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  1. So this game has been sitting on my backlog for a year now and I just got notified an English patch for the PC came out for it like a couple weeks ago? This game is already on the PS3 but I believe that one is censored/LOLallages version? Anyways, the H-scenes are untranslated but the story/interface are all in English now. If you want to see the h-scenes, you may need to create 2 folders of game, one with the English patch and one without. One without will have the h-scenes to available as long as you have the save file. Game info: https://vndb.org/v6458 NEW: Eiyuu Senki Gold Dressbreak CGs: http://www.mediafire.com/download/asgh7ans6k748da/Eiyuu+Senki+Gold+Dressbreak+CGs.zip The setting is pretty similar to Sengoku Rance where you conquer lands and fight leaders all based on real life people (like Oda Nobunaga, Marco Polo, Sun Tzu, Caesar, King Arthur, Columbus, etc.) but are genderbended as females. It has an unnamed protagonist who is a little less forceful and more female friendly than Rance, so imo he seems more likable. The gameplay is rather addicting and you have can have these many units at once! I love the combat interface and it's very easy to understand after an hour or so of playing. The story is linear but you can choose which country (or babe) you want to conquer first. Also..... Lu Bu, one of my favorite characters from Dynasty Warriors has now been transformed into one hot and feisty chick (the one on the far right): Although I don't mind this version. She's quite a looker.
  2. So a few days ago I started to play this one after finding about it but thus far i'm really liking it and i have to say that i'm surprised i hadn't heard anything about it from anyone, not here or in other places so i thought that maybe people didn't think highly of it? or maybe they did and didn't remember.. here i am making a post to hear you guys opinion about it ( please no spoilers? xD) haven't finished it yet ^^ Thanks
  3. - VNDB - English patch - Miu's route completion translation project Ahh, Dracu-riot. My favorite from when I started reading VNs. I remember how this was the game, which made me start to learn Japanese, and thus finished it when just Elina's route was translated. But now that it has been almost fully released, and a lot of other people are going to play it, I'm making this thread for that reason. I hold an extreme amount of bias towards this title, and as I played it for the first time, it completely enraptured me with its entirety, and it still is to this day my favorite moege. Now that I am replaying it, it still holds all the charm it once had, and I still hold extreme bias to it. As per Yuzusoft's art style, the characters look good, the H-scenes are amazing, and the colors are vibrant. Never have I loved the character cast so much in a moege than in Dracu-riot. The protagonist is self-insert, but like in HoshiMemo, it's not completely self-insert. That's probably enough of me gushing about it. I'll finish my thoughts below on a later date. Now I'll continue Rio's route and probably die from heartburns. It's pretty damn good. Go play it.
  4. First of all, am I breaking the rule for started unreleased translated VN here? If so I apologize, but you know, since here is more lively than VNDB, I figure it's better if I tried to start a VN discussion here. Anyway, the VN is SakuSaku, or if you prefer full name is Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki. The premise is, may I said a word, is a little ridiculous, but we've never had bounty place on MC before, so guess it's a little interesting? From the visual aspect I must admit it was very refreshing and very good, so much that it earned many 10 on VNDB at the first time it was published there (Around 2014 when I tried to look at discussion section), although for now it's around 7.5 at VNDB and 71 at EGS (or according to VNDB is 7.1). From the opening, the song is very light and typical moege, so maybe the soundtrack will be typical moege as well. The interesting thing is that the seiyuu for each heroine will singing credit theme, according to VNDB. According to VNDB, here we had 5 routes. For heroines, MC could date his little sister, childhood friend, student council president, head of discipline committee, and love fairy. Yes, I didn't drunk when I'm writing love fairy. Believe me. For the seiyuu (Since I'd like to talk about seiyuu who voiced VN or anime character just in case someone want to ask why talk about seiyuu) we have Nakamura Yuuichi, Ai Shimizu, Kiritani Hana, and Satou Rina voicing side character. As for the heroine, the fairy love (Tina) seiyuu is very new in seiyuu world and childhood friend (Mio) and discipline committee (Yuri) seiyuu had quite nice experience in seiyuu (But the VN that had the caracter