seems a lazy job, mostly like a rework of everything they had of FA3 and new vegas.... 



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I've only watched a little bit of the footage, but considering the controls tell you to press A, B, X, and Y I'm guessing that's console footage so the old graphics aren't really surprising.

Honestly, if you were expecting them to completely rework everything in Fallout 4, well... you shouldn't have. People loved Fallout 3 and people loved Fallout New Vegas even though it was mechanically near-identical, so there's no reason for them to change things up too much.

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I don't particularly mind the graphics. It's ugly, but it's what we expected from the pre-release footage. What gets me is the game itself. It's practically the same goddamn game as Fallout 3. Skyrim had tons of advances over Oblivion but Fallout 4 is pretty much just Fallout 3.5. It looks more like a lateral step much like New Vegas. Except unlike New Vegas, they won't have Obsidian's superior writers and quest designers. So I'm actually expecting a step backwards.

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I think the real improvement from FA3 and NV is the build system, the "minecraft" thingy :P ...aside from that it looks the same thing, they said that the combat was improved..it looks the same to me, enemies standing in one spot not moving at all like idiots shooting at you, the IA of your companion leaves a lot to desire, when you talk your character looks really bad without any kind of expression... 

And yes the community will fix most of the bugs and make the game look prettier (they always do) but that's not the point...relaying on the community to fix everything and actually work on things that bethesda should have in the first place is really bad

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Mmm... I like the looks of the weapons customization and the fact that they fixed the really fucked up shooter mechanics from 3 and NV (on pc, you could fix that fuckup but on console...).  I honestly couldn't care less if it looks visually like something made five years ago... to be honest, once you get a certain point, it is only recognizable to the obsessed.  I grew up with pixel-sprites running around a painted overworld map... so visual improvement in games beyond the truly massive doesn't even register for me for the most part.  Yeah, I do wish they'd brought someone in from outside to run the writing and scenario design (as that is Bethesda's weakest area), but I didn't really expect them to.

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Just keep in mind that whoever doing the leaking can be recording in low quality and in a compress video format.  Some people do seems to not like the more cartoonish look of the graphics compare to the other games. Overall the games likely to be good but have lots of bugs. Bethesda and bugs go together. I also think that Witcher 3 has really made people expect a lot more in graphics form new games. Do keep in mind which being console leaks the xbox one and ps4 are really not that strong. http://www.gamepur.com/news/21011-new-fallout-4-leaked-uncompressed-screenshots-puts-low-quality-graphics.html My English sucks for being a native speaker.

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Also, you have to keep in mind that a lot of the game's graphics were sacrificed in the console versions to allow for the various game functions...  I recall them saying they had to keep the frame rate to 30 for the console versions because of that.  Also, the fact that you will be able to add 'approved' mods to the console versions in the future is a big plus... it also eliminates the second biggest reason why the PC versions of Bethesda's games tended to sell more than the consoles in the long run.

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The graphics are fine. Force some ambient occlusion and the lighting will look less flat. Give the modding community a few years and it'll be the best looking game around, just like Skyrim was for years. The leaked gameplay footage I've seen looks excellent. Definitely a huge step up from FO3 and NV. Looking forward to seeing how creative you can get with base building. If there are no limitations, I can see myself having a skyscraper by the time I'm through with the game.

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To my knowledge we have not yet gotten a PC and Console comparison of the game yet and likely won't until release since PC is all via Steam. Not sure we've seen any PC gameplay at all to be honest. Interesting enough but people have been complaining that enemies are too easy to kill...yet all we've seen are a few small videos and we have no idea if harder difficulties even exist. We have nothing to base the game off of than leaks of people streaming the game on subpar equipment and who seem to be ass at playing fallout. The animation is a bit weird I admit but this game is actually doing a ton more than previous games.

- Perk Chart/Specials combined with skills (the skills system for better or worse was pretty awful)

- Minecraft?

- Around 12 companions (Human companions are all romanceable regardless of gender...this might mean  everyone in fallout is bisexual but eh whatever)

- In-Game Mods for weapons that really change the look of the weapon.

- Layered Armor (Clothing can be worn with armor)

- 2X Bigger than Skyrim

- 100,000 words of dialogue

- Ocean might introduce underwater play to the game

- Maintain Your Own Settlements

- Original Music for the Game

- Improved Sounds 

- Weather Effects

- Mecha style power armor

- Voiced Protagonists (may be a negative for some)

- Emphasis on Story More than Ever

- Improved Combat

- Free Big Updates (Bethesda has already mentioned that it will be doing updates that add stuff into the game like they did for Skyrim...so a legendary difficulty mode or a hardcore mode are likely in our future...assuming of course it's not in base game

- Game continues at End

- Tons of Other Things we can only speculate.

- Can exit a conversation and shoot anyone (apparently).

- Rubber Banding (This is another potential negative but this also has potential to make the game more entertaining if it is possible to still win a difficult fight...Witcher 3 you could fight enemies 10 levels higher than you but with enough patience and skill you could take them down eventually) If fallout has a similar system this could give some people some challenges or this could prevent people from doing things...not that that stops people they often find a way anyways. 

I am not dismissing the issues with the graphics because on console (and my PC) they will probably be pretty low quality (but better than the older games even then). People are expecting this game to be on par with Witcher 3 and really those are completely different games. One game deals with the story of geralt and while there are definitely consequences for actions there is a similar limited range of conversation options. Witcher 3 is about a character whereas Fallout 4 is about our created character and thus it offers slightly more replay value in the long run.  One game is fantasy while the other is post apocalyptic aftermath. The games are different and even Witcher 3 had graphics issues. I think most people now that release is so close is having a bit of anxiety about the game now that it's almost upon them...will it live up to the hype? We'll know soon. I know I'm just looking forward to fucking shit up...I think it will be a fun experience. Games are not all about graphics and this game has made leaps and bounds over previous entries in the series. Let's hope for the best.


