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  1. Okay, so I figured out the problem. Apparently the images are not the same sizes and devs just crop them by code, from image to image. Anyway, I have to use paint to crop out 1-2 pixel of the images, and the are a handful of them. Just put this here in case anyone with a similar situation need this.
  2. The good news is that I seem to have identified the problem. That is I need to add 1 more pixel to the crop area. I used this method to scale: x= int(2.25*401) Something like that so it kinda round down a pixel. However, when I try to add a SING pixel, x= int(2.25*401+1) I got this beautiful error: I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While loading <'AlphaMask' <'Crop' <'Crop' <'Image' u'sys/btn/pop_log.png'> 532 0 266 63> 0 0 133 63> <'MatrixColor' <'Crop' <'Crop' <'Image' u'sys/btn/pop_log.png'> 532 0 266 63> 133 0 133
  3. Just replacing all the assets with bigger ones, 2.25 times bigger. Like if the BG were 600x480 then it is now 1440x1080. That is all. I don't think it's my driver issue tbh. Bad/misplaced could be a thing, but when I tried to add/subtract a pixel of the crop command, it crashes and returns the error that image does not fit or something like that, so I guess the cropping part is fine. So I am out of idiea :<
  4. So I was trying to make a graphical enhancing mod to a Visual Novel (MYTH from MG). Anyway, everything works fine for the most part. However, all the small images that I can hover on has a little straight bar next to it. Pretty much these: So, if anybody who is familiar with Ren'py, can you help we to know what could be the cause of this. (I have multiplier every size and position proportional to the upscaled image, which is from 600x480 to 1440x1080, and still this happen, so I have no idea. This does not look like I have overcut something from the original image to begin
  5. So does anyone here know how to use Oblydbg? :< Honestly, I am trying to extract some datafrom .dxa files. They are of the DxLib engine. The .dxa files are encrypted with a key and apparently bu using oblydbg, the encryption key can be traced. I even have a guide and a code on how to trace it but I don't know how to use oblydbg :< please...
  6. Ahhh...I found the font files. They are .wav files :| .wav...dafuk
  7. Well, I did use that to create the .tft file and place it in the others folder. No avail.
  8. And place it in the folder "Other" correct? Well, i did but no avail. is there any particular option for switching between the default one and that new one? Do I have to create anything?
  9. I just want to increase a font size of a VN. However, upon extracting the .xp3 file, I can't find any .tff file. I tried to increase any value that say fontsize in many .tjs files and .ks files but it just does not work. Can somebody tell me where the font data is located at, or how to increase font size? Scenario folder: System folder:
  10. Thank you. I used the bundled tool with Kirikiri and it worked like a charm
  11. Basically, the error is like below. I have no idea how to fix it, I tried another tool named Sanoba and got the exact MemoryError. Does anyone has some experience with this, please share with me. Solution: Use something else, aka bundled tool with Kirikiri.
  12. This. I mean if SP price Karakra like 15/5 instead of 10/10 then I could wait for the core game to go on sale 50% and grab both, for just a little more than $10, and I can live with that. Either way, your previous post make sense. SP has been doing fine with way 1 since Nekopara 2, and "If it ain't broke, why fix it". Really bad practice for consumer but there is no major backslash anyway, cuz $10 is not that much to cause a huge fuzz so not many people will care. However, if they apply that to game with a huge amount of contents...well, they won't. People at SP can think after
  13. Yeah, I can see that is quite a problem with pricing. To put it simply, Sekai Project charged too much. They could have made both Steam version and Denpa version $15, then throw in a free patch. Less people will complain. But, well...
  14. Actually, the whole game on Denpa is $20, and if they charge 15 for core game, 5 for patch, and Steam sale 50% then that would be $12.5 in total. I will be happier for sure. I bought Root Double ($35) on Steam with 20% sale. I can pay huge sum of cash, so long as the contents that I am buying is worth it, meaning I don't feel like being rip off. So even in your scenario, if a game worth of $30 and $5 for 18+ patch, which means the publishers have gauged and measured the contents value, in which case I won't complain. Also, FYI, on Steam, I support developers to the point when a
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