they voiced is still not translated yet). For student council (Ann), the voice is infamous headmistress aka Kitamikado Misako from Evangile, so infamous that someone here make a pointless thread of how headmistress is very evil and one of VNDB member going SJW mode and plead to us very obvious reaction for normal people that we should not judge Christian is evil because of headmistress. Sorry, still bitter about that, but please this is not place to discuss headmistress from Evangile. From 5 heroines, only little sister (Konami) seiyuu is the one with the most experience and she was voiced Asa back in Konosora and Koharu in Imouto Paradise. I think all of you better look at character section at VNDB here. Last section is for reviews. There were 2 reviews for this game. I think I would like to give some summary from the review, but if you didn't hate spoiler, go ahead and visit each review. Aedes - I think the conclusion would be that he hate love fairy very much (Looks like the love fairy in question was has some pet peeve trope for him) and he write down many spoiler. Joyjason - The conclusion is that the VN is quite mediocre, but could almost reached good eroge. Once again if you didn't hate spoiler or trying to find out what kind of VN is this before playing, go ahead. My opinion is that you better play for yourself, and if you want to enjoy it, just try to suspend your disbelief for Deus, plot, and character. And before I end this post, thanks to akerou for translating this VN, even though some people may find it unenjoyable and sorry for my bad English. Use this thread in future as Saku Saku thread. Oh and I'll not interfere to all member in regard of best girl in Saku Saku, although I think for now Konami's hat is nice.
  5. The purpose of this thread is to have fellow Fuwanovelians help each other determine the game of where the unknown CG or heroine is from. It's not fun when you find this great looking heroine or amazing CG scene but don't know what game it's from and it can be quite frustrating to look for it. All of us have played all sorts of visual novels and some of us are very knowledgeable about this stuff so I thought this would be a helpful resource to share a potentially interesting game and discuss more about it. As an added perk and possibly to boost people's ego confidence and for bragging rights, every time you helped someone determine what game the CG/heroine is from, you will gain a point and placed on a ranking. Just a little motivation is all. Rank so far: #1 Kiriririri - 7 points #2 mitchhamilton - 2 points #3 Flutterz - 1 point Zenophilious - 1 point binaryfail - 1 point I personally have dozens of these unknown CGs/heroines, but I'll start with this one because it looks very interesting and I want to play it just to get this scene: I found this in google images when I searched for "harem endings", but I can't seem to find out where it's from. The game's art looks very familiar to me but I just can't put my finger on it...
  6. Description: Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, released in Japan as Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT (コープスパーティー2 DEAD PATIENT / コープスパーティー2 デッドペイシェント Kōpusu Pātī Tsū Deddo Peishento?) is the latest installment in the Corpse Party survival horror adventure game series created by GrindHouse (a dōjin circle consisting of members of Team GrisGris) for PC. It is known under the abbreviation DP in Japan. This game has inspired drama CDs, a CD single, and various merchandises. Plot: Awoken from a coma, Ayame Itou, a sophomore in high school, found herself on an operating table in an unknown hospital. EKG suction pads, tubes and a drip were running to various meters and monitoring equipment that all led back into her body. It felt like she had just awoken from pre-surgical anesthesia, but for some reason, there were no doctors in sight. As she slid herself off the table, Ayame realized in horror that most of her own memories had vanished. What happened? What is she doing here? Groggy from the anesthesia, she staggered out to the hallway. Bright hospital lights lit the way, it was a sight you'd see in any hospital anywhere. The odd part was that there was not a soul around. Patient records and clinical charts were strewn all over the place, and the plants were toppled over on their sides. The scene reminded her of a riot. Fighting against her rising sense of panic, Ayame set out to escape from the hospital, yet... So far, only one volume has been released on May 29, 2013. