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  1. Love you guys.

  2. Thank you for all the enjoyment I have gotten from Fuwanovel over the coarse of my stay. Thank you Tay, Nayleen, Nosebleed, Solidbatman, Decay, Rooke, KosakiFag, Madvanced, Ken-kun, Flutflut, Tiag, and everyone else on Fuwanovel for giving me a place to go and talk about the things I enjoy. I've recently moved into a new house and with it I want to do things differently. It's my senior year of High School, I've lost 70 pounds over the last year, I've gotten more friends, and I just want to do things differently, simple as that. I'll still be on Discord, Skype, and Steam for anyone wanting to talk. Again, thank you One last Inori (a re-post but it's my favorite). I really loved this site <3
  3. Hit AK w/e that is. Should be ranking up soon again too. I had 4 surrenders by the enemy team today during the first half.
  4. Started Danganronpa 2 on PC, is there a way to change keybindings? I can't use my F1 -> F12 so RIP my handbook and transcript.
  5. OKOK! The winner is Danganronpa 2 I enjoyed the first so a continuation sounds quite nice, plus it seems it's rather popular around here recently.
  6. I can't agree with Kanon as I personally haven't heard anyone really talk about the anime, on Fuwa or in my circle of friends. It's always the VN that is talked about. For K-On and Haruhi I will agree that they could be considered classics in the sense that many still talk about them and I can imagine they will continue to talk about them. I can't agree with Fairy Tail as it feels I would have to throw in all the other shounen anime that came out around the same time, if not a little before. It just felt like a lot of other shounen, though it did hold my interest up to the 100 something ep mark.
  7. Before going into School Days again I started My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc. I'm already done with Irina's route and I'm very pleased with what the disc is offering. Just some more happy feel good VN, with awesome CG's to boot I should be finishing Ell's route today as well then I can start SDHQ again no problem.
  8. I still wrecked you in our 1v1
  9. I wanted to throw Gurren Lagann in but I can't remember if it was popular in Japan or not. Not to say different regions can't have different view points of classics though. While we're at it should we throw Kill la Kill or Ninja Slayer from Animation in as well?
  10. Samurai Champloo is too old, plus it's already a classic (at least I feel it is).
  11. Thanks Sanah! It seems I can't delete School Days just yet. Hopefully it's not too frustrating to get on different paths.
  12. Well I finished one of Sekai's routes. I honestly don't know what to think. Some points of the route were just plain dumb but it somehow tied in at the end Now that I've gotten two (good) endings, one for Kotonoha the other Sekai, should I keep going? I feel like doing all the other routes would just be time consuming and not worth it in the end. What are your guys thoughts? Esp @sanahtlig as I recall in the past you knew a decent amount about this game.
  13. I'm assuming personal bias's are off the table and you're talking about things like Princess Mononoke, Ghost in The Shell, Spirited Away, etc? If that is the case then from an objective standpoint I believe Steins;Gate, FMA Brotherhood, Death Note, The Monogatari series, and Madoka Magica are the best bets. As to why I am led to think this is really straight forward, they are all already extremely popular and to some extent already regarded to as classics. Death Note is known around the world, even to some who have never watched anime. The Monogatari series is also very popular and has an extremely unique way of storytelling and animation. In regard to Madoka Magica I feel like everyone already thinks it's a classic. Even though I have watched it I can't say anything in particular about it, though when I think of it I think "must watch". Finally for FMA Brotherhood this one is a complete air ball for me. I've never watched it (dropped it ep 2 since I thought the original was better) but it is seen far and wide by the anime community as one the best around. If I was being subjective Chihayafuru, Kimi ni Todoke (which I believe could be included in the "objective standpoint" of classics), and Usagi Drop. --- Notable mentions that may already be classics: Fate/Stay Soul Eater Angel Beats ^ I thought of these later and didn't want to make more sentences
  14. Does anyone want my LL Android account? It has a few promo UR and one actual Nico UR. It's level 42 and has three gems. I don't plan on playing it anymore so I wanna give it away.
  15. NSFW - Nozoki Ana NSFW - Velvet Kiss NSFW - Domestic na Kanojo GE: Good Ending Half and Half Koe no Katachi Prunus Girl Pandora Hearts NSFW - Seishun Pop! Taiyou no Ie Yume de Aetara NSFW - Love Lucky! I put NSFW on the ones I know for sure aren't SFW, the rest they might have had a nip slip though I can't remember. I enjoyed all of these manga and they represent my tastes quite well
  16. I've tried to upkeep #3 in "common sense issues" but I can't help but feel I overextend at times and now there are things I don't even remember being online, online
  17. Last night I continued my School Days HQ play through after one year and one month of stalling. I have to say now that my emotional attachment has reset the shit that is going on feels so pointless. Both the writing and character development seem rather poor, or maybe it's better to say the characters motivation? Either way something is whack. Fuck these characters are dumb.
  18. I'm in Japantown in San Francisco, CA and I already went to a 100 yen type store. It's safe to assume I will be coming home with many Japanese products today.
  19. Thanks I was thinking of just going one size larger as well, looks like I will try that first!
  20. Yo in regards to T-shirts off of amiami the sizes are Japanese I'm assuming? Not international/US?
  21. Thanks I'm caught up with the manga now at ch.137. I really wish it wasn't still ongoing
  22. While they aren't dark they are more serious than most in the themes imo, I also am really biased towards them. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Usagi Drop Chihayafuru None of them are action oriented or in a dystopian setting however they do play on what I felt to be very real emotions. These shows have a way of truly making me feel like all of these characters lived at one point in time, and if not they have in my mind. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is more on the historical side with emphasis on emotions of jealousy and more realistic love, Usagi Drop is about your average single man taking on a child and all the troubles that go with it, and finally Chihayafuru is about passion, hard work, and the drive/inspiration to really chase your dreams. I really love all three of these shows. Each one touched a different base with me, the Rakugo one being the furthest from relatable to me personally however. They may not be exactly what you want but I whole hardheadedly recommend at least looking into them. Also I would go out and say they are original in their own rights, so another positive.
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