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  1. How do I get the translation programs to work? I researched somewhat and understood that there are hook programs, ocr programs and auto translator programs. I, however did not manage to get anything working with X-Girl, a cyberpunk-ish game. There's Textractor, Anex86, Visual Novel OCR, Some "Korean" program (with " " because I'm not sure about that statement), AGTH and I'm not sure if I tried Neko Project. All in all whatever I tried boiled down to the same. The apps simply couldn't recognize the in game text. My system locale is set to Japanese on Windows 10. The game works when I ru
  2. Well damn, it's fixed lol. Why the hell is that the reason? like what's the science behind it? also how'd ya know I got a locale emulator ? :o
  3. I was just thinking there aren't enough Samurai visual novels. Everything I find is catering to women. While I love romance, I do want something badass and interesting set in the samurai periods... I found https://vndb.org/v2684 but is there anything similar coming to mind that would have bigger chances or would be better to get localized?
  4. But.. this is the whole point of my post. I want us (players) to be like that. We have 3 spots. A lot of people fill those 3 spots for themselves, all of the three. In turn they get none of the 3 even close to a top 10. What's so hard about getting a group of people together to pick 1 choice they usually wouldn't for say 2021 and then pick another choice of another user for 2022 and another for 2023, until at least the top 1's of each user were suggested (depending on the group of people sacrifices would be made as well as compromises but it's achievable). I'm a
  5. DAMN IT! I missed my chance to ask for Amatsutsumi and Fraternite and Kanzen Osu Dorei Ugh! I stand by it! I want these damn novels in english as much as an official english release of Fate. Is there really no way at all we can organize a group of People to agree on 1 title at the very least? And then do the same every survey. Is a lot closer to everyones goal.. Whats the damn point in voting if none of us wins..........
  6. It would all be easier if you people just picked a top 3 of the forum (potentially each of the 3 being a different genre). Not top 3 individually..
  7. Go hard or go home Well damn, I forgot Seiun Wo Kakeru and Risou no Himo Seikatsu and https://vndb.org/v17863 and Dungeon Defense
  8. Right on. That's what I want. I'd be happy with 1 title but It's better to keep releasing a good amount of darker vibe games in 1 year so the market that hasn't, starts to dig into them as well.
  9. I don't count tragic or sad kind of dark vibe if that's what it is (don't spoil it, nothing really, to me 1 pic is a spoiler so anything you write can affect my experience). Definitely like that on the list but nonetheless I still want at least 1 with said characteristics :/ Wish we could just organize people for the next survey and get everyone to use 1 of the 3 entries for the other person. Says 1 2 3 on vndb altho they are maybe just working on 1 and plan the other 2 as well. Either way they can take as long as they want. I'm happy they're releasing it in english. Whatever the
  10. Man I really wanted some gore or just torture with darker atmosphere :/ Happy for some games on the list but still :S Sure it ain't the release list but my kind is totally left out lol all those people voting for gay stuff or stuff that is mostly comedic or has sunny vibe so to say, which I don't complain about cause everyone should get what they want as long as the games aren't altered. But still a dark-vibe title deserved at least one spot Fate could suffice tho it isn't that dark but still it fits, however I don't count it, as it's probably expensive to come out of jp. Altho I want a
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