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| The last thing I heard about this game is about almost 3 years ago. It's a very hyped game for corpse party fans back in those days. The game was released by volumes which means you need to buy the next one in order to continue the story like a book which also implies as a marketing strategy to gain more money but the problem is the next volume of the game didn't came. So what happened? What happened to Grindhouse the company who made the game? Did they cancelled it? I don't know if anyone know any answer for these questions but if you have any info I hope you can share it to us. Their main website is still fully functional same with their twitter account... and we're putting our hopes on that fact to say that the game is STILL not cancelled so we can keep hopes up. I hope we can receive some news about the game this year to assure the fans that their hype is not DEAD yet. The last thing related news to Corpse Party 2 was of the insert song single「DEADPATIENT」/HoneysComin’ for Chapter 2 which was meant to be release last May 2015 but sadly it was cancelled. You can listen the song on this link:
  7. Well, the title says it all. Look like the release time for English patch is almost come, so I'll open the discussion here. Koichoco, one interesting galge. It was make to 12 episode anime back at 2012. The plot is goes like our MC was forced to student council election because the club that belong to our MC and his childhood friend was about to abolished by the one of student council president candidate. So, the club (Food club) was decided to fight against the president candidate. Oh, as usual for galge, of course our childhood friend and student council president candidate was girl of course (Is there anyone else thinking if the candidate and MC's friend was male by the way XDD?). For the review comparison, I think you could read some of them if you didn't mind spoiler. Only 2 though. Here's the review 1. Warum - (WARNING: Contain mild spoiler) 2. Breadmasterlee - (WARNING: Unless you like HEAVY spoiler, don't open this site because this review contain very heavy spoiler) I think that's all the review I could find for the games. The rest of the usage of Google no Jutsu(lol) only resulted of anime review. But if you curious you may tried to watched the anime and comapre it with VN. For the heroine, we could date 5 girls here. For their bio and seiyuu, I'll list them below. 1. Aomi Isara She was poor girl in term of economy and on top of that she got bullied. Her voice according to VNDB was Anzu Mitsu, which her real name (Well usually Japanese eroge seiyuu like to use alias) was Kadowaki Mai. Her character was Kuki Monshiro in Majikoi S, Mare S. Ephemeral in Hoshimemo, and the most famous one was Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate franchise. Speaking about Fate, my condolence for her fellow worker's death even if it's very late, Matsuki Miyu who was voiced Sapphire back in Fate Ilya. Speaking about Tsukihime remake, I think if Nasu want to add voice based on Melty Blood voice, good luck because Matsuki Miyu also voiced Hisui back in Melty Blood. Sorry for OOT. 2. Kiba Mifuyu Just thinking the same as Nagisa from Clannad (Sick and get hold back for one year), except without death, 2nd grade, and actually only club member instead of president. The voice for Mifuyu was Narusaka Arisu, which her real name was Kaori Mizuhashi. Her role was Matsushima Michiru in Grisaia trilogy, Kurokawa Kirara in Yumina the Ethereal, Eiferia Prada in Madou Koukaku, and Clea in Duel Savior PS2 Version. If some of you here fan of Madoka, she was also voiced some certain girl who become very famous thanks to episode 3 of Madoka (You all know who I mean). 3. Morishita Michiru Your junior, and she was joining club just before the election begin. Her voice was Inohara Riko, and her real name was Asami Imai. Her role was Makise Kurisu in Steins Gate, Okitsu Ai in Yumina the Ethereal, Nafqa in Madou Kokaku, and Lee Jinchu in Majikoi S. She was also singing many song, one of them was Ever17 PSP OP. 4. Shinonome Satsuki Your rival in election and the candidate who cause our MC to join election because of her policy that she will disband Food Club if she won the election. Yes, you can romance your biggest rival here. Anyway, her seiyuu was Konatsu Sumire, and the real name was Asakawa Yuu. Her role was Rider from Fate Stay Night, Komachi Tsugumi from Ever17, Iizuka Kaoru from Ayakashibito, and from recently (7 months ago actually) fully translated Majikoi Kawakami Momoyo. 5. Sumiyoshi Chisato Your childhood friend and head of food club.Her voice was provided by Kakitsubata Kikyou, and her real name was Nakamura Eriko. Her role was Lavinia Asai in eden and Lune in Madou Kokaku. Oh one more thing about the seiyuu. Actually each route ending credit was different song, and according to VNDB, the singing was the seiyuu of the route. For example Chisato route ending will be sang by Nakamura Eriko. I think that's all from me. Use this thread as discussion if you will. Oh and let's see which girl was interest you the most.
