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  1. cool, i have read only one route on Ever17 (it is the anti social girl) i thought it was alright and was in the process of reading Sora's route but got really bored with the vn, i might pick it up again. regarding Giselle i am still reading Fata Morgana right now, here is what i think so far:
  2. It happens a lot, you read a vn and fall in love with a certain character while you're reading that vn, then you finish the vn and you don't even remember the name of that character anymore. There are some certain characters though that you can never forget, whether you consider them to be too cute/sexy or they just simply stood out for you for some reason. which characters fall into that category for you and why? I will start, i haven't read that many vns, but here are some of the characters that stood out for me: Rin (Katawa Shoujo): she was simply very mysterious and i just
  3. Thank you for the recommendations, what i meant by 'realistic' was not necessarily about vns with no sci-fi elements at all, which is why i used the quotation marks i was pretty much asking for a well done plot. I don't like any weak plots in VNs, for example: a man gets stabbed in the heart yet he 'magically survives, stuff like that. as long as the vn gives me considerable explanations i am ok with it. Although Clannad had sci-fi elements in it, i don't remember any instance where i felt the vn forced something on me and i just HAD to believe it for the heck of it. the illusionary world wa
  4. Thank you Awesome now i have a good list of VNs to read XD yeah i forgot about Kira Kira, i am considering Kara no Shoujo as well, i have ef a fairy tale in my wishlist as well. I am reading Eden right now and i am not impressed. thanks Oh i loved Steins Gate, i was happily reading it until i deleted the game by mistake while i was cleaning up some old files ever since then i had been discouraged to continue reading it as i have lost my save files and achievements, i was also very picky about the achievements b.ut surely one day i will finish it
  5. Thank you I will consider those, Remember 11 is already on my wishlist as well. I have so many on my wishlist I don't know where to start lol I have tried Ever 17, I played one route of the mysterious anti social girl. I thought it was alright, but as you mentioned I found myself bored reading it, I was gonna read the other routes but the text skip function is so bad and slow, I literally had to wait over 30 mins for the vn to finish skipping all the text, but it was also because I didn't read it by the recommended route order, and the vn is linear so yeah. I will consider remem
  6. I have them on my wishlist actually except for root double. I will check them out. I was thinking about reading it, I heard it's good Well I can't deny that, although after I read Narcissui i was trying to avoid them...looks like that's what I really need lol
  7. As much as i hate it, i am very picky about vns and i will admit that not any vn can catch my eye,i have read some of the top vns and now i am struggling to find a good one. i will list some of the vns that i truly enjoyed: Katawa Shoujo (it was my first vn lol) Saya no Uta (i liked the story) Clannad (Masterpiece and my top vn ever) Narcissu (masterpiece) Swan Song (masterpiece) Cross Channel (it had its flaws but i still enjoyed it) Yumi Miru Kusuri (i quite enjoyed the route of the girl getting bullied) Graisaia (it was enjoyable but they ruined it wi
  8. never mind i found it, i was referring to Daiakuji, sadly the vn isn't translated so i am out of luck XD
  9. I am trying to remember the name of this vn, i haven't actually read it yet, but i have watched the anime adaption of it a long time ago, it was more of a hentai tbh it had around 10 episodes, the main character was a tall muscular guy with a scar on his face, he skin was a bit dark, he was fighting another group of people, it was a long time ago that i watched it so forgive my sloppy details. but i remember that one of the main characters was a woman with a long blue hair, she was abducted by the enemy and she was raped by a very huge man with a very huge penis... also one of the charact
  10. I completely agree with you on Clannad, so far it is my top vn and it is just absolutely amazing, like i mentioned in my previous post it was the only vn where i could connect with the characters that well. if you want a vn that will make you cry and feel miserable then Narcissu it is. it was my first 'depressing' vn so maybe that was the reason that it had a huge impact on me but it took me a while to get over it. I don't think i will come across a vn that will make me that emotional as much as Narcissu did. Also Swan Song is really good too and very emotional.
  11. I second both Narcissu and Clannad, Clannad being my absolutely top vn right now for having such amazing characters especially in the after story, never had i been attached to any character like in Clannad. i would also add Swan Song in there. i am reading Ever17 now and so far it is good, maybe i will add it to the list
  12. yeah i have seen this one, i can probably try to follow it, but here is the issue, i know i can try to avoid the affection points, but let's say i wanna do a certain route ( i am assuming each route has a bad ending, correct me if i am wrong), if i wanna strictly avoid affection points then how can i guarantee i will remain in the same route? i am wondering if my choices will land me in another route instead
  13. I just started reading Ever17 yesterday and all the walkthroughs i have come across only give the choices that lead to the good endings, and do not specify which choices lead exactly to a a bad end. I know that i can try my luck and choice some choices that might obviously lead to a bad end but i want to be sure so that i don't screw things up or end up in a different route etc i always read the bad endings first and leave the good endings for the last, so if anyone has come across a walkthrough that specifies which choices lead to the bad ends could you please share it? or if you have an
  14. You raised many valid points there, i thought the common route was indeed enjoyable, the characters seemed interesting and the vn seemed very promising. to be honest i had no clue that the vn is only slice of life comedy so that was mainly my own fault, i was expecting something more deep, especially during the routes. while playing the common route i liked Miyako a lot but i was very disappointed in her route and i would say that i liked her character more in the common route than in the route itself. It felt to me that Majikoi's target audience was people aged around 15 years old .
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