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I've been trying to get a PS4 in preparation for Fallout 4 (it's a lot cheaper than trying to buy a pc that can run Fallout 4), but it seems this week is the week that my bank decided to hate fuck my debit card. As soon as I clear up one issue, it seems that another pops up. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY PETTY FINANCES! I HAVE THE MONEY AND I WILL USE IT!!!

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new leaded video http://funnyjunk.com/channel/fallout/Fallout+4+running+across+the+entire+map/uvveLhi/ the map is a bit small.. (spoilers because yeah they are showing you the whole map)

I remember tod howard talking about this http://www.digitalspy.com/gaming/e3/interviews/a654353/fallout-4-interview-todd-howard-talks-mods-in-game-building-and-map-size/

"Can you tell us how big the map's going to be?
"I avoid answering that, and I'll tell you why. If you look at our previous stuff, it's kind of like that. We don't actually measure it like that. Because Skyrim is one size, but the mountains take up a lot of space. That's not really a game place, it's in your way, you have to go around it, so we're not really doing that. In the city, it's very dense, but there is no load - like in Fallout 3, there's a load - for areas of the city, we don't do that. So it's very dense, the buildings are tall, and a lot of them are open, so you can just walk in and around, so... it's big. I wouldn't say, you know, if you played Skyrim, I couldn't tell you it's X bigger, so we're just saying it's about the same size."

So the short answer was: Small :P

Leaving jokes aside is a bit tricky to say how large is the map just like he answered, you take little time to cross it but there are many buildings, underground things, vaults. etc etc to take into account so not only the time you take to cross it counts.

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Pre loading it right now I did the evil thing called pre ordering I did get the game for 22% off so. The map size seems a bit small but they could be lots of thing in it. Also may help to remember that a lot of Skyrim space was took up by big mountains making thing seems bigger than what they really where. In the end I am just hoping the game will be fun. We also be interesting to see how the voice protagonist works.  Launch Trailer is out



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So the map is bigger than people think if the speculation below is anywhere near true...we'll know one way or the other.

- Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim did not have a Sprint feature whereas Fallout 4 does...a feature i might add that increases how fast you run depending on your perks so this 11 minutes could potentially be from running with a full sprint perk maximized for greatest rate of speed.

- Fallout 4 likely has an extensive underground if the Launch Trailer is to be believed and since most buildings can be entered in this game there are plenty of buildings with multiple floors both going down and up

- There is a lot of water which might have shacks or ships on top of it or hell even under it.  There is a perk for breathing under water which means there might be stuff to find.

- Diamond City you can run across very easily but it has a shit ton of stairs all over the place 

- Skyrim's 2 hours required going around or through a lot of mountains (and this was not sprinting).

- If you take a horse and travel from riften from markarth and don't run into any mountains/enemies it takes about 10 minutes.

- Fallout 3 had a lot of open empty space whereas everything seen about fallout 4 makes it look like there is less open space but is more compacted in an area

- Fallout 3 had a ton of empty unimportant buildings in the cities whereas Fallout 4 seems to make it possible to go into the taller buildings this time around

I've also been thinking of what role-playing to do

I plan to play a character similar-ish to myself, then I plan to do a character with everything opposite myself (different, gender, personality, faction, etc...), and once I get to my third playthrough (assuming role-playing is even possible in 4 with the interactive and talking characters) then I will do my first role-play character which is going to be similar to what you see below



Character type: Machiavellian Villain


Strength: 1 (Perks: None)

Perception: 3 (Perks: Awareness) 

Endurance: 1 (Perks: None)

Charisma: 10 (Perks: Intimidation, Inspirational or Lone Wanderer, Lady Killer, Cap Collector)

Intelligence: 8 (Robotics Expert, Hacking)

Agility: 4 (Sneak, Mr. Sandman)

Luck: 1 (Fortune Finder)





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I am hype as shit.  I haven't checked, but i really fucking hope there's a hardcore mode again, i don't want to wait for mods for that shit.  without a doubt, my first playthrough is going to be full man mode.  It's a time honored tradition of mine after accidentally making a character in fallout 3 and then purposely in new vegas look like russel crowe.:


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Difficulty modes have been confirmed supposedly as very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard, and SURVIVAL. Each difficulty mode changes damage and resistance of enemies, the appearance of legendary enemies (more likely to drop legendary items), and a few other things. We also know that survival is similar but it also makes healing much slower and possibly has other things to it as well. I would be slightly cautious about this however as anything before release of a game should be held with a degree of skepticism.

If anyone wants to prebuild their character or take a look at the perks and the way the character is built go to the link below;


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ps4 version, there are some really bad issues with the frame-rate on those scenes and load times.



Originally Posted by CGwizz 

Made a thread in bethesda forum asking if this would be patched got instadeleted and i am permabanned xD

xD (talking about the framerate)

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Yeah don't think Bethesda forums wants people talking about the game too much before it comes out or you are just being censor. Bethesda did have a lot issues with ps3 but I hear they should have less with the ps4 do to it being easier to work with. I just hope my pc ver works well 

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About...15 hours and 30 minutes before the preload releases in my timezone.  I've been binging on Hanasaku Iroha all night.  I'll probably go another few hours before hitting the sack, then I'll finish the series in the hours before release.

...I should be writing.  Why the fuck am I not writing?  ._.

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