  8. The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel for PS3/PS Vita(RPG) so The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel come out for PS3 and PS Vita in January 29, 2016 and it's very good RPG game to play. I really love this game very much and enjoy play it very much. It have very good story, character and sound but the music are not very good. I love the gameplay in the game very much and you can do much in the game. My favorite gameplay are Traveling System where you can do various quest and strength your bonds with your classmate. The part I don't like are it not much voice in the game and the voice suddenly stop during the game, so it's not everytime we hear character voice. My favorite character are Rean Schwarzer and Alisa Reinford. The character I don't like are Jusis Albarea since he it's so mean all the time. so The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel become my favorite game for PS Vita. That was all for now and I hope somebody join me to discuss about The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel for PS3 and PS Vita, since I want to hear what there think about the game. Love Novel21
  9. This topic may kinda look similar to some of u guys cause few weeks ago i hv asked the same kind of question with the topic "VN's that were not up to their mark..."....now back to topic today i want to ask u guys which was/were the VN's that sky-rocketed ur expectation (in a good way), meaning that before the release of the VN u were thinking that "i would not play this VN even i hv given the chance of free download" but after the VN comes out u thought that "even if i hv pay a huge credit (not so huge though) i will play this VN".........I thought of this topic based on the answers of ChaosRaven and Narcosis in my previous topic....... (*********IMPORTANT NOTE***********) All players hv their own independence of chosing VN and so no one should oppose to another's choice of VN cause everyone hv their own like nd dislike......
  10. The last thread got oblirerated to an oblivion, so I'm trying my best to fix things at least somewhat Here's a short recap thus far: Mangagamer Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. | VNDB Maggot Baits | VNDB Watashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte! | VNDB Dal Segno | VNDB Hadaka Shitsuji | VNDB JAST Katahane remake | VNDB Eiyuu*Senki | VNDB Princess X My Fiancee is a Monster Girl | VNDB Sweet Home | VNDB Frontwing Island | VNDB Aksys Bad Apple Wars, Period Cube & Collar X Malice | VNDB[1] | VNDB[2] | VNDB[3] Code: Realize Fandisk | VNDB Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors PC port Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward | VNDB Tokyo Xanadu Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour | VNDB Degica Kimi ga Nozomu Eien | VNDB Minori Trinoline | VNDB Sekai Project Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki | VNDB Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma | VNDB Baldr Sky | VNDB A Magical High School Girl
  11. Everyone has that one thing that they look for in a VN: Be it art, story, characters, voice actors, BGM or even moe-factor, everyone has one, but which is yours? Mine was art for the longest time, but when time went on, I started to pay more respect to the characters in a VN, and art got triumphed by characters. But I still like good art in Visual Novels immensly. Although I appreciate charages and nakiges more than ever before, standard run-of-the-mill SoL with good art is still good sometimes. It just isn't as good as before. Even so, even if the story is sub-par or the story is generic, that doesn't matter to me; if it has good art or decent characters, then 99% of the time I still will find it enjoyable and find it in me to finish it, most of the time. But enough of that, please do tell me your opinions. What is the most important part, that makes a Visual Novel?
