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  1. "one of the best VNs ever made" is a little too much, IMO. Desk-kun might want a word with you. Still, it's almost always upsetting to hear of a VN with poor sales.
  2. I agree with pretty much everything Hitazo said. The main heroine, Keziah, is a great character and honestly, I loved every moment she was on screen. The biggest problem with the VN, in my opinion, would have to be the side-routes, which are about G-senj tier. And also the very, very awkward timing for H-scenes. And there's a lot of them, though most are IFs that aren't relevant to the actual plot so you can just skip them if desired. Otherwise, it was hype-city, fun all around. Really wish there were more like it, and I wish I could've read it a lot sooner.
  3. Both were great. Majikoi had a fun, giant cast of characters whom were all so fun yet insane. Chris is probably the most adorable thing in the world during her route, right there with Wanko. Fights were definitely fun so long as Momoyo wasn't involved (except in one or two cases) and I don't recall actually disliking any one character, only liking others a bit more. Kuki Hideo and his theme are a godsend. Only problem Majikoi has is that most routes that aren't for the main heroines don't really amount to anything but H-scenes. I was really hoping for a better Kokoro route. :C Gris
  4. I mean as long as you're fine with washing machines I think you'll enjoy the VN. Haven't play any of the Zero Escape games so I am not sure what you're talking about, but Tsugumi is bae --- if my signature did not make that clear. And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, isn't that all that matters?
  5. My signature pretty much answers this, but I'll throw in Doctor West from Demonbane, as he's a very fun character that I could never forget.
  6. Literally me irl xddd I wouldn't use something so soft as "ignorant". I think people who think that way are outright idiots who didn't bother to read into anything or try to understand the character at all. I'm being sorta a hypocrite in this way because I literally CTRL'd through any part that involved Natsumi, but still.
  7. Who is losing rights, and what rights?
  8. You would be correct. Did the dinosaurs part make it too obvious?
  9. A very poor and very hungry man tries to sustain himself only to be hit by a book and caught up in the fate of the universe. Great OSTs and dead dinosaurs ensue. And another, if I'm allowed. A washing machine can only hold one person.
  10. I would not mind Fortissimo coming to the US. That, or anything Eushully~
  11. I like my heroines intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor. Aesthetically? Red hair. Cat ears. Zettai Ryouiki. And lolita. Personality-wise, I would have to say I like anybody who is funny, arrogant, or confident. Mostly as long as they don't annoy me, are cute, and fun to see, I won't mind them. Kuuderes are a turn-off for me unless there's some form of catch to them (Anastasia from OniAi being an example of one I like). I tend to dislike heroines who are cowardly or lacking in self-esteem (Fucking Natsumi from Sharin no Kuni) and essentially just aren't fun or i
  12. :^) Anybody else think that sensei looks like she has the downs when she tries to look smug? Her eyes just don't look right.
  13. I wish I could vote for the first question only. I need to beat the game 4 times before I can honestly answer the second one. Yves and Akane are my two favorite heroines. I never get bored with arrogant girls and Akane is just the cutest lil' tryhard. I honestly wish the other two grabbed my interest, but they just don't. Yuzu's most interesting trait IMO is her name and I never did care for robot girls that weren't from Demonbane. It is very possble this may change when I do get around to their routes, but that is very unlikely. That being said, I like the music in the game, and I remem
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