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  1. Bem vindo, espero que se divirta aqui. Espero que sua VN dê certo. Boa sorte.
  2. False, because I'm being eaten. Next person is a fan of Yung Lean.
  3. Hey, welcome. Hope you have some good times.
  4. Is there a place with walls that look like those kitchen counters you forget to clean in The Sims 4 in normal Japanese high schools (with no roof)? Because that's how the place we met in my dream looked like.
  5. Just what the title says. The story goes below:
  6. I saw that question on a program on my TV, and thought of asking to you guys. What you would change if you could go back in time? For me, I would get in contact with my dad.
  7. Going to start Steins;Gate now. A friend o' mine recommended it to me. Hope that I like. I mean, a microwave sending text messages, AND to the past?
  8. DAMN HUMANS! We should bring Cthulhu to this world, so he can save us.
  9. But really, welcome and all that! Have some good times.
  10. Really, welcome and everything! Have some good times.
  11. But seriously, welcome and all that! Have some good times.
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