  12. Okay so...I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IMHHW. Ugh. And I thought Koisuru Natsu was great! Seems I haven't had enough of Pulltop lately. Pulltop is like...idk...for me the definition of the perfect Visual Novel gaming company. The UI is clean, the art is very nice, the music(omg) is sublime, and just overall topnotch! So as the poll suggests, who's your fave route? Please, don't spoil some major things. I loved how the ending of Kotori's was, it was just so satisfying at the end! So much so with Amane as well, the part where she became kinda of like the narrator and the text was different and just, ugh, it was all perfect....HOT DAMN! Amazing stuff. But I enjoyed Kotori's route more because there we could see the progression of basically everything. Though in Amane's route, it shed more light on Isuka, Tatsuya, and Tobioka. Who knows what else is waiting for me in Ageha's, Asa's, and Yoru's route! What's more...the "epilogue", the Sweet Love of each route! I can't wait for it!(still looking for a patch cause it's all symbols) Anyway, I've rambled long enough. By now you must realize how much this VN has touched my life, or for that matter...how much VNs touch my life. So, why did you choose that route? Why did you like the girl you choose more than the others? P.S. Please don't spoil any major things in Ageha's, Asa's, and Yoru's route since I'm currently in the process of doing it. ALSO in the Sweet Love routes.
  13. (Do you have an "identify" thread?) Does anyone have a clue as to where at least one of these images is from, where I can ask about the titles, or some similar visual novels: (Beauty warning) Heavily interested in 6. 10. 15. 16. 1. 2. http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/nijisaku/imgs/9/4/94d9a44c-s.jpg 3. http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/mkumku-matome/imgs/8/1/81905e47.jpg 4. http://data.okinny.heypo.net/image/large/825f4fe230b14cbb95c40e1f7e46cb04.jpg 5. http://img.momoniji.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/mizugi2014121820.jpg 6. http://blog-imgs-70.fc2.com/m/o/r/moroahedoujin/shimapan20706005.jpg 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. http://newniziero.com/wp-content/uploads/storage21/shimapan2_11s.jpg 14. 15. http://gazouko.jp/pink/files/201307/縞パン【二次元】5.jpg 16. 17. Thank you in advance
  14. 1) A few months ago, JAST released Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- on Steam. They said that there is a possibility of a 18+ patch, and I have been waiting for that. However, now, they said that there will be no content-restoration patch for that game, because: Their translator refused to work with the material, due to it involved loli or something. They didn't find the game is actually worth the effort that they are putting into; and frankly, I understand. The Aselia Steam version is selling not very well, I believe, as it's a 13 year-old game. The game has RPG element, so they have to put more effort in it for a product that would eventually sell less. So how come there has been no fan-patch for Aselia, the full version. I checked VNDB, and it seemed both popular and well-ranked. Also, if anyone has played Aselia Steam version, can you please enlighten me: how much content was cut out pls? 2) Is it possible (make sense) to play the sequel, Seinarukana, without playing Aselia. I just don't want to play an incomplete product. I get it that it's not JAST fault, but I don't want to play it either, yet I want to support them with the sequel. P/S: I am new, probably not to the forum, but at least quite new to comment/posting. My signature is too spread some words about my favorite campaign as well, but what I've just asked is serious.
  15. Hello, I've created a Visual Novel recently along with my team it's called - Elisa - The InnKeeper. It's a prequel to the main story. I was wondering if I could get some community feedback about the game and how everything in it from the perspective of the player. The game is currently free on steam right now and can be downloaded here --> http://store.steampowered.com/app/472680/ All other information about the game is located on the page about me section on the steam page. -Thanks for your feedback!
