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  1. It was the goddamn original resolution of the game. It's 1600x900 while the max resolution available on the laptop is 1366x768. It seems there's no way to fix this unless I go hack the game and resize all the images to adapt to 720p resolution.
  2. As the title says, is there a way to fix this? From time to time I always encounter a visual novel that has this issue on window mode. Everything gets fix when I changed to full screen but I always play vn's on window mode. The last time I encounter this issue was on Magical Marriage Lunatics.
  3. "Eliminate the enemies as fast as possible."
  4. As what the title says. Edit: Found it on a japanese website but the problem is it doesn't work on VNR. I tried to use it on ITH but I still get the repeating text. I hope someone can provide a decent hook for the game. /HSN4:-14@26D45E:Evenicle2.exe
  5. I need a new link for "Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal" FAKKU ver. I want to remove the bandaid.
  6. If you're going to release a partial patch then it's better to include everything up to the end of Colette's route. That's the best way to wrap it up.
  7. You don't need to play the older series because the stories are not connected at all. Yes all of them has the same protag which is Amagi Souma.
  8. Is there someone in here who already played Sengoku Hime 7? I was wondering how can I play Sanada Yukimura's (that purple twintail in the cover) story since it's not listed in the story mode or her story is included in the other story? I had only finished Takeda's story which you can have Yukimura's child ver. as an ally.
  9. Finally a short update on Corpse Party 2 Chapter 2 Long story short, the progress on chapter 2 is moving slowly so please stay tuned. We don't need to be angry because if you're a fan of the original Corpse Party series, you know that this long wait is just normal thing. It also took them a couple of years to release a new chapter in the original game. Source: Twitter
  10. Same here my specs is not that good but I manage to play Tales of Zestria, Akiba's Trip and Valkyria Chronicles on my laptop with a very stable FPS & no lag. So I was wondering why my laptop can't even handle this simple game.
  11. From the maker of Twinkle Crusaders. I know some of the people in here already saw and played that game. I'm not going to discuss anything about this game because I'm not here for that. I'm want to hear the experience of the people who tried the battle demo of the game because it's barely playable for me due to FPS problem. There's a settings which are in moonrunes, I tried to play with it but it didn't fix anything for me. EDIT: Fix for the lag (temporary). A guy told me is about my decode video so I changed my codec pack and gained a little bit of FPS.
  12. I manage to listen to all of the soundtrack of this game and all I can say is it's a masterpiece. It feels like your ears is not the one who listening but your heart.
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