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  1. lol... you had to include #5. Welcome to the N.H.K
  2. Dude, you're in the exact same situation as me. I was considering Danganronpa (1), Higurashi When They Cry, World End Economica, and Root Double. I'm think Danganronpa is the safest bet.
  3. I have this exact thought when there is a VN request with anything that features a very specific thing. I think head patting is very tame compared to the last request for VN which features oversized, gargantuan boobs.
  4. Haha! I'll be playing with myself too! Yes, that's the one. Are these different in some way? To be honest I don't really know much about Karuta, but since I'm learning Japanese I thought it might help.
  5. I ordered one too, but it was a kickstarter project. Who will you play with?
  6. Also expensive, and only worth it if you travel by shinkansen to a few places.
  7. Ha. That's interesting, thanks for info. So maybe there is no answer
  8. No. DO YOU consider the 'choose your adventure' Goosebumps novels a game?
  9. Hey.. my fellow Polish friend. Jak sie masz?
  10. Yes! Sharin No Kuni's MC is a genius and OP, but his rival is just as good. Definitely a tense read.
  11. I was contacted by one of the translators who stated that it's not being machine translated. Some guy completely stuffed the wiki translation page with his dodgy translation, someone took notice of this and made it known to Conjueror who spread it out on twitter. There's a bunch of other stuff but I was told to keep it confidential. @Rainey is the person you want to talk to about it. You could also ask on their forum: https://www.baka-tsuki.org/forums/ This would have to be the VN I most look forward to reading. BTW you can play the introductory chapter, but you'll only want more of
  12. lol! That's not something I would usually ever do, especially not in my own country! You might meet some nice Japanese girls They like us gajin (kind of, well they find us interesting..). We're similar in this aspect I personally loved Kyoto, and it's quite close to Tokyo - few hours by shinkansen. You might see Mt. Fuji-san! Kyoto is a historical town, abundant in nature, a beautiful city.
  13. It's too short of a time to being looking for more things to do. I could spend weeks in Tokyo just visiting the stuff there. You could waste a day just traveling between prefectures (the shinkansen is very enjoyable but maybe not the best use of time). If you go for 2 weeks I'd recommend taking a shinkansen somewhere (but it'll cost ya). I also recommend going out of your comfort zone and checking out meetup.com. Find something you enjoy doing and meet up with others that have the same interest, great way to meet locals in a group setting and have fun. Edit: Original Ren
  14. Then you should expect the cold! Even snow depending where you go. We are quite different in this case. I would say Wraithseeker was correct with mentioning Akihabara. How long is your stay? If it's only 1 week then stay in Tokyo, if 2, then you can visit another prefecture, etc..
  15. Welcome. I prefer to use a walkthrough and pick my route before I start. I tend not to do the "bad endings" unless it contributes to the actual story. At first I just did my own choices, but this method screwed me up when I played through G-senjou no Maou. Though I do have fond memories of my very first route in my first ever VN, it was the neutral ending for Lilly in Katawa Shoujo - .
  16. I never really enjoyed green tea.. well not until I spent some time in Japan. Green tea was everywhere, so I didn't have much choice but to drink it. It definitely grows on you, to the point that I actually enjoyed it. I drank it plain, just powdered tea and boiling water. I think I'd like your method of adding honey. I don't drink it when I'm back at home though, it just doesn't feel the same - It could be because it's grown somewhere else, or maybe because it's the teabag version? I heard it can stain your teeth because of the tannin's, so be careful.
  17. I only have wifi on mine so consider yourself lucky impossibru. Upgrade man! I've never even caught a Pokemon inside my house.
  18. Yeah, pain in the ass. Also level 10. I'm gonna get a phone mount on my bicycle. Safer then cycling with 1 hand...
  19. lol.. This game is ridiculous. Walking around the park lands in the pitch dark, come home with soaked shoes and socks. I also started walking everywhere.
  20. Not so much a confession: I realise now how much LOVE can hurt. Hardly anythings even happened yet.. but that could be the problem. I don't even want to touch VN's since they're all about relationships. I can't enjoy half the songs on radio anymore since they keep reminding me of things I'd rather forget.
  21. Don't let other people decide for you. I know what Fuwa will do..
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