  16. Since Haruka about to be released (Well, still 39 days later actually, but back in VNDB I started Princess Evangile discussion 41 days before release), I figured I think I should started the discussion here. From the title, of course we should express our gratitude to arunaru, who back in June he was suspended his Rance VI translation in order to accept job from Mangagamer. A choice which of course would be guaranteed many anger from the people who expected Rance VI for a long time, although for Haruka translation actually arunaru managed to keep his standard pacing for translating, less than 6 month iirc to complete the translation of a script which considered long visual novel in VNDB. For the game itself, actually it was like nukige as doddler said, because the sex scene in there was quite a lot, and I'd already checked the CG for Haruka by the way. The story itself is our MC was meeting with very beautiful transfer girl and when he meet the girl again, he saw the girl as the ninja fighting the villain and suddenly the girl ask MC to have sex with her. From there the girl introduce herself as Haruka and our MC revealed to be the next leader of a ninja clan which Haruka belong. Oh and by the way our MC always followed by his landlord daughter, Narika who also will be revealed that she was a ninja along with Haruka. Since the company behind Haruka was Alice Soft, normally we would expect gameplay. In this case we had raising sim in order to raise the girls stat by, well have sex duh (Of course, since it was called nukige not for nothing). In case you didn't get it you'll have sex with the girls to up their status. Of course the status will be important to prepare ourself for the fighting, which almost always will be happen in the night. Oh speaking about night, we had the system called day, which if we recall Sengoku Rance or Daibanchou it means turn, and we had time limit 99 days to beat the game (I still didn't sure if it's right or not). Looks like I couldn't explain it well, so I'll leave it to arunaru's twitter for brief info or aroduc's (Kamidori and Galaxy Angel translator) review of Haruka for more info. I knew you had some post here, arunaru and if possible you may use this thread for Haruka's question and answer to Fuwanovel's user here. For the cast, we got our MC, the girls (Haruka, Narika, Subaru (Will be joined later)), and the villains. I'll talk about the villain first since I think the setting for the villain was quite usual for Japan. I mean what's with 4 Gods setting thing? Anyway, we got Orochimaru who represent East and Seiryu (The voice according to JP Wiki was Kentarou Itou who voiced Kurou back in Demonbane), Kikyodayou who represent South and Suzaku (Her voice was Iida Kuu who voiced Kouchuu back in Koihime Musou), Ittou Hagane who represent West and Byakko (His voice was Uozomi in Kara no Shoujo), and from the look I think he was the most handsome from all of the villain and quite honorable lol (I knew I'm bad at judging someone), and finally the boss of the villain who represent North and Genbu Ensai Mukroi, a blind monk. Oh for the heroine, Haruka was voiced by Sakurai Harumi (Lily from Himegari, Akari from Noble Works, Saya from Little Busters EX), Narika by Aoba Ringo aka Ringorin (Maya from Noble Work, Sayane from Soukoku no Arterial, Nemu from euphoria), and Subaru by Kawashima Rino (Haru from G-Senjou, Nagisa from Koi Resort, Serawi from Kamidori, and many more). We also had name like Hokuto Minami (Primula from Shuffle, Miki from Muv Luv franchise, Sakura from Da Capo franchise) and Oukawa Mio (Colette from Himegari, Bachou from Koihime Musou, Eris from Sono Hanabira franchise), who according to lousy translation of Google Translate was voiced the brainwashing victim, although I didn't certain 100% though. In any case, Minami voiced Minazuki and Oukawa voiced Almail. Oh although we had good seiyuu for this game, this game only partially voiced though, although Mangagamer promised us to hear heroine's voice in H-Scene. I think that's all for the info. Use this thread as discussion for Haruka in near future. And let's have video for awesome Haruka OP from Mangagamer here. Once again thanks to arunaru for translating this game. PS By the way could I ask how to embed video here? Sorry. PPS Thank mod Zenophilius. Turn out it was just as easy as copy and paste the link from Youtube, because in the past it was quite complicated to embed the video from Youtube. Edit (February 23rd) - Because unfortunate incident from Mangagamer side, the released was delayed until February 29th.
  17. Today i want to ask u guys that if there was any VN that u were excited to play before it's release but the VN doesn't came up to ur standards after it's release....? (*********IMPORTANT NOTE***********) All players hv their own independence of chosing VN and so no one should oppose to another's choice of VN cause everyone hv their own like nd dislike......
  18. JAST Discuss It's 100% less sucky than the terrible JAST Connect system, which resembled blogging software hamfistedly repurposed for forums. It has the usual features one expects like a private message system, file and image attachments, and configurable notifications. The system is pretty similar to Fuwanovel's. I'm also a moderator there (with highly restricted moderation powers). If you want replies from JAST staff members (Nicholas Graham and Tim), that's where to post. JAST and J-List owner Peter Payne is also expected to stop by occasionally.
  19. Read the Review Here It's very different from the standard fare we usually have here, but it's really good.
  20. The title says it all. Which VN localization company, out of the major 3, do you prefer? I prefer Mangagamer out the 3 and I will give my pros and cons of the company. Pros - Don't take a long time with releases. - Have a good staff of translators. - Don't abuse funding programs like Kickstarter. - They license some really good VNs. Cons - Their marketing and advertising is abysmal. They only use their twitter to promote things, which isn't enough. There is my favorite localization company with provided reasons why I like the company so much.
  21. Well, I'm bored and found this interesting article here. By the way, the writer here was also one of our member Jikorde (Although actually it will be better if he posted it by himself here though. And sorry for posting it here if you come here), and if you need some save data from VN with gameplay, you could also visit his site and browse it. He also did the review the VN that had save data uploaded, and I think he did well in regard of review (If Jikorde see this, you could add your blog to the hub in here). Regarding the article itself, I'm sure anyone already knew this secret regarding of Mangagamer nukige release. But my comment would be I think it's okay if they release nukige in order to support the company. After all, I think if in the future we'll seeing more of good VN translated, why not? And even if we didn't read the nukige, most of other people outside will buy and read them of course. Or if you said Steam/Sekai equivalent it would be Sakura series (Sakura Wars series or Snow Sakura not included here). Now that I think about it, back in the past mostly JAST release was came from nukige (ie Sagara Family). My conclusion here would be I'm okay if Mangagamer using nukige as gold mine for the company (Although if I'll play nukige or not is another story though), but any member here might not agree though. Oh, and he also comment about his expectation about July announcement and he hope it will be good (I'm looking forward to it too by the way). So, any opinion, especially about Mangagamer nukige release (Even though it's maybe already well known, I'm still interested to hear everyone opinion) here?
  22. I know it's uncommon for a company to explicitly say they are having issues landing a publisher but I have been extremely active with you guys and value your opinions on the matter. What do you feel I need to court publishers? I am clearly not going for the trend in the genre. So what are your opinions on this matter? Also mods, you can destroy this in 3 days. This is mostly to understand where I might improve.
  23. I have some question about Corpse Party. 1. How much blood are the in Corpse Party? 2. It's Corpse Party good VN Game? I hope somebody can answer my silly question.
  24. Link to the original author's blog post: https://cythoplazma.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/sekai-projects-unwanted-child/ While I'm not one to get on the SP bash hype train, I did find this post on Reddit to be a pretty good analysis of SP's past, present and future and how they handle their releases and it exposes a lot of the problems their business model tends to encounter, something that's becoming more apparent with Root Double's rather deplorable Kickstarter which seems to be set for failure as there's only 6 days left and they're still falling almost 40k dollars short. This post deals mostly with World End Economica episode 3, a VN that was funded on Kickstarter almost 2 years ago on June 2014 and is still only 10% complete while SP is still pushing out more and more Kickstarter campaigns, leaving the backers of their initial projects kind of concerned. Actual post: So it took the new translator a full month to read two short visual novel episodes, something which should have taken less than a week. Notice also how the verb work is used in a future tense. Backers, including myself, had enough and shot back. One backer raised questions over the promised Vita/iOS tiers, to which the project creator responded with a passively aggressive dismissal. It sounded almost resentful, in a “just take your money and go” kind of way, as if us backers didn’t want the project to succeed. Sekai Project issued a quick response two days later. Even though backers had to pressure them to get as much, they did respond. To alleviate our concerns, they supposedly put a backup translator in place just to hit a self-instated four-month deadline. Our questions in the comments were answered. The plan sounded good, the company was communicating with us again. The clock started ticking. December’s production update wasn’t verbose. The company’s translation progress page – which doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence in its current iteration – supposedly listed episode 03 at 8.26%. Then 2016 came around. Even though Sekai Project stated backers would be updated monthly, they didn’t follow through their own update schedule and backers haven’t been briefed since December. Just yesterday though, the company posted on Redditthat translation for episode 03 is roughly 10% done. It’s been two and a half months since plans to translate the episode were laid out. The four-month window is rapidly closing and I honestly can’t see how the project team will be able to hit their goals in the time they have left. Delays in visual novel productions happen all the time (just ask Japan), but what makes World End Economica’s case particularly tragic is that Sekai Project built their entire future off the shoulders of its Kickstarter campaign. They got good press for it and they roped in the novel’s backers to their other Kickstarters, yet this particular Kickstarter that started it all is being neglected month after month. I think Sekai Project has several structural problems that only became apparent as delays increased. Many of us have expressed concerns that perhaps bootstrapping as many localizations as they did in such a short amount of time wasn’t good for the projects they already had on their way, but as Sekai Project commented that has nothing to do with production due to the parallelized way their projects are set up. Even though having teams that don’t interfere with each other sounds ideal and all, it took the new translator one whole month to read through both episodes because apparently he or she was finishing up previous commitments to other projects. This is clearly a human resources problem. When a company is offering near-minimum wage to its potential employees, it’s harder to find somebody competent to fill a spot on the fly. The other problem is cash flow related. Sekai Project’s recently launched Kickstarters have featured expensive, arguably overpriced pledge tiers compared to tiers of their past projects. Root Double is the perfect example. Even though the game is already being translated and doesn’t really need Kickstarter money, tiers still have ridiculous prices attached to them. While rumors circulate that this is because of high licensing fees, I have a hard time believing that to be the biggest reason. I think the more likely answer is that Sekai Project doesn’t want to lose money on every Kickstarter, as that has admittedly been the case. One of their staffers said they want to make sure to cover all their bases, thus avoid as much risk as possible. I can understand that. I mean, World End Economica was initially set at only $22,000, which is ridiculously low compared to Root Double’s $135,000. A crazy price hike, but in all honesty completely warranted for a game that doesn’t look like it would hit it off well with the Sakura Spirit crowd. In turn, a business model that relies on post-Kickstarter sales will inherently cause cash flow problems, meaning the company will rather spend their time and resources on new inventory which is more likely to increase cash flow than old inventory. While Sekai Project says every one of their game projects has its own production team, I have my doubts they are keeping funding separate to each of them. In other words, if Sekai Project were to close their doors tomorrow, I doubt the translator would still be working on episode 03 to hit that four-month deadline. While I appreciate the efforts made by Sekai Project so far – in fact I’ve been hanging out with some of their staffers online for almost ten years now and I hate it has come to this – this project and its backers have to be treated with respect. A translation progress of one percent per month is not good enough, and some of their projects, as bold as they were, were walking a very fine line between success and bankruptcy. I’d like them to avoid the latter because they have been a net positive on the industry, it’s just frustrating to see them peddling new games every month. Meanwhile, the title that put them on the map gets neglected at the expense of backers that initially believed in them. Thoughts? Personally this is why I don't fund anything on Kickstarter (that and it rejected my card the first time I tried to back a project), it's a dangerous thing to invest in and could easily end up making you lose money and lately it feels like companies such as Sekai Project mostly use it not have to invest internal funds into their releases, which, as we can see, can only get you so far in the industry before it starts causing trouble. I do not wish for Sekai Project to go bankrupt in the slightest, but it worries me how they seem to be taking a hit in their efficiency due to their ambitions.
  25. EDIT: Alright, the game is out! I personally loved it. Discuss away, fellow neko lovers! I made a review of it if you are interested, that can